Here’s How to Get FREE Ice Cream Next Week

Happy 75th birthday Dairy Queen

15.03.09. 17:22

The Latest Crazy Burger Features An Entire Fried Frog

It kind of defeats the purpose of a burger patty

15.03.09. 12:23

Refreshing New Ways to Use Honeydew Melon

Honeydew melons adds freshness and sweetness to savory dishes, desserts, and drinks

15.03.09. 11:07

14 Genius Guinness Cocktails

Beer cocktails made better with Guinness

15.03.09. 10:00

The Peak Age for Alcohol Consumption Isn't What You Think It Is

According to a new British study.

15.03.09. 08:16

There's a Girl Scout Cookie Drive-Through Now

Life is good, guys

15.03.09. 08:01

Homemade Zucchini Bread Recipes

Go ahead, sneak some vegetables into a wonderful meal or snack

15.03.06. 18:14

50 Easy Brunch Recipes and Menu Ideas

Whether you're preparing a special meal for the kids or hosting an event for all your friends, these easy recipes will make your brunch menu a hit

15.03.06. 10:31

10 Pups Immensely Enjoying Their Starbucks Puppuccinos

Yes, Starbucks has a secret menu item for your dog

15.03.06. 09:42

That Coffee Addiction Is Helping Your Heart

A few cups a day may be keeping the heart attacks away

15.03.06. 08:56

That Coffee Addiction Is Helping Your Heart

A few cups a day may be keeping the heart attacks away

15.03.06. 08:56

Here's How to Scramble an Egg INSIDE of Its Shell

Yes, you read that right

15.03.06. 08:23

15 Ways to Enjoy the Sweet-Tart Taste of Rhubarb

Mellowed with some sugar, intimidating rhubarb makes a sweet addition to any dessert

15.03.06. 07:01

Meet the Churro Dog: A Feat of Culinary Genius

Three decadent sweets all rolled into one ballpark-worthy dessert

15.03.05. 18:36

You Can Now Drink Your Peeps and Eat Them, Too

We don't know if the latest product from Peeps is terrifying or a feat of (evil?) genius

15.03.05. 17:15

Man Finds Horrifying Creature in His Cheeseburger

Watch this video of it very much alive and squirmy

15.03.05. 15:15

DIY Girl Scout Cookies

Yup, we went there. And you're so, so welcome

15.03.05. 10:39

Guy Fieri Made Nachos in a Trash Can Because He's Guy Fieri

That's a lot of donkey sauce, dude

15.03.04. 18:37

With These Recipes At Least Your Kitchen Can be a Tropical Paradise

With these bright and sunny recipes, at least your kitchen can be a tropical paradise

15.03.04. 17:40

7 Shortcuts to a Better Bowl of Soup

A few store-bought ingredients and an appetite are all you need

15.03.04. 16:05

Why the Inventor of the K-Cup Says He Doesn't Use Them

It might make you think twice about the cost of your coffee

15.03.04. 11:24

Dunkin’ Donuts Wants You to *Drink* Dessert For Breakfast

Because how could anyone say no to an ice cream-flavored latte

15.03.04. 10:46

Spread It Around: 16 Savory Recipes Using Peanut Butter

These satisfying mains all use peanut butter to create dishes worthy of grown-up diners

15.03.04. 10:17

8 Easy Blueberry Muffin Recipes

Everyone loves blueberry muffins. Try making a batch of one of these easy versions today

15.03.03. 12:15

Would You Buy A Low-Fat Cookbook from Paula Deen?

She's known for rich, butter-laden dishes. Can she hack it in the health world

15.03.03. 09:02

19 Ooey, Gooey Recipes to Make You the Master of Monkey Breads

Look forward to waking up in the morning

15.03.03. 07:51

10 Tasty Ways to Use Roasted Garlic

Roasting garlic is an incredible way to mellow out its strong taste and enhance it's sweet, nutty flavor. These 10 recipes, ranging from side dishes to dinners, show you just how to kick up the flavor for your next meal

15.03.02. 18:51

The Secrets to a Delicious Diet-Friendly Sandwich

Plus, the healthiest picks at your favorite chain restaurants

15.03.02. 18:42

Starbucks to Roll Out Iced Coffee K-Cups

Say no to watered down iced coffee

15.03.02. 12:04

11 Amazingly Decadent Twists Deep Dish Pizza

There's a time and a place for thin crust. But when you're craving something extra, super gooey, cheesy, doughy, and just plain hearty, there's nothing more satisfying than one of these deep dish pizzas

15.03.02. 09:49

Girl Scouts Are Creating Adorable YouTube Commercials to Help Sell Cookies

They should get a badge for viral marketing

15.03.02. 08:27

World's Hottest Burger Contender Is, Quite Literally, on Fire

A burger chef from Iowa is awaiting his Guinness World Record.

15.03.02. 07:29

13 Spinach Salad Recipes

Use versatile spinach in both main and side dish salads

15.03.02. 07:16

12 Caesar Salad Recipes with a Twist

Breathe new life into classic Caesar salad with simple additions like marinated shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, tofu croutons, and more to add new flavor. Plus, learn easy swaps to give the salad a healthy makeover

15.02.27. 11:10

Taco Bell to Test Cap’n Crunch Donut Holes On Unassuming Customers

Could it be the brand's next Doritos Locos Taco

15.02.27. 10:50

16 Perfect Peanut Butter Desserts

Creamy or crunchy, this sweet spread improves every dessert we can think of

15.02.27. 10:10

15 Way Cool Ways to Dress Up Tater Tots

Tater tots aren't just a tasty side with your favorite fast foods

15.02.27. 08:46

6 Snack Combos to Help You Fall Asleep

Graze on these an hour before you hit the hay

15.02.27. 07:33

There's Probably Mold in Your Cereal

Sour milk is the least of your problems

15.02.27. 07:05

There's Probably Mold in Your Cereal

Sour milk is the least of your problems

15.02.27. 07:05

Cotton Candy Oreos Join the Cookie's 28 Other Flavors

What will they think of next?

15.02.26. 18:37

KFC to Test Edible Coffee Cups

Because all cups of coffee should come with abuilt in snack.

15.02.26. 18:24

9 Surprising Fruits and Vegetables That Last a Long Time

Discover which pieces of produce stay fresh for a while

15.02.26. 18:22

19 Delicious Pancake Recipes For the Best Morning Ever

Give yourself a treat in the morning with these delicious recipes

15.02.26. 17:44

Ham and Cheese, Please!

Elevate this beloved flavor combo by using it in all of your favorite dishes

15.02.26. 16:33

Video: This Guy Will Show You How to Make an Animal Style In-N-Out Burger in Pizza Form

Not living in an In-N-Out state just got a little more bearable

15.02.26. 11:29

13 Brilliant Ways to Use Leftover Buns

Did you buy way too many buns for your last backyard barbecue? Don't worry! We've got a bunch of easy, delicious recipes that will help you use up all that leftover bread before it goes bad

15.02.26. 08:11

Italian-Style Indulgence: 13 Tiramisu Recipes

Tiramisu, an Italian dessert, translates to "pick-me-up," and that's exactly what the treat does. With a blend of coffee, liquor, and mascarpone, who wouldn't want to indulge in these delicious recipes

15.02.26. 07:35

Go Bananas! 10 Homemade Banana Bread Recipes

Trade those brown bananas in for a batch of moist homemade banana bread

15.02.25. 17:25

Owl Cafes Are A Real Thing Now

Hoo's up for a cocktail

15.02.25. 16:40

Can You Feel the Buzz Tonight? 16 Coffee-Filled Cocktails

Coffee cocktails are the perfect post-dinner drinks

15.02.25. 12:30

How to Add Sprinkles to Every Dessert Ever

These desserts are perfect for any day you find yourself needing an extra dose of happy

15.02.25. 10:11

How to Make (and Use!) Homemade Butter

Make your own butter, plus five sweet treats for spring. Whip, whip hooray

15.02.25. 10:02

So You Can Make Nutella Breakfast Cereal

This is the best thing to happen since Oreo cookie Jell-O shots.

15.02.25. 08:17

11 Totally Delicious Ways to Cook Collard Greens

Loaded with vitamin A and K, collard greens make for the perfect veggie dish

15.02.24. 18:50

Here’s How to Get a FREE Doughnut Today

And there’s no catch

15.02.24. 16:38

This Heroic Girl Scout Used All Her Might to Try and Fend Off a Robber

That move should get her a lifetime supply of Thin Mints

15.02.24. 10:42

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake Make Its 2015 Debut

Forget the groundhog, Shamrock Shakes arespring's ultimate decider.

15.02.24. 10:09

18 Creative Twists on Rice Krispies Treats

The gooey snack time favorite gets a serious dessert upgrade with these delectable recipes

15.02.24. 07:03

How to Clean Your Coffeemaker

It's way germier than you think it is

15.02.23. 18:13

30 Sensational Spinach Recipes

Popeye was on to something. Spinach is a nutritional powerhouse, capable of elevating any meal to an A-1 health status

15.02.23. 18:00

Introducing the Girl Scout Cookie Version of an Easy Bake Oven

Because who wouldn’t want to make Girl Scout Cookies anytime, anywhere?

15.02.23. 17:09

15 Decadent Mousse Desserts

Bite into a cloud of deliciousness with these simple mousse recipes

15.02.23. 12:22

16 Quick and Easy Fruit Salad Recipes

Eat your fruit for dinner

15.02.23. 11:20

Artists Transforms Starbucks Sleeve Mermaid Into Everyone’s Favorite Characters

Because who wants a mermaid on their sleeve you can drink a Walter White cup of Joe

15.02.23. 10:12

11 Totally Chic Black-and-White "Tuxedo" Desserts to Celebrate the Oscars In Style

Because your Oscars party spread should be as gorgeous as you are

15.02.20. 17:54

Ben & Jerry Would Make Weed Ice Cream

“Combine your pleasures,” says co-founder Ben Cohen

15.02.20. 16:57

And The World's Best-Selling Cookie Is...

Ok, so the answer isn't necessarily shocking, but it is impressive

15.02.20. 10:37

Chicken Dinners in 30 Minutes or Less

Strapped for time and have hungry mouths to feed? Try these quick and easy chicken dinners ready in 30 minutes or less

15.02.20. 08:41

There's a Scientific Reason Why Pot Gives You the Munchies

It's all in your brain, man

15.02.20. 08:37

15 Sweet Skillet Desserts You Need in Your Life

If you don't already bake with your skillet, you're definitely going to want to after seeing these recipes

15.02.20. 08:13

16 Hybrid Cheesecake Recipes That Are Sure To Be A Hit

Regular cheesecake slices are a thing of the past with these innovative new ways to repurpose the classic dessert

15.02.20. 07:17

You Might Have to Wait Longer This Year to Get Girl Scout Cookies

And it's all because of Thin Mints

15.02.19. 17:44

Watch Jimmy Fallon Trick Ben & Jerry’s Customers That Are Trying His New Ice Cream

Because the only thing better than his new ice cream flavor is watching Jimmy Fallon prank his fans with it

15.02.19. 11:23

Your Coffee Addiction Is Officially Good for You

A few cups of joe are great for your health, according to a panel of scientists

15.02.19. 10:56

Meal In a Bowl: 13 Lentil Soup Recipes

Try these tasty versions that pair lentils with savory ingredients and flavors

15.02.19. 10:51

Your Taste Buds Change as You Age

There's a reason you weren't a big fan of goat cheese as a kid

15.02.19. 07:10

This Pizza Crust is Wrapped With 3.5 Feet of Bacon

And, yes, you can order one at a Little Caesars near you

15.02.18. 18:04

What's for Dinner? Eggs!

Enjoy eggs for dinner with these divine, easy recipes

15.02.18. 16:54

Watch Fallon Unveil a New 'Tonight Show' Ben & Jerry's Flavor

'The Tonight Dough' is the latest creation from the Vermont-based ice cream manufacturer

15.02.18. 16:51

9 "Naked" Cakes That Take Everyone's Favorite Dessert to the Next Level

You might never want to cover a cake in frosting again

15.02.18. 16:13

9 Cake Roll Recipes That Will Forever Change the Way You Layer

A surefire way to get cake and frosting into every bite

15.02.18. 10:48

An Astonishing Amount of Food We Eat Is Fake

Over 2,500 tons of counterfeit food was recently seized in an international raid

15.02.18. 09:58

Mint Mania! 13 Mint Chocolate Desserts for Every Occasion

Take your love of chocolate to the next level

15.02.18. 08:40

There Are Two New Latte Offerings On the Starbucks Menu Starting Today

And both of them are drinkable desserts

15.02.17. 16:22

New Apples Won't Brown When Bruised or Sliced

Now, your Golden Delicious will actually stay golden

15.02.17. 11:20

16 Recipes Revamped With Rosemary

Rosemary provides amazing fragrance and flavor to both dinners and desserts

15.02.17. 09:56

20 Hot and Spicy Cocktails to Warm You Up

Muddle your way through the brutal end of winter with these fiery cocktails

15.02.17. 08:01

Eat Your Veggies! 25 Vegetable Soup Recipes

Make soup amazing with these veggie filled recipes

15.02.17. 07:50

Chocolate Loves Company: 13 Delectable Cherry and Chocolate Desserts

Chocolate and cherry are one of the dessert world's most popular couples for a reason

15.02.13. 17:10

Old Grain, New Tricks: 10 Flavorful Rice Salads

These rice salad recipes turn a good-old grain into a savory secret weapon

15.02.13. 16:39

Spinach and Artichoke Dip Done Differently: 12 New Ways to Cook the Comfort Classic

These versatile spinach and artichoke recipes have got you covered

15.02.13. 10:49

The is Actually the Best Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Present

Seriously, it’s a *sweet* eCard gift that you can send the day of

15.02.13. 10:12

Win Valentine’s Day Breakfast with a Squeeze Bottle and Some Pancake Batter

Because the way to your loved one's heart is with heart-shaped food

15.02.13. 09:32

It's Easy Being Green: 10 Tasty Avocado Salads

Take the avocado beyond guacamole! Incorporate it into these fresh salads

15.02.12. 18:27

Mexican Comforts: 10 Tortilla Soup Recipes

Get cozy with one of these tempting recipes for tortilla soup

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