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Panifica bakery

I used to cross Paris to buy a loaf of bread. That was when I was more of a débutant and kept a list of bakeries that I wanted to visit, and I’d make it a point to check off as many as I could, to try their bread.

16.07.18. 08:51

Summer Fruit Tart with Almond Cream

This is one of the simplest fruit tarts to make. Juicy fruits are embedded in a rich almond frangipan, making it easy to slice, and it keeps well, too. So now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about nectarines.

16.07.06. 10:10

Plum Strawberry Jam

I am sure that after I am gone, they are going to find something peculiar in my brain. (If they find anything in there at all…) It’s a special spot that compels one to make jam, and maybe they will name it after me.

16.07.01. 14:35

Tawlet Souk el Tayeb, Lebanese food in Paris

One of the great regrets I had in life was when I went to Beirut and didn’t go to the Tawlet Souk el Tayeb, a culinary project supporting local farmers, cooks, and producers. There’s also a weekly farmers’ market, classes and meals.

16.06.28. 10:26

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt with Summer Fruits and Italian Meringues

I was once on a panel about blogging and everyone was surprised when I said that at any given time, I have about seventeen posts started, either sitting on my kitchen counter or partially written on my computer.

16.06.22. 17:07

Scallion Flatbreads

As much as we like to rib each other about our differences, France is no different from America when it comes to a few things.

16.06.15. 08:46

Frozen Zabaglione

Some people don’t have a big kitchen, or a lot of kitchen equipment. I think I have everything that’s available, and at some point, may start an equipment rental business to drum up some extra cash.

16.06.09. 13:23

L’imprimerie Bakery

I’m often dismayed when I take a trip back to the U.S. and people tell me they wonder why they can’t get good food where they live, like they have in France.

16.06.06. 16:25

Things I Bring Back to France from America

No matter how many wonderful the foods, and other things, are in France, when I go back to the States, there are some things that I bring back to France with me.

16.05.27. 13:48

Moroccan Spiced Grilled Chicken Kebabs

Whew! Last week was a busy one. I was on a deadline for a book, and as always, the last few weeks were a sprint to the finish.

16.05.24. 13:41

A Visit to Jean-Charles Rochoux Chocolate Shop in Paris (Video)

I snuck my way into the workshop of master Paris chocolatier Jean-Charles Rochoux. When asked which is the best chocolate shop in Paris, it’s hard to pick just one, but his boutique is at the top of my short list.

16.05.18. 12:59

Sables Bretons: French salted butter cookies

Shortly after I had moved to France, I made dinner for friends in my apartment, which we finished up with a chocolate tart, which I flecked with a few grains of flaky sea salt.

16.05.13. 13:55

Mango Frozen Yogurt with Blueberry Compote

A French friend recently said to me “On ne peut pas tout avoir” – “You can’t have it all.” But with mangoes, I feel like I can.

16.05.09. 17:46

Negroni Sbagliato Spritz

I was planning on spacing out the cocktail recipes here with some other recipes, but I had a few baking stumbles and went through so much nut flour, butter, and eggs that I needed to take a baking break.

16.05.04. 13:51

The Chin Up, and Breuckelen Distilling

Whenever I’m in New York, I have a few drinking buddies all ready to hit a few bars for cocktails with me.

16.04.27. 22:19

Olive Oil Muffins

This past Easter, I had brunch with my family in New York at Maialino. I think we are all on the same wavelength about brunch (and about facing other people early in the morning) because we sat down at the civilized hour of 2pm.

16.04.21. 16:20

John Brown Smokehouse

I remember being déçu (disappointed) a few years back when I signed up to go to a barbecue dinner in Paris and I was super-excited to attend.

16.04.16. 21:29

Chicken Bulgogi

While people have been tripping over each other lately, letting everyone know how authentic they can be, outraged over a recipe or poem they saw online, one only needs to look to Korean food to see how it’s done.

16.04.13. 14:42

Honey Ice Cream

I didn’t fall in love with chestnut honey right off the bat. When I took my first spoonful from the jar, I took a little too much and recoiled from the bitterness.

16.04.06. 14:16

This Weekend! New York Demo & Book Signing

I’ll be doing a demonstration and a Q & A at the Sur La Table store in New York City this Saturday, April 9th, starting at 10am.

16.04.06. 14:14

eBook sale: My Paris Kitchen…just $1.99!

For a limited time, from April 3 to April 17th, you can get a copy of My Paris Kitchen for only $1.99 in the eBook format.

16.04.04. 23:47


One of the appeals of Brooklyn is the rich ethnic mix of cultures, cuisines, and traditions, that is somewhat of a microcosm of America.

16.03.31. 18:05

Cherry Poppy Seed Cake

With spring around the corner, all thoughts are turning to fruit, while we wait for stone fruits to arrive.

16.03.28. 15:01

The New Spain cocktail

I fell in love with sherry the first time I went to Spain, but it’s something that slips my mind when I’m looking for something in the drink department.

16.03.23. 14:37

My Favorite Knife

I’ve gone through several kitchens in my life, lots of pots and pans, various mixers, food processors, blenders and even a number of espresso machines. Kitchen scales? I’ve tried them all. But my one constant is my knives.

16.03.16. 14:10

Man’oushe: Za’atar Flatbread

I’ve been thinking about man’oushe for years, ever since I went to Lebanon and someone handed me a warm flatbread right out of the wood-fired oven.

16.03.11. 14:55

A Visit to a French Cheese Shop in Paris (video)

The way to shop for cheese in France is not to go into a shop with a list of cheeses that you plan to buy. The way to do it is to go in, look around, see what looks best that day, and buy that.

16.03.08. 13:21

Homemade Corned Beef

My desert island food is corned beef. Hot, piled up on a sandwich, between two pieces of rye bread with spicy brown mustard smeared liberally inside...

16.03.02. 12:17

Spaghetti Pie

I’m kind of a nitwit in social situations. Consider last spring (or was it summer?), when I was at a party in New York I met Justin Chapple and didn’t know much about him.

16.02.26. 08:50

La Bourse et la Vie

When Daniel Rose opened his first restaurant, Spring, it was a small, seasonally driven restaurant on an unremarkable street in the 9th arrondissement.

16.02.23. 09:57

Peanut Butter Granola Bars

I have a mixed history with granola bars. The only ones I’ve ever made that were absolute perfection was when I had some peanut butter frosting leftover from a cupcake recipe that I was playing around with.

16.02.18. 07:35

Tangerine Sorbet

There are a lot of desserts in my repertoire, but the one that I always have room for – and crave – is Tangerine Sorbet.

16.02.12. 06:32

Chocolate Babka

I’d been anxious to eat at Honey & Co. in London, which was at the top of my list of places to try there, but never made it. One of the underrepresented foods in Paris is Middle Eastern food.

16.02.09. 07:50

Watercress Soup

One of the differences between French and American dining is that the green salad is normally served after the meal, either with cheese or on its own.

16.02.02. 11:20

Arroz con pollo: Spanish Chicken with rice

Every time I go back to San Francisco, there is a crush of people that I want to see.

16.01.28. 10:24

Mon Eclair

I was recently part of a panel on France24 television to debate the subject: “The argument over French cuisine.” Rather than being a debate, though, it was more question-and-answer session once the cameras were rolling.

16.01.23. 13:57

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

When I started baking professionally, whenever a recipe called for chocolate, we grabbed whatever chocolate we could get in bulk, lopped off a chunk, and used that.

16.01.19. 08:04

Stohrer Pastry Shop

When people ask me “Why did you move to Paris?” I’ll usually stop, point to the nearest cheese shop or bakery, and let them figure it out for themselves. There are a lot of pastry shops in Paris, over a thousand of them.

16.01.08. 11:54

The Last Word Cocktail

While I wish that I could try everything and go to all the places that are suggested to me. I used to keep lists of restaurants and bakeries in Paris that I intended to go to.

16.01.04. 08:51

Mint Pesto

Holidays always feel like a sprint to me. Perhaps because I spent a lot of time working in restaurant kitchens, holidays don’t feel so much as celebratory, as they do an extra dose of work.

15.12.26. 13:23

A Visit to Jacques Genin Chocolate Shop in Paris (Video)

Not long after I’d arrived in Paris, I met Jacques Genin. At the time, he was working out of a small workshop deep in the 15th arrondissement.

15.12.21. 10:41

Pretzel Bites

Bakers and pastry chefs crave two things: Salt and vinegar. When I worked in the restaurant business and got home way after midnight, too-often I’d park myself in front of the television, put my dogs up...

15.12.18. 08:31

Chicken in Red Wine Vinegar

When I moved to France, Romain dubbed me “chicken man,” because I was always ordering, or buying, chicken.

15.12.14. 12:18

New York Cheesecake

One thing that surprises people is how much French people, even with a tempting barrage of éclairs, macarons, and pain au chocolat on every street, love gâteau au fromage, or as it’s commonly called: le cheesecake.

15.12.09. 13:58

Holiday Gift Guide: Things I’m Liking

I started this list, initially called Things I’m Liking, which I’d intended to post…oh, six months ago.

15.12.04. 13:21

Upcoming New York City Events in December

Coming up, I’ll be doing two events in New York City. At both I’ll be signing books, and you can take care of some of that holiday shopping. Come say hi!

15.12.04. 04:13

Rosemary Gimlet

Some say, “You eat with your eyes.” I don’t know about you, but until my eyes start sporting incisors, I’ll continue to use my mouth. Especially when drinking cocktails.

15.11.30. 13:09

Rosemary Gimlet

Some say, “You eat with your eyes.” I don’t know about you, but until my eyes start sporting incisors, I’ll continue to use my mouth. Especially when drinking cocktails.

15.11.30. 13:09

Pumpkin Pie with Toasted Marshmallow Topping

When I was growing up, I would not eat pumpkin pie. My mother never made it but they served it at our school cafeteria in New England and the orange filling looked a little jelled.

15.11.19. 22:08

Bourbon-Ginger Pecan Pie

I wasn’t planning on beginning this post for a pie recipe with anything other than a story about how much I liked it, encouraging you to make it.

15.11.16. 13:49

Cranberry Shrub and Cranberry Shrub Cocktail

I’ve been laid up this week with a messed up knee, and let me tell you, it hasn’t been easy. The moment the accident happened, I felt my entire leg buckle, and for the next 72 hours I could barely move.

15.11.12. 14:30

Maple Pecan Sticky Buns

I’ve never been a huge fan of sticky buns because I find many of them teeth-screamingly sweet. That said, these dial down the sweetness in favor of flavor, courtesy of two of my favorite things: pecans and maple syrup.

15.11.09. 14:16

Pas de Loup

It wasn’t until recently that I became very in awe of bartenders. I used to just go in and order a beer when I was younger, not really aware that these people are the pastry chefs of the beverage world.

15.11.04. 14:42

Butterscotch Caramel Blondies

I’ve been in San Francisco this week, doing some events – which is actually an excuse for eating my way around town. San Francisco is a city that seems to reinvent itself every few years.

15.10.30. 16:15

A l’Etoile d’Or to Reopen November 3rd

When a gas explosion that happened in the basement destroyed her shop, many couldn’t believe that one of their favorite chocolate shops in Paris was gone, including Denise Acabo herself.

15.10.26. 13:27

Bourbon Butterscotch Sauce

I don’t like cliques (unless I’m part of it, of course…) and I have to say, one that I’m happy to be a part of is the brotherhood, and sisterhood, of ice cream makers.

15.10.22. 14:46

Warm Chartreuse Souffle with Chocolate Sauce

I’ve had a long love affair with Chartreuse liqueur, even before I visited the monastery back in the 1990’s.

15.10.19. 09:38

San Francisco Events Next Week!

Next week, I’ll be doing two events in San Francisco… Booksigning at Omnivore Books The event is from 2 to 3pm at Omnivore Books in San Francisco (3885B Cesar Chavez Street).

15.10.19. 08:40

Updated Recipe Posts

When I was in high school, our principal came up on stage during assembly one morning and stood there for a moment, until he got our attention. After a long pause, he inhaled deeply, and said, “We have a very sick person in our midst.”

15.10.15. 19:08

French Keys

I was never afraid of keys until I moved to Paris. People have all sorts of phobias, many that seem curious to others who don’t share them, such as auroraphobia, a fear of Northern lights and euphobia, which is a fear of good news.

15.10.12. 13:41

French Keys

I was never afraid of keys until I moved to Paris. People have all sorts of phobias, many that seem curious to others who don’t share them, such as auroraphobia, a fear of Northern lights and euphobia, which is a fear of good news.

15.10.12. 10:42

S’mores Ice Cream

Marshmallows + chocolate + Graham crackers x ice cream = Bliss. A few people, including Deb, intimated that my beloved combination of marshmallows, chocolate and spiced crackers might be in danger of becoming passé...

15.10.06. 08:23

Butter & Scotch Bakery and Craft Bar

With over 1200 pastry shops, Paris has no shortage of places to satisfy one’s sweet cravings. That is, unless it’s after 8pm, when all the bakery shelves are wiped clean and they close up for the night. Then you’re kind of stuck.

15.09.30. 15:19

Shrimp and Chive Potsticker Dumplings

This year seems to be a banner year for cookbooks and there are so many that I’ve leafed through and bookmarked, that even though it’s early in the cookbook season...

15.09.24. 13:34

Mirabelle Jam

My favorite fruits are plums, which, confusingly for anglophones, are called prunes, in French, or pruneaux, when they are dried.

15.09.21. 07:57

My French Pottery

A while back, a reader suggested that I do a post about my pottery collection. When I told Romain about it he looked surprised and said that it wasn’t a collection but just stacks of pottery.

15.09.16. 09:31

The Beast Barbecue in Paris

I’ve been taking a breather writing about American-oriented businesses in Paris. Not because I don’t like them, but because there were so many of them that it was hard to keep up, and they were no longer a novelty.

15.09.12. 14:09

Low Sugar Monkey Bread

I’m never quite sure what to say when people ask if they can reduce sugar in a recipe. My inclination is to say Non! right off the bat.

15.09.09. 16:41

Amora Dijon Mustard

The funny thing about having a blog is that you become “searchable.” I’ve changed my tune many times, which astute readers often note, on everything from where my favorite croissant can be found (in 2007), where I get my falafel fix ...

15.09.04. 14:59

Vaghareli Makai (Spiced Indian Corn)

If I had a nickel for every time I heard, “You should go to_________,” I’d have enough money to upgrade on all those flights that I’d be taking, which would make that prolific quantity of air travel a little more tolerable.

15.09.01. 13:22

Blueberry Buckle with Lemon Syrup

We sure do have some goofy-named foods in America. Britain has their “fools” and “messes,” and France has “bêtises,” which translates to “stupidities” – as well as pêts de nonne, which, because I’m polite...

15.08.27. 15:05

Epicure Restaurant at The Bristol Hotel

It was quite a summer, starting with sipping homemade cherry wine, a picnic at Versailles, checking out the Le Creuset factory, and frying up a batch of “French” fried chicken in a sizzling pan of duck fat.

15.08.25. 14:02

Fresh Corn, Tomato, Avocado and Basil Salad

While in the states for a vacation this summer, I took advantage of the overload of gorgeous heirloom tomatoes, fresh ears of corn, and generous bunches of basil at the farmers’ markets to make this salad over and over ...

15.08.20. 14:56

Grilled Deviled Chicken

Being stateside in preparation for les vacances (vacation), I thought I’d corral Elizabeth Karmel, who I’d had dinner with last spring when we did a special cooking event together, into grilling dinner for me.

15.08.18. 09:12

Ice & Vice

One of the best parts of summer in the U.S. is heading out for ice cream on a warm evening.

15.08.14. 19:16

Cape Cod Vacation

Last year, for summer vacation, we did a fabulous tour of France. This year, we crossed the pond to do a tour of New England. More specifically, Cape Cod.

15.08.10. 15:17

Strawberry Cooler Cocktail

Whoops! A big problem with being a seasonally based cook (and in this case, cocktail drinker) is that things go in and out of season.

15.07.28. 17:21

Cherry Clafoutis

One of the first books that made me fall in love with France, and French cuisine, was Roger Vergé’s Entertaining in the French Style.

15.07.24. 14:33

Le Trumilou

I was walking down the Quai de l’Hôtel de Ville on a recent warm summer night and passed by the outdoor tables of Le Trumilou.

15.07.21. 18:24

Deviled Grilled Chicken

Leave the thighs in their original shape (do not “unroll” them) and place them, skin side up, on the grill over a place where there is not direct heat. If using chicken breasts, lay them skin side up on the grill.

15.07.21. 17:12

Gin and Tonic

Growing up in New England, gin and tonic is the classic summer drink. It’s bracing, fresh, cool, and not overly potent. The joke was that they tasted like after-shave lotion, but to be honest, most after-shave lotions smell pretty good.

15.07.18. 14:15

Homemade Tonic Water

Jennifer McLagan always seems to know what we want to read about, and cook, before even we do.

15.07.16. 14:30

French Fried Chicken

It always amuses me to see recipe for things like French Chocolate Pancakes, French Crullers or a “French” Watermelon Cooler.

15.07.13. 13:36

Le Bon Georges

Many of what are called the “new” bistros of Paris are actually just restaurants with hip young chefs painting plates with a straight line of sauce, adding some powdered radishes and a shiso leaf next to pieces of pork belly...

15.07.08. 14:47

Faux Gras: Vegetarian Foie Gras

People often think of Paris as a museum stuck in the past. Sure, one of the things we all love about Paris is the old charm that persists in the architecture, the culture, the cuisine, and in some cases, the way of thinking.

15.07.06. 13:25

Pickled Strawberry Preserves

With some exceptions (white chocolate in fresh ginger ice cream, caramel corn, marshmallows, and candied peanuts, for example), I tend to like things that aren’t too sweet.

15.06.29. 07:09

A Visit to the Le Creuset Factory

I’m a random collector of Le Creuset. When rifling through a random box at a flea market in France, a hint of one of their trademark colors may catch my eye.

15.06.22. 09:52

Cherry Leaf Wine

France is the land of wine but it’s not necessarily something of adulation. I was told the average price spent on a bottle of wine in France is €3,20, which means a lot of people are spending less than that.

15.06.12. 08:48

Spring Picnic at Versailles

I decided to play hookey last week, which coincided with an invitation to the Jardin de la Reine at Versailles for a spring picnic.

15.06.08. 08:24

Ballymaloe Irish Brown Bread

One of the high points of going to Ireland is the Irish breakfast. In France, breakfast is usually some toast and coffee, and I’m fine with that – although a few hours later...

15.06.04. 08:41

Kerrygold Ballymaloe Literary Festival of Food & Wine

As I stumble through figuring out how to use the new features after the site upgrade, I’ve got a backlog of posts and pictures that I’ve been anxious to share.

15.06.01. 08:12

Welcome to the updated site

A whole bunch of work has been going on behind-the-scenes here this spring, and now, the site is now completely mobile-friendly and responsive, meaning that it will adjust to whatever size screen you’re reading the site on; desktop...

15.05.28. 08:55

Weekend Out of Paris

A weekend trip out of Paris for a barbecue, card games, wine, baguettes, foie gras and cocktails

15.05.26. 16:40

Strawberry Jam

A tasty strawberry jam recipe that uses the best of the season's berries. Fast and easy to make, this simple jam is a delight on morning toast, or spooned over ice cream or yogurt

15.05.23. 15:48

Cranberry Upside Down Cake

A classic upside down cake recipe with a tangy cranberry topping, using fresh or frozen cranberries. Great for the holidays, or any time of the year

15.05.21. 09:51

Midleton Farmers’ Market, Ireland

The Kerrygold Ballymaloe festival gave me a chance to visit the lovely Midleton farmers market in Cork, Ireland

15.05.18. 08:41

Liddabit Sweets

A tasty visit to the kitchens & shop of Liddabit Sweets candy makers in New York City and Brookly

15.05.14. 11:49

Broccolini, Blue Cheese and Bacon Frittata

Broccolini (or broccoli) frittata makes a simple meal and can be adapted to whatever vegetables, meats & cheese you have on hand. Great picnic fare as well as the perfect appetizer

15.05.11. 09:00

Broccolini, Blue Cheese and Bacon Frittata

Broccolini (or broccoli) frittata makes a simple meal and can be adapted to whatever vegetables, meats & cheese you have on hand. Great picnic fare as well as the perfect appetizer

15.05.11. 09:00

The Martini

The classic martini recipe, made with gin, vermouth and olives. And excellent cocktail served icy-cold

15.05.05. 14:35

ZIPP.hu a Facebookon is

Gasztro hirfolyam

Világevő, 16.07.20. 21:12

Jön egy székely és egy magyar külföldről Budapestre...

A vicc folytatása szerencsére az, hogy itt meg is állapodnak, és aztán nagyon egyéni, különleges és főleg laza és mégis magas színvonalú ételeket főznek a megújult Babelben.[...] Bővebben!

Világevő, 16.07.19. 19:33

Szombaton lesz a talán legjobb balatoni program!

Tavaly ott voltam az első Bohém Légyotton, és nem túlzás azt állítani, hogy egy hihetetlenül hangulatos programról van szó, finom borokkal, jó hangulattal, nagyon normális emberekkel egy fantasztikus helyen...

Limara péksége, 16.07.17. 17:43

Amerikai almáspite

A kedvenc pitém. Vaníilia fagyival verhetetlen.A piacon gyönyörű, zöld színű nyári almákat kaptam, talán fontosalmának nevezik, de ebben nem vagyok biztos. Savanykás, az tuti.

Chili és Vanília, 16.07.15. 20:15

Egyben sült csirke nyári céklákkal

Vasárnap délelőtt, lassan ébredezik a város, a Tűzoltó utcai kézműves söröző udvarán azonban már korán reggel nagy az izgalom.

A bűvös szakács, 16.07.05. 09:41

Iskolatáska teszt

Nyakunkon az iskolakezdés. Ilyenkor minden szülőnél felmerül a kérdés, milyen szempontok alapján válasszon iskolaszereket a gyermeknek.

Chili és Vanília, 16.07.04. 09:21

Sütés nélküli sajttorta csatos üvegben

A Nők Lapja mostani számában amerikai ihletésű recepteket találtok tőlem: hamburger tépett sertéshússal, nyári lazacleves csöves kukoricával, ragacsos, csípős csirkeszárny, többek között.

Limara péksége, 16.06.29. 14:19

Ropogós sajtgolyók

Számtalanszor hallom az ismerősöktől, hogy imádom a rántott sajtot, de nem készítek, mert annyira macerás.

ZIPP legfrissebb cikkek