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30 Second Wine Advisor: Is the oak age over?

I don't know whether it's just my buying choices or if the market is changing, but it seems to me that the age of the "oak bomb" is passing, and I for one won't mourn it

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WebWineMan: Merlot holds its own.

If you are a fan of merlot, you may have been feeling a little left out of the wine buzz, writes Richard Fadeley. But you can relax, he says. Merlot is America's most popular wine.

15.02.13. 17:11

30 Second Wine Advisor: Plastic wine bottle?

Fine wine in a plastic bottle? The very idea probably gags most wine geeks. Wine-in-plastic seems so wrong in so many ways, from the practical to the purely emotional.

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30 Second Wine Advisor: Steak or pasta with Tuscan reds?

You're looking forward to a good Chianti or even a fine Brunello with dinner. What will you serve to show off this amiable red wine at its best? This is not as simple a question as it seems.

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30 Second Wine Advisor: Bubbly trivia: Plaques!

Planning to pop the cork on a bottle of bubbly? Thinking about Champagne reminded me of two of my favorite truly obscure wine words: "muselage" and "plaque de muselet."

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30 Second Wine Advisor: Wines We Love for the Holidays

Now the winter holiday season begins! This is a time to mark the season with something special, wines that we not only enjoy but that may have special meaning for us.

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30 Second Wine Advisor: Thanksgiving and good wine books

Even as a long time wine lover who writes about the stuff, I enjoyed paying more attention to the friends, the community and the holiday spirit than geeking out over fermented grape juice. Who's with me on this?

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WebWineMan: Wines for the Turkey

No meal is more challenging to the wine lover than the holiday dinner. "You are not only confronted with a panoply of flavors but with people, young and old, who may or may not like wine, white or red."

14.11.28. 18:52

30 Second Wine Advisor: Do we really taste wine?

When we thoughtfully enjoy wine's sensory pleasure and intellectual stimulation, are we only fooling ourselves?

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WebWineMan: What's Up With Organic Wine?

Richard Fadelely set out recently to get to the bottom of just what organic wine offers, and whether it is worth any extra cost. Here's his report.

14.11.07. 18:37

30 Second Wine Advisor: Eyeballing wine

Back in the old days, savvy horse traders could tell an animal's age by looking at its teeth. Did you know that we can do something like that with wine, too?

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Vino e Cucina d'Italia: Cantine Lonardo - Technology with Tradition

It's about an hour southeast of Naples, but you aren't looking for Cantine Lonardo you could easily miss it. It's worth finding, Neil Duarte reports: It has some truly excellent wines.

14.10.24. 19:07


Head down the Rhone through southern France and you'll pass some of France's most loved wine regions.

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30 Second Wine Advisor: How to drink wine? What?

Who needs wine advice? This may seem an odd question from a guy who dispenses wine advice, but bear with me.

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30 Second Wine Advisor: Memories: Wine as economic indicator?

Do fine wine sales trends serve as an early indicator of coming economic times? Sales of "mid-level" wines - those priced at $30 to $70 per bottle at retail...

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30 Second Wine Advisor: Memories: Cheap Italian reds

Ah, memories! For many of us who've been enjoying wine since baby boomers first encountered the good stuff back in the '70s or early '80s...

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30 Second Wine Advisor: Whites of the Med, Plus

We're enjoying an unusually cool summer, but it's still the "dog days," when light summer fare and cool, refreshing whites seem made for the season. But nowhere is it written that cool, refreshing whites need to be boring!

14.08.15. 00:00

WebWineMan: Richard Fadeley's sparkly summer

"We talk regularly about Champagne and how it can define a moment, or even create one, but the same applies to most any sparkling wine," Richard Fadeley writes. "Why not look at the 'second stringers' of sparkling wine?"

14.07.25. 20:13

30 Second Wine Advisor: Offbeat grape: Gros Manseng

Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy discovering grapes and wines? I'm still almost certain to grab a bottle if I spot a variety that I haven't tried. This attitude was well rewarded when I noticed a lone bottle of Gros Manseng.

14.07.25. 00:00

Taylor Eason: Rosés to write home about

Rosé wines are tasty all year round, but summer is high season for all things chilled and pink, writes Taylor. "Rosés are custom-made for thirst quenching. It only makes it better that they're affordable too."

14.07.04. 18:53

30 Second Wine Advisor: A fresh look at Gamay

Gamay. Let's face it, this is not a grape that inspires the reverential response reserved for Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah.

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30 Second Wine Advisor: Where did Sherry go?

Looking at trends in food and dining, you might expect Sherry to be the next big thing. Tapas and "small plates" are hip; and the art of the cocktail is booming. So why not turn to Sherry?

14.06.27. 00:00

30 Second Wine Advisor: Spanish whites appeal!

Just about as long as I've been drinking wine, when I think of Spain I think of red. Spanish wine has been easy, fun ... and red. In recent years, though, I've moved away from Spanish reds.

14.06.06. 00:00

WebWineMan: Wine for Summer - Sauvignon Blanc

"When you look for a nice summer sipper you tend to look for crisp acidity, appealing aromas, and a reasonable price," writes Richard Fadeley. Here's his report on light- to medium-bodied Sauvignon Blancs for summer quaffing.

14.06.06. 17:16

30 Second Wine Advisor: Austrian Tradition!

Tradition! Shout out the word, and you might start hearing Tevye the dairyman singing the popular tune from "Fiddler on the Roof."

14.05.30. 00:00

30 Second Wine Advisor: For intensity, try Alsacity

Okay, I'm busted. "Alsacity" isn't really a word. But I'm making one up now, because...

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30 Second Wine Advisor: And now, the paper wine bottle

Wine in bottles, wine in jugs, wine in boxes, even wine in cans. Just when we start thinking we've seen every possible way to package the fruit of the vine...

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From Hugh Johnson's 2014 Pocket Wine Book

Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book is an indispensable reference for the wine lover. Updated annually, this handy guide packs an incredible amount of information into a pocket-size volume.

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Taylor Eason: Greek wines come of age

Greece is making inroads on American shelves and wine lists. Of its 300 + indigenous varieties, though, only 8 or 10 make it into the states. Taylor recently tried some of these and was, in her words, "pretty blown away."

14.04.18. 17:09

30 Second Wine Advisor: A fresh look at Merlot

It has been 10 years since the movie "Sideways" made Merlot a laughingstock with the snobby character Miles's angry remark about "#$%&ing Merlot," a laugh line that actually drove down Merlot sales in the U.S.

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30 Second Wine Advisor: Natural value

In my part of the world today, the greatest rivalry since the fall of the Iron Curtain reaches its zenith in the game of college basketball. It doesn't get much more competitive than this.

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WebWineMan: The Enchanting Grape

Richard Fadeley's go-to wine in the cold days is often a brooding and earthy syrah. He got his tasting panel together to taste a selection of syrahs (or shiraz, as it's known Down Under).

14.03.14. 16:39

30 Second Wine Advisor: Wine value: $20 or less?

A few weeks ago, reporting on a good $10 French red wine from Ventoux, I recalled with nostalgia the long-gone days when you could take your pick from a bunch of really good wines for $5 or so.

14.03.14. 00:00

Vino e Cucina d'Italia: Cantina Giardino - The Touch of Excellence

The best Aglianico wine from the Campania region of Italy? It may be the wines produced by a small six-person winery called Cantina Giardino, in the town of Ariano Irpino, says Neil Duarte. He recently paid them a visit.

14.02.14. 20:42

30 Second Wine Advisor: Aging wine overnight?

Remember the old commercials where burly, bearded Orson Welles would intone, "We will sell no wine before its time"? Most of us had no idea that the brand he was hawking - Paul Masson - neither required nor would benefit from cellar time.

14.02.14. 00:00

30 Second Wine Advisor: Gigondas: Sound your S and your GSM

If you speak French like I speak French, you probably get as confused as I do about its unfamiliar ways. All those consonants that get dropped off the end of words! In Southern France, though, we get a break from rhat ...

14.01.31. 00:00

WebWineMan: Gamay finds its natural home in Beaujolais

Once a popular November wine ritual, Beaujolais Nouveau's ship has pretty much sailed. But that doesn't mean that we don't love Beaujolais! Columnist Richard Fadeley takes a close look at some regional treats.

14.01.17. 18:39

30 Second Wine Advisor: Gigondas: Sound your S and your GSM

If you speak French like I speak French, you probably get as confused as I do about its unfamiliar ways. All those consonants that get dropped off the end of words! In Southern France, though, we get a break from rhat ...

14.01.17. 00:00

30 Second Wine Advisor: Any old Port in a storm?

So you want to enjoy a mature, well-aged wine without spending a bundle, but you can't afford a wine cellar? Go with Madeira. The other suggestion, Vintage Port, takes a bit more analysis. Vintage Port can last for generations.

13.12.13. 00:00

30 Second Wine Advisor: $10 recession-buster

I keep reading that the recession is over. News flash! "Economy Added 203,000 Jobs in November!" Funny I'm not feeling that, though, and neither are most people I know.

13.12.06. 00:00

WebWineMan: Pinot Perfection: Oregon Finds Its Soul

After a brilliant 2008 vintage, Oregon has been struggling with less than ideal weather. But, writes Richard Fadeley, somehow they seem to be winning the battle. He reviews some of the current Oregon pinots.

13.11.29. 18:20

30 Second Wine Advisor: Tis the season for wine books and more

I'm enjoying a quiet day at home today, enjoying memories of yesterday's feasting and sharing thanks and gratitude with friends. No mall for me! But I admit it ...

13.11.29. 00:00

Vino e Cucina d'Italia: Planting Roots & Dreams - The Wines of Ciù Ciù

Just outside the picturesque medieval town of Offida in the southeastern part of Le Marche, the Società Agricola Ciù Ciù winery's Bartolemei family's organic grapes produce wines that embody the finest characteristics of the region...

13.11.08. 18:43

30 Second Wine Advisor: Back-label inflation: Not quite Chateauneuf

I don't want to over-state my irritation here: I like Domaine Olivier Hillaire's Cotes du Rhone. But I do feel a need to push back a bit on this: "From vines located just across the Rhone River from Chateauneuf-du-Pape." Uh huh ...

13.11.08. 00:00

30 Second Wine Advisor: Zin again!

So, speaking of Zinfandel ... is Zin an American wine? Well, sure, as long as we understand "American" in terms of our immigrant heritage.

13.10.25. 00:00

30 Second Wine Advisor: Can I learn to love Zin again?

It's funny how we turn into our parents as we get older. When I was younger, I never understood what my father and mother got out of droning on about the way things used to be ...

13.10.18. 00:00

30 Second Wine Advisor: Can I learn to love Zin again?

Bring out your Zins! This month we're aiming our WineLovers Discussion Group's Wine Focus at Zinfandel, America's grape with its roots in Italy, or so we thought, until Carole Meredith & Co. traced its roots to Croatia.

13.10.11. 00:00

WebWineMan: The Other 'Down-Under' - South African Wines

South Africa is "without a doubt one of the most spectacular wine-producing regions in the world," writes Richard Fadeley. It's also a rising star in the wine firmament, ranking 8th in the world in total wine production.

13.09.27. 18:12

30 Second Wine Advisor: Good $5 wine. Really?

Hey, everybody! I found a really, really good cheap wine at Trader Joe's! Right! Mention "Really cheap wine" and "Trader Joe's" in the same breath, and most everyone will assume you're talking about "Two Buck Chuck" ...

13.09.27. 00:00

30 Second Wine Advisor: Chianti, meet Rhone, meet food

Wine enthusiasts spend a lot of time contemplating which wine-and-food combinations go together well, which pairings don't work and play together well, and why it's not always easy to find the perfect match.

13.09.13. 00:00

Vino e Cucina d'Italia: Cantina Colli Ripani: 'Wine is an Art'

Over 400 growers make up La Cantina dei Colli Ripani in southern La Marche, producing about a million bottles of wine. Neil Duarte visited recently to see what the group's everyday wines were like.

13.08.30. 19:09

30 Second Wine Advisor: Chill with the last rose of summer

It's the dog days of summer here ... a hot and humid summer that was slow in coming now seems loath to give up its grip. I am quite willing to pop a red wine in the fridge before dinner ...

13.08.30. 00:00

30 Second Wine Advisor: Wine access: How does your state score?

Eighty years after the repeal of Prohibition, many of the stringent alcohol laws enacted during the Great Depression remain in place in much of the U.S. A new "Report Card" ranks the states on the basis of easy access to wine.

13.08.23. 00:00

WebWineMan: How Much Is Too Much? Tests of Alcohol in Wine

Would it be safe to drive after drinking a half bottle of wine with dinner? Turning himself into a guinea pig, Fadeley drinks and submits to Breathalyzer tests. Here's his report on the results.

13.08.16. 16:36

Vino e Cucina d'Italia: Umani Ronchi - The Standard in Le Marche

Last year Neil Duarte visited Umani Ronchi just after its 2009 Vecchie Vigne Casal di Serra Classico Superiore was hailed by Gambero Rosso as best white wine of the year in Italy. Here's his report on a return visit.

13.08.16. 16:36

30 Second Wine Advisor: A rose that's not a rose

"A rose is a rose is a rose," as Gertrude Stein once famously said. But is it? The other day, I dropped my my neighborhood wine shop in search of something pink. ... Hey now! What's this?

13.08.16. 00:00

30 Second Wine Advisor: All the Pinots in one

Pinot Noir? Sure! Pinot Gris? Who doesn't like it? Pinot Blanc makes an interesting variation, but who ever heard of Pinot Auxerrois? With Pinot d'Alsace, we can taste the entire Pinot family in one glass.

13.07.26. 00:00

30 Second Wine Advisor: Pinot Gris, Grigio, Blanc

Pinot Gris and its Italian twin, Pinot Grigio, are still mighty popular. This trend line hasn't changed since I wrote three years ago that Pinot Gris plantings in California had jumped almost 300 percent over the preceding decade.

13.07.05. 00:00

Taylor Eason: White wines from the Rhone Valley: Looking for love in all the right places

Americans "are finally moving in the right direction," writes Taylor Eason. "Many people are reaching for and craving something out-of-the-ordinary - authentic, well-made wines made by people who actually care." Such as Rhône whites.

13.06.21. 13:29

30 Second Wine Advisor: Almost-red Rosato

Rosé wine is pink the world around, no matter what you call it. Whatever we call it, it's still pink wine. Not quite red, not quite white, but something in-between. At its best, pink wine can be a quaff of delight.

13.06.21. 00:00

30 Second Wine Advisor: Bouquet of Roses

Think pink! It's hard to imagine a more refreshing option on a sultry summer evening than a chilled, crisp rose wine, sipped by itself or chosen to accompany a salad, cheese course or light summer evening meal.

13.06.07. 00:00

Taylor Eason: How to stay thin when you drink wine for a living

About five years ago, after a lifetime of eating and drinking carelessly, Taylor Eason began putting on the pounds. Here are four nutrition guidelines that help her maintain a healthy lifestyle with wine.

13.05.31. 21:18

30 Second Wine Advisor: Feds to allow nutrition labels on wine

"How many calories in a glass?" U.S. regulators have written a new rule allowing the familiar nutritional analysis label on bottles of wine.

13.05.31. 00:00

30 Second Wine Advisor: Fun pink bubbly

Pink Champagne doesn't exactly have the best reputation. But this bad rap isn't exactly fair.

13.05.17. 00:00

30 Second Wine Advisor: Aromatic whites: Scent plus!

Aromatic whites? What's that all about? Don't all wines have aromas? Well, yeah! But some wines - a random array of whites in particular - take "aromatic" up to the top. Try this: Compare a Chardonnay to a Viognier.

13.05.03. 00:00

30 Second Wine Advisor: Trio in white

Let's get right to the point: I love red wine. It's got flavor, aroma, body, complexity and balance, and it goes great with food. Every now and then, though, I need a whack upside the head to remind me that white wine is good.

13.04.26. 00:00

WebWineMan: Washington's Wines: Worth a Look

The U. S.'s northernmost wine-producing region, Washington state, has soil and climate conditions that give it a clear advantage over the rest of the country in producing wine. Richard Fadeley's panel tastes a sampling of some of the best.

13.04.19. 18:12

30 Second Wine Advisor: Pinot Noir from everywhere

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, wine writers - even me - stuck to a conventional wisdom about Pinot Noir: Only in Burgundy, we wrote, as recently as the 1980s, does this historic but notable quirky grape achieve greatness in wine.

13.04.19. 00:00

Taylor Eason: More flavor, less money: Buying wine on a budget

More and more Americans are drinking wine daily, but most of us can't fork over $20 per night for the stuff.

13.03.22. 17:46

30 Second Wine Advisor: Italian Alpine Sauvignon

Mention Sauvignon Blanc, and many wine fanciers will think of the ripe, explosively aromatic style that put New Zealand on the wine map, or the dry, acidic and herbal style of the Loire Valley's Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé. But Italy?

13.03.22. 00:00

30 Second Wine Advisor: Rethinking high alcohol

Okay, I'm on the record as being no great fan of high-alcohol wines. Well, other than Port, Madeira, Sherry and other fortified wines that are meant to be that way, anyway. But every rule has its exceptions ...

13.03.15. 00:00

Vino e Cucina d'Italia: Superb Italian Wines - From Texas

Not all wines from Italian grapes are made in Italy. Recently, Neil Duarte visited Flat Creek Estate - a winery in Texas which uses Italian varieties to produce wines that he rates as superb.

13.03.08. 20:18

30 Second Wine Advisor: Mountain grown

Retro commercials about Folgers to the contrary, there's no real connection between mountain growing and coffee quality. But how about wine?

13.03.08. 00:00

30 Second Wine Advisor: The fun begins at Other

Once we get past the "Big Eight" (or maybe even 10 or 12) grape varieties that make up the lion's share of the marketplace, the real fun begins at "Other."

13.02.22. 00:00

30 Second Wine Advisor: Easy Riesling

I've said this before: There's a lot to like about Riesling. It's a noble grape with roots in Germany that go back a dozen centuries or more, to the time of Charlemagne and beyond. ...

13.02.15. 00:00

30 Second Wine Advisor: Wine vs chocolate?

"Wine." "Chocolate." These two words, as the saying goes, are rarely seen together.

13.02.08. 00:00

WebWineMan: Wine's Winning Ways

Wine provides enormous pleasure, and we often don't realize how complex it can be. Richard Fadeley looks at four distinct elements of wine enjoyment that might help you appreciate it.

13.01.25. 21:38

30 Second Wine Advisor: IGP spells wine value

This one's for the wine "geeks" who make a hobby of learning the minutiae of wine, mostly; but just about anyone who's looking for good wine value might want to pay attention.

13.01.25. 00:00

Vino e Cucina d'Italia: Centanni - Vini di Famiglia

The organic winery Centanni received the Medaglia di Cangrande at VinItaly this year as the best winery in Le Marche, Italy. Here is Neil Duarte's report.

13.01.05. 11:23

WebWineMan: Beaujolais Best Buys

Beaujolais is the go-to wine for holiday feasts; plus, the nouveau Beaujolais has just been released! Richard Fadeley's tasting panel reviews a handful of these Gamay wines.

13.01.05. 11:23

Taylor Eason: Pinot Noir's pasty cousin, Oregon's Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris, a result of a genetic mutation from Pinot Noir, remains a tough sell – but producers in Oregon's Willamette Valley are doing a lot to change that. Taylor takes a look at some of the better ones.

13.01.05. 11:23

Oxford Town Wines: Anderson Valley: A hidden gem

When John Juergens visited California's Anderson Valley, he was overwhelmed by the natural beauty - and found some excellent wineries.

13.01.05. 11:23

Favorite Wine Links: Wine Grape Varietal Table

Here's a direct link to Steve De Long's delightfully geeky new wine-grape chart, a must-have gift for the serious wine hobbyist on your list.

13.01.05. 11:23

13.01.05. 11:23

30 Second Wine Advisor: Can Merlot be saved?

Perhaps because it somehow became endowed as "The Red Chardonnay," the industry has poured out rivers of bad Merlot. .. But does it have to be so?

13.01.04. 00:00

30 Second Wine Advisor: Wine book: What would Noah drink?

Wine brings pleasure not only to the senses but to the intellect as well. ... Wine boasts a cultural, historical and even religious heritage that few other beverages can match. Wine is a drink that makes us think.

12.12.14. 00:00

30 Second Wine Advisor: Port - Strong, sweet and red

I'm one of those people who was apparently born without a serious case of sweet tooth. When it comes to sweet wines, I'm pretty much the same way.

12.12.07. 00:00

From Hugh Johnson's 2013 Pocket Wine Book

If there's one indispensible reference for the wine lover, it's Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book. Updated annually, this handy guide packs an incredible amount of information into a pocket-size volume.

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