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10 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon Value Wines (Wine Spectator)

New 2013 and 2014 reds up the ante, with a few good values in the mi

16.07.18. 16:00

10 Crisp Rioja Value Wines (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of Spanish reds that are ready to drink and balanced for foo

16.07.15. 15:00

10 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon Value Wines (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of rich 2013 reds from California, starting at $2

16.07.11. 16:00

16 Summertime Sippers from Greece (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of fresh-tasting whites from Santorini, Samos and beyon

16.07.08. 16:00

13 Diverse Tuscan Treasures (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of red, white and rosé wines from Ital

16.07.01. 16:00

12 Expressive California Whites and Rosés (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of thirst-quenching wines for the height of summe

16.06.27. 16:00

12 Diverse and Refreshing Spanish Whites (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of whites from Rías Baixas, Rueda and beyon

16.06.24. 16:00

12 Versatile California Sauvignon Blancs (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of crisp, fresh whites from the Golden Stat

16.06.20. 16:00

18 Refreshing Rosés from Bandol and Beyond (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of summertime pink wines from Franc

16.06.17. 16:00

10 Bold California Reds for the Grill (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of exciting Zinfandels and Syrahs to celebrate the start of summe

16.06.13. 16:00

12 Diverse Wines from Chile (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of reds and whites from South Americ

16.06.10. 16:00

8 Engaging Mendocino Pinot Noirs (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of diverse California styles from the 2013 and 2014 vintage

16.06.06. 16:00

12 Summery French Whites From Off the Beaten Path (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of good-value white wines from Jura, Savoie and Corsic

16.06.03. 17:15

2014 Burgundy Preview (Wine Spectator)

An excellent year for whites, while the reds fall into two camps: charming and approachable, or serious, concentrated wines for agin

16.05.31. 16:00

10 Wallet-Friendly Sparkling Wines (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of sparkling expressions from around the glob

16.05.27. 16:00

10 Charming California Pinot Noirs (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of 2014 reds from the Sonoma Coas

16.05.23. 16:00

16 Fresh Whites from Italy and Beyond (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of diverse white wines for summertime sippin

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10 Enticing California Pinot Noirs (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of Russian River Valley charmers from the 2014 vintag

16.05.16. 16:00

18 Southern Italian Stars (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of rich reds and mouthwatering whites and rosés from Campania, Puglia, Sicily and mor

16.05.13. 16:00

2000 Bordeaux Retrospective Wine Tasting: Hindsight for a Hyped Vintage (Wine Spectator)

Revisiting the millennial vintage shows how far Bordeaux has com

16.05.12. 19:30

10 Lively California Whites and Rosés (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of crisp and refreshing wines to complement an alfresco mea

16.05.09. 17:00

12 Elegant Chianti Classicos (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of Italian reds from 2014, 2013 and 201

16.05.06. 16:00

9 Enticing California Cabernets (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc from Napa and Sonom

16.05.02. 16:00

12 White Wine Treasures from Portugal (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of whites from Douro and Vinho Verd

16.04.29. 16:00

10 Hot Value Wines from California (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of Pinot Noir, Grenache, Riesling and more, starting at $1

16.04.25. 16:00

24 Provence Rosés Perfect for Spring and Summer (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of refreshing pink wines from Franc

16.04.22. 15:30

9 Pretty Pink Wines From California (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of 2015 rosé wines from across the Golden Stat

16.04.18. 16:00

10 Intriguing South African Whites (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and blends from the Cap

16.04.15. 16:00

10 Refreshing California Whites (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of crisp Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay for sprin

16.04.11. 16:00

14 Diverse Values From Portugal (Wine Spectator)

New reviews of reds and whites from Douro, Vinho Verde and Alentej

16.04.08. 16:00

How Do You Like to Learn About Wine? (Wine Spectator)

Today, the food-and-wine learning experience has changed radicall

15.05.05. 17:00

Prizefights, Football and Fine Wine at Wine Spectator's Grand Tour (Wine Spectator)

Wine Spectator’s 2015 Grand Tour starts off in Chicago and Las Vegas, heads to Dallas nex

15.05.04. 21:30

In Mom’s Footsteps: Women Winemakers and Their Children in the Wine Business (Wine Spectator)

Women winemakers and their children discuss motherhood in the wine industry. Plus, 10 wine picks from Italy and Argentin

15.05.01. 19:00

Scientists Find Wines from Different Terroirs Have Distinct "Fingerprints" ...

Study finds distinct chemical differences for wines made in different places; Discovery could fight counterfeitin

15.05.01. 18:00

Joseph Henriot, Powerhouse Wine Executive in Burgundy and Champagne, Dies at 79 (Wine Spectator)

Former Veuve Clicquot president revitalized Burgundy négociant Bouchard Père et Fil

15.04.30. 22:30

Unfiltered: Kurt Russell Celebrates Julia Child with his GoGi Wines (Wine Spectator)

Plus, a runaway “bride” defrauds French châteaus, chef Thomas Keller takes his cuisine on the high seas, California’s Papal Cabernet, and much mor

15.04.30. 17:00

2014 Bordeaux Futures Prices Chart (Wine Spectator)

Your guide to prices as American retailers begin to offer Bordeaux's latest vintag

15.04.29. 20:30

Mouton-Rothschild Launches the 2014 Bordeaux Futures Campaign (Wine Spectator)

First-growth raises prices slightly; are château owners hoping a strong dollar will help them

15.04.28. 19:45

8 and $20 Recipe: Smoky Paprika Shrimp With Saffron-Lemon Pilaf (Wine Spectator)

Albariño pairs well with this dish inspired by Spanish flavor

15.04.28. 19:30

Top 5 Restaurant Wine Lists in Dallas (Wine Spectator)

This bustling Texas city is home to some of the best wine lists in the Lone Star Stat

15.04.27. 06:00

Wine Talk: Ryan Seacrest (Wine Spectator)

Ryan Seacrest has a serious affection for the wines of California and Bordeau

15.04.24. 20:00

Unfiltered: Jolie-Pitt Rosé Suffers the Sincerest Form of Flattery (Wine Spectator)

Plus, wineries around the world celebrate Earth Day with eco-friendly initiative

15.04.23. 18:00

Oregon Wine Expands to Burgundy (Wine Spectator)

Domaine Serene's Ken and Grace Evenstad acquire Burgundy’s Château de la Cré

15.04.23. 17:00

Is White Wine Healthy for Your Heart Too? (Wine Spectator)

Rich reds get all the attention, but new research suggests white wines offer antioxidants as wel

15.04.22. 18:00

Crazy for His Località: Feudo di San Maurizio's Unique Italian Wines (Wine Spectator)

In Italy’s Valle d’Aosta, winegrower Michel Vallet suffers gladl

15.04.21. 17:00

Joseph Phelps, Pioneering California Wine Producer, Dies at 87 (Wine Spectator)

Napa vintner made his mark for 40 years with classic wines like Insigni

15.04.17. 03:00

Unfiltered: Gordon Ramsay Lands in Bordeaux (Wine Spectator)

Plus, a French wine bar sanctioned by Pope Francis, celebrity chefs come to Harlem for charity, California introduces the Green Medal for sustainable winegrowing, and the NYSLA fines another N.Y. wholesale

15.04.16. 19:00

Sinking Euro and Rising Dollar Make Waves in the Wine Industry (Wine Spectator)

Shifting exchange rates are producing beneficial ripples of change for American consumers and European winerie

15.04.16. 17:00

Wine Counterfeiter Rudy Kurniawan Appeals Conviction (Wine Spectator)

'Dr. Conti' argues FBI search of his home was unlawful and counterfeiting evidence should be suppresse

15.04.15. 15:00

8 & $20: No-Meat Pasta Bolognese (Wine Spectator)

This mushroom ragù will make you forget you ever wanted meat in your pasta sauc

15.04.14. 18:45

Pinot Noir’s Diversity May Come from a 30 Million-Year-Old Battle with Viruses (Wine Spectator)

New research finds that vines can incorporate virus DNA into their own gene

15.04.14. 17:00

5 Best Restaurant Wine Lists in Las Vegas (Wine Spectator)

You'll always come out a winner at these luxurious dining spots, with thousands of bottles to bet o

15.04.13. 06:00

Winemaker Rudy von Strasser Leaving Napa's Diamond Mountain (Wine Spectator)

After 25 years, vintner sells his 35-acre estate but retains brand and will look for a new home for his winer

15.04.10. 18:00

Unfiltered: Trefethen Family Porsche on the Podium (Wine Spectator)

Plus, Can Graham Vintage Port muscle in on the wine-futures game? Beringer Vineyards' new grocery store "wine-tasting strips," and good news for wine lovers in Wisconsin and Minnesot

15.04.09. 22:00

Sommelier Larry Stone Returns to Oregon with New Vineyard and Winery (Wine Spectator)

Former Evening Land manager plants Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in Eola-Amity Hill

15.04.08. 17:00

Seeing the Light (Wine Spectator)

Every wine lover has his or her epiphany. And then anothe

15.04.07. 18:00

Burgundy’s Anne-Claude Leflaive Dies at 59 (Wine Spectator)

Manager of iconic white wine estate Domaine Leflaive achieved Chardonnay greatness, advocated for biodynamic

15.04.07. 17:00

12 Don't-Miss Chicago Restaurants for Wine Lovers (Wine Spectator)

Scratch the surface of the city's exciting dining scene with these stellar wine list

15.04.06. 06:00

The 2015 Final Four Wine Taste-Off (Wine Spectator)

Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Kentucky wineries face off in Wine Spectator’s annual March Madness wine tastin

15.04.03. 20:30

Despite Record Drought, Harvard Invests in California Central Coast Vineyards (Wine Spectator)

But the University’s $61 million purchases have some wondering if they’re buying grapes or wate

15.04.03. 15:00

Unfiltered: Matthew McConnaughey Stars in Billionaire's Vinegar (Wine Spectator)

Plus, Nick Jonas delivers wine in L.A., Arkansas backs down on a California wine ban, a fake-wine lawsuit drags on, authorities put Bordeaux’s controversial train line on hold, and mor

15.04.02. 17:00

Vintage, Appellation … and Calorie Count? (Wine Spectator)

Calories will soon appear on wine lists at chain restaurant

15.04.01. 18:02

How Many Calories Are in a Glass of Wine? (Wine Spectator)

The real story behind wine’s calorie count and nutritional valu

15.04.01. 18:00

Wine Talk: Ron Darling (Wine Spectator)

Retired MLB pitcher Ron Darling makes Syrah to raise money for diabetes researc

15.03.31. 19:00

Prime Portugal Wine Estate Quinta do Ventozelo Sold to Gran Cruz (Wine Spectator)

Large producer gains a quality Douro estate as it shifts focus to premium wine

15.03.31. 15:00

Spring Entertaining Recipe: Moroccan-Spiced Lamb Lettuce Wraps (Wine Spectator)

A recipe to welcome warmer weather, from chef Adam Keough of San Francisco’s Absinth

15.03.27. 19:00

Taiwan Authorities Seize 30,000 Bottles of Allegedly Counterfeit Wine (Wine Spectator)

Prosecutors accuse importer of rebottling Chilean bulk wine as Bordeaux; CEO denies charge

15.03.27. 18:00

Unfiltered: Kelly Brook Celebrates with 1,000 Magnums of Veuve (Wine Spectator)

Plus, Top Chef's Fabio Viviani’s new wine label, Russell Simmons teams up with Bombay, Long Island’s Walter Channing dies, and mor

15.03.26. 17:00

Passover Recipe: French-Jewish Fusion for the Passover Table (Wine Spectator)

A new kosher cookbook offers a fresh take on beef stew; plus, 14 recently rated kosher wine

15.03.25. 18:30

Sorry, Hangover-Free Wine Still Doesn’t Exist (Wine Spectator)

Scientists find a new method of modifying wine yeast, but you'll still regret too many glasse

15.03.25. 17:00

Gallo Wine Buys Sonoma’s J Vineyards (Wine Spectator)

Wine giant adds producers of sparkling wine, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay to its portfoli

15.03.24. 22:00

Lawsuit Claims California Wines Contain Dangerous Arsenic Levels (Wine Spectator)

Wineries deny allegations, insist their products are safe and plaintiffs' research is flawe

15.03.20. 04:00

Unfiltered: More Real Housewines from TV's Real Housewives (Wine Spectator)

Plus, chef Emeril Lagasse and Pinot Noir star Dan Kosta team up, TV host Sandra Lee introduces Cocktail Time, corked sneakers, an advisory against underwater wine aging, and mor

15.03.19. 20:00

Little Fly—Big Problem for Wine (Wine Spectator)

An Asian species of fruit fly spread throughout European vineyards last summer. Is it here to stay

15.03.19. 14:00

Burgundy's Alex Gambal Gains 19 Acres of Côte d'Or Vines (Wine Spectator)

American négociant buys some parcels and acquires leases of other

15.03.18. 17:00

Napa Winery Owner Involved in Suspected Murder-Suicide (Wine Spectator)

Bitter business dispute allegedly turned violent in Yountville vineyar

15.03.17. 19:00

Wines of Pleasure vs. Wines of Experience (Wine Spectator)

What you get and what you miss come from what you see

15.03.17. 16:30

Will a Chinese Investor Buy a Bordeaux First-Growth Château? (Wine Spectator)

Several wealthy parties are lined up for the chance, experts say, as Bordeaux château sales continu

15.03.12. 17:00

Unfiltered: Would You Drink This 150-Year-Old Shipwreck Wine? (Wine Spectator)

Plus, $95,000 of British bubbly nicked, turning Washington winegrapes into vodka, a digital detox weekend in Bordeaux, and mor

15.03.12. 16:00

8 & $20 Recipe: Roasted Chicken Thighs With Broccoli (Wine Spectator)

Dress up this dish with a lemon-herb sauce and pair with a lively white wine to transition from winter to sprin

15.03.10. 20:00

Wildfires Threaten Prime South African Vineyards (Wine Spectator)

Weeklong fire on the Western Cape burns vines and blankets the region in smoke during harves

15.03.09. 17:00

Barolo Winemaker Roberto Conterno Purchases Vineyards in Serralunga’s Arione Cru (Wine Spectator)

Owner of famed Giacomo Conterno winery buys nearly 22 acres next to Cascina Franci

15.03.05. 20:00

Unfiltered: Golf Guru Butch Harmon's Recommended Wines (Wine Spectator)

Plus, Latour releases the last of the 2003 vintage, $10,000 of vineyard irrigation equipment stolen in Yountville, a very floral wine from Taiwan, and mor

15.03.05. 20:00

California Sues Gallo for Using Hazardous Waste in Bottle Production (Wine Spectator)

Wine company's bottle manufacturer argues it was safely recycling; both sides agree there is no health ris

15.03.05. 16:00

The World's Most-Overlooked Fine-Wine Regions? (Wine Spectator)

Here's one nomination, anywa

15.03.03. 16:30

St. Francis Winery Founder Joe Martin Dies at 80 (Wine Spectator)

The businessman became a Sonoma grapegrower and helped put Merlot on the California ma

15.03.02. 16:00

Unfiltered: Novak Djokovic Partners with Jacob's Creek (Wine Spectator)

Plus, Roederer Estate vineyard workers win $163,000 wage settlement from contractor, $200,000 worth of Chardonnay down the drain in Australia, retired wine barrels become skateboards, and mor

15.02.26. 21:30

A Hydroelectric Dam Is Making Portuguese Wine Houses Very Nervous (Wine Spectator)

Environmentalists call the Tua River Dam a scar on the Douro Valley; winemakers aren't sure ye

15.02.26. 19:00

8 & $20 Recipe: Easy Braised Short Ribs and Roasted Carrots (Wine Spectator)

This warming winter meal stands up to a bold red such as Malbe

15.02.25. 16:00

How Serious Is China's Government About Fighting Fake Wine Sales Online? (Wine Spectator)

A powerful agency claims Alibaba's sites offer counterfeit goods, but then retracts the repor

15.02.24. 17:00

Premiere Napa Valley Sale Brings in a Record $6 Million (Wine Spectator)

Napa Valley Vintners' barrel tasting and auction sees strong demand for 2013 Cabernet

15.02.23. 21:00

Unfiltered: ABC's Scandal Sends Wineglass Sales Soaring (Wine Spectator)

Plus, a tornado strikes a Hunter Valley vineyard, Nicolas Joly withdraws from the Loire trade organization, and Jackson Family buys Captûre Wine

15.02.19. 20:30

Health Watch: Wine is a Healthy Heart Habit for Women (Wine Spectator)

Also, researchers find wine poses less of a cirrhosis risk than beer or spirit

15.02.19. 16:00

Faux Luxury or the Real Thing? (Wine Spectator)

What’s the difference and why does it matter

15.02.17. 16:30

Unfiltered: Coach Dick Vermeil Teams Up with Winemaker Thomas Brown (Wine Spectator)

Plus, a new AVA in Oregon stirs controversy over a related new TTB ruling, and Sonoma State's Wine Business Institute adds a new chai

15.02.12. 19:30

Joël Robuchon’s Zero-Deprivation Diet (Wine Spectator)

Seafood recipes from the French chef’s new nutrition-driven cookboo

15.02.10. 19:00

Brewer-Clifton Founders Sell Majority Share in Santa Barbara Winery (Wine Spectator)

Investors buy 70 percent share; Greg Brewer says Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir and Chardonnay star won’t chang

15.02.06. 22:00

A Compound Found in Red Wine Could Improve Liver Health (Wine Spectator)

Studies find ellagic acid might help with fatty liver disease, improving metabolic health in overweight peopl

15.02.06. 21:00

Recipes for Keeping It Light on Valentine’s Day (Wine Spectator)

The Red Cat chef shares citrus salad and pan-seared fish recipes, with rich white wines to matc

15.02.06. 16:00

Unfiltered: A Wine Match for Millionaires (and Those Who Want to Marry Them) (Wine Spectator)

Plus, Strange Inheritance spotlights an Oregon winery bequeathed to an 8-year-old, wine crimes in Bordeaux, tough times for New Zealand vintners, and a 500-year-old wine gets a new barre

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