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Getting fresh in central London (Nick on restaurants)

Freshness in a dish is an unquantifiable but important ingredient that I seem to crave more and more - and this sensation is due not just to the onset of August.

14.08.02. 02:00

Indie writing competition - D Crossley's seven (Free for all)

David Crossley contributes, at length, to our Indie writing competition : When I first saw this competition on Twitter I did wonder how anyone could possibly choose their one favourite wine retailer.

14.08.01. 02:00

Celebrating the indies - a guide (Free for all)

Our call to support independent wine merchants has had an enthusiastic response. Clearly our readers care very much indeed about where and from whom they buy their wine.

14.08.01. 02:00

Cien y Pico, Doble Pasta Tintorera 2009 Manchuela (Wines of the week)

From €8.41, £10.69, 13.90 Swiss francs, US$19.99, AU$22.58 Find this wine Some wines enter on tiptoe and whisper their restrained but captivating spell.

14.08.01. 02:00

France 2014 - back to normal quantities? (Inside information)

As the 2014 harvest kicks off in the Napa Valley, Yohan Castaing and I speculate about the size of the 2014 French vintage. But as for quality, all is still to play for - JR.

14.07.31. 02:00

Indie writing competition - Domaine Wine Co (Free for all)

Tom Wesner has written this report as his entry in our Indie writing competition : Difficult to imagine but even in Texas the biggest is not always the best.

14.07.31. 02:00

Chianti Classico 2012 - climate-change wines (Tasting articles)

Chianti Classico's 2012 vintage was the produce of one of the hottest summers ever to be recorded, but when I tasted the 48 examples described below, I found to my surprise that they showed surprising freshness and elegance.

14.07.30. 02:00

Indie writing competition - Uncorked (Free for all)

Rich M Hughes writes this second published entry in our Indie writing competition : My plaudits would always go to Jim Griffin and Andrew Rae at Uncorked at Bishopsgate, London.

14.07.30. 02:00

China loses its shine (Free for all)

This article has also been syndicated. China was for long seen by wine exporters as El Dorado - a mysterious place that promised golden rewards if one could but crack the code.

14.07.29. 02:00

Indie writing competition - Gallo Wine Gallery (Free for all)

Here is the first published entry in our Indie writing competition and it is a model of its kind.

14.07.29. 02:00

Rocky conclusions from an Austrian tasting (Tasting articles)

The role of geology and vineyard site in the taste and texture of wine has been going round in my head for many years and every now and again the topic comes to the fore...

14.07.28. 02:00

Gloom in Barolo country (Inside information)

Wine writer and educator Young Shi commutes between London and Shanghai. She was rather shaken by what she found on her visit to Barolo last week.

14.07.28. 02:00

Calling thirsty graduates (Free for all)

At this time of year many recent graduates will be wondering what to do with their hard-won degrees. While I cannot point them in the direction of specific vacancies, I can assure them that the world of wine needs many of their skills.

14.07.26. 02:00

High above the Cinque Terre (Nick on restaurants)

This article was also published in the Financial Times. At 8 pm one sunny evening I was standing deep in thought by a bus stop in the small seaside town of Moneglia on the Ligurian coast of Italy...

14.07.26. 02:00

Dom de Montahuc St-Jean-de-Minervois (Wines of the week)

From $9.98 for 37.5 cl, and €9, £13.99 for 50 cl Find this wine I don't know about you but I love a glass of sweet wine at the end of a meal.

14.07.25. 02:00

Chemin de Chenin - the tasting notes (Tasting articles)

For the introduction to this collection of tasting notes, see Which path for the Loire's great grape?

14.07.24. 02:00

TT - Georgia's dilemma - part 1 (Free for all)

24 July 2014 Many, many congratulations to Julia and Richard for being shortlisted for this year's Louis Roederer International Wine Writers Awards to be announced in September.

14.07.24. 02:00

Which path for the Loire's great grape? (Inside information)

See my tasting notes on 78 Loire Chenins tomorrow. Chenin Blanc was walking out with Riesling. They had so much in common - they were often pretty dry, but could both be very sweet.

14.07.23. 02:00

Help the indies, win a copy of Wine Grapes (Free for all)

It's probably safe to say that all of those responsible for JancisRobinson.com and most of those who visit it are keen on independent wine retailers. Life is not easy for them.

14.07.23. 02:00

Chianti Classico 2012s - climate change wines WIP (Tasting articles)

Chianti Classico's 2012 vintage was the produce of one of the hottest summers ever to be recorded, but when I tasted the XXX examples below, I found to my surprise that they showed surprising freshness and elegance.

14.07.22. 02:00

Spain to distil 4m hl of wine (Inside information)

The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (Magrama) is to distill 4 million hl of wine over the next few weeks, enough to fill 533 million bottles, to make way for the 2014 harvest...

14.07.22. 02:00

Oaked Sauvignons - what works? (Tasting articles)

We tend to think of Sauvignon Blanc primarily as an unoaked wine, but I must say I have been hugely impressed by some oaked Sauvignons and in fact would probably more easily recall thrilling oaked Sauvignons than unoaked ones...

14.07.22. 02:00

A roundabout route to Serbia (Inside information)

Monty Waldin writes about this new vineyard venture in Serbia, adding. ' I have absolutely no commercial link with this wine's owner/founder/winemaker Don McCulloch and don't intend to have any commercial link with it.

14.07.22. 02:00

Austrian Pinot Blancs - WIP EP (Tasting articles)

The wines are listed in …... --

14.07.22. 02:00

Unlikely pairings - blind or not? (Tasting articles)

We are firm believers in tasting blind when assessing wines professionally, trying to work out whether reputations are justified, which are the stars of a vintage, for example.

14.07.21. 02:00

All change at Cape Mentelle and Napa's Newton (Free for all)

Newton Vineyard is not currently one of Napa Valley's most talked-about wineries.

14.07.21. 02:00

My great white hope (Free for all)

This is a slightly longer version of an article that was also published in the Financial Times. Usually when I send one of these articles to our editor at FT Weekend , I ask explicitly for its subject to be made very clear.

14.07.19. 02:00

Bread and wine in Vienna (Nick on restaurants)

Walter Bauer's restaurant, Bauer, and Josef Weghaupt's bakery and bistro, Joseph, are no more than a kilometre apart in the heart of Vienna and appear very different.

14.07.19. 02:00

Around the world with Bachelder (Tasting articles)

Québecois Thomas Bachelder made some pretty good wines at Lemelson in Oregon and was then lured back to Ontario to be the first winemaker for the ambitious Boisset-Vincor project Le Clos Jordanne.

14.07.18. 02:00

Luis Pato Maria Gomes 2013 / VV 2012 Beiras (Wines of the week)

MG 2013 from $9.99, £9.99 VV 2012 from €7.25, $12.98, £12.50, AU$ 25.50, 149.90 Norwegian krone...

14.07.18. 02:00

More Rieslings (Tasting articles)

We can't get enough Riesling, especially during the summer months, so here is a collection of notes on the most recent ones we have tried, from Germany, Australia, New Zealand and a lone but very good value example from Alsace.

14.07.17. 02:00

TT: Hail forces early start for Lafite as Cos takes a battering (Free for all)

17 Jul 2014 - We are going to preface the titles of our Throwback Thursday re-publications with 'TT' if the time lag is substantial in an attempt to make it clearer that they are not current news!

14.07.17. 02:00

Salon 2002 - to dose or not to dose? (Tasting articles)

For other recent champagne reviews, see 2004 deluxe champagnes and Recent champagne releases .

14.07.16. 02:00

Dot wine and the fear of change (Alder on America)

As someone who makes his primary living helping leading companies utilise internet technologies for competitive advantage, I have always found observing the wine industry’s approach to the Internet an amusing spectator sport.

14.07.16. 02:00

Ferran's big Rioja tasting - part 1 (Tasting articles)

A feeling of deep responsibility invaded me last March on my way to Logroño, where the Consejo Regulador (regulatory body) of Rioja is located.

14.07.15. 02:00

Book review: Wine Growing In Great Britain (Inside information)

When reviewing a book, it is preferable to finish the whole thing before formulating one’s opinion. In that way, it is decidedly different from reviewing a bottle of wine.

14.07.15. 02:00

Who'd be a vigneron? (Don't quote me)

Some Bastille Day thoughts from Nick. Schadenfreude, joy provoked by the misery of others, is not a sentiment many of us will feel the day after Germany won the World Cup for the fourth time in its history.

14.07.14. 02:00

Luis Pato's latest releases (Tasting articles)

Luis Pato is one of the most innovative and impish Portuguese producers, even if he is far from one of the youngest. Indeed, he is old enough to have a daughter, Filipa Pato , who is a well-established wine producer in her own right.

14.07.14. 02:00

Scott's with a blonde (Nick on restaurants)

Three very different conversations led to me a corner table in Scott's in Mayfair with a negroni in my hand, awaiting a blonde 30 years my junior.

14.07.12. 02:00

South Africa's wind of change (Free for all)

This article also appeared in the Financial Times. See my detailed tasting notes in South Africa's exciting new wave . I'm not a great fan of the word 'icon' when attached to wine.

14.07.12. 02:00

Haisma on hail, and Burgundy vintages (Free for all)

Here in the western Languedoc, much of the talk is about hail, the hail that on Sunday night wiped out some of the many vineyards between Carcassonne and Lézignan-Corbières...

14.07.11. 02:00

Mastroberardino, Radici 2012 Fiano di Avellino (Wines of the week)

From €12.25, 21 Swiss francs, $24.99, £17.16, 167 Swedish krone Find this wine It's hardly news that Italy is making some seriously exciting white wine.

14.07.11. 02:00

Recent champagne releases (Tasting articles)

See also last week's 2004 de luxe champagnes . This collection of just under 60 tasting notes on champagnes currently on the market is divided into wines produced by those who buy in all or some grapes, ie the houses...

14.07.10. 02:00

South African wine - making a global impact (Free for all)

10 July 2014 - Seven years on and my, how quickly the South African wine scene has changed.

14.07.10. 02:00

South Africa's exciting new wave (Tasting articles)

As I hinted when introducing this recent wine of the week , things are really happening in South Africa.

14.07.09. 02:00

Chapoutier's vineyard holdings, today (Inside information)

Every year we publish tasting notes on the latest primeur releases of the single-vineyard ( Sélections Parcellaires ) wines of the energetic Michel Chapoutier, pioneer of much, including biodynamic viticulture...

14.07.09. 02:00

Torbeck acquire Gnadenfrei vineyard (Free for all)

Our regular columnist in Australia Max Allen asked in Australia at the crossroads? which way the wine industry would go.

14.07.08. 02:00

Italian masterpieces (Tasting articles)

This selection of tasting notes is thanks mostly to British importer Armit, whose Italians could easily furnish a national gallery of wine. The maestros are all familiar names - some classic, some modern - but that is no criticism.

14.07.08. 02:00

A liquid taste of Provence (Tasting articles)

As a coda to Nick's mouthwatering article about the cuisine of the Var département in Provence on Saturday...

14.07.07. 02:00

Berrys discount burgundies (Free for all)

In the wake of the third terrible hailstorm in Burgundy in three years, and the remorseless upward spiral of burgundy prices (hotly discussed in this thread in our Members' forum), burgundy price reductions were the last thing I expected.

14.07.07. 02:00

Downey - routing the fakers (Free for all)

A slightly shorter version of this article was also published in the Financial Times. When she wanted hands-on winemaking experience, Maureen Downey deliberately chose South Africa.

14.07.05. 02:00

A taste of the Var in St Tropez (Nick on restaurants)

This article was also published in the Financial Times. The natural beauty of St Tropez on the French Riviera has long attracted the international jetsetters.

14.07.05. 02:00

Beauregard, Bastor-Lamontagne back in private hands (Free for all)

Yohan Castaing of Bordeaux reminded me to pass on news of this latest property transaction in Bordeaux. But see also this riveting story from WineSpectator.com about a rash of Chinese acquisitions in Bordeaux over the last few years.

14.07.04. 02:00

St Cosme 2012 Côtes du Rhône (Wines of the week)

From €8.80, $10.99, £9.50, 99 Swedish krone, 14 Swiss francs, 1,620 yen, CA$17.05, NZ$19.95, 196 rand, HK$145, 149.90 Norwegian krone, and more Find this wine ...

14.07.04. 02:00

June highlights on JancisRobinson.com (Free for all)

Germany was the flavour of month in June on JancisRobinson.com, as we started publishing Michael Schmidt's extensive tasting notes on the 2013 vintage.

14.07.04. 02:00

2004 de luxe champagnes (Tasting articles)

Both Julia and I have been lucky enough to have a chance to survey some pretty smart 2004 champagnes recently, Julia at a retrospective sighted tasting of 16 of the best at 10 years old, courtesy of fine-wine traders Bordeaux Index...

14.07.03. 02:00

A long-lived dry white - Mastroberardino Fiano (Tasting articles)

I thought I'd seen everything in terms of unusual grapes' reach into the mass market when I first encountered Tesco Finest Teroldego some years ago, but this has been trumped by the recent launch of Jacob's Creek Fiano.

14.07.02. 02:00

Australia at the crossroads? (Max on Oz)

'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness ...it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair...'

14.07.02. 02:00

That Rodenstock guest list (Don't quote me)

In How to be a wine faker , I argued that the most effective way for wine counterfeiters to establish their credentials is to start by organising some top-quality tastings of genuine rarities and then, in successive events...

14.07.01. 02:00

Remembering Swiss wines (Tasting articles)

Mémoire des Vins Suisses (MDVS) was established over a decade ago by Swiss journalists Andreas Keller, Stefan Keller, Martin Klichman and Susanne Scholl with the express purpose of giving consumers...

14.07.01. 02:00

Bernkasteler Ring's 2013s (Tasting articles)

This is Michael's third report on the 2013s - for the rest, see our guide to coverage of Germany's 2013s.

14.06.30. 02:00

Hail devastates Burgundy for third year running (Inside information)

Yohan Castaing sends this very worrying news. The picture is from Nicolas Rossignol's Facebook page. See Burgundy 2012 - the prices for some news of proposed anti-hail measures.

14.06.29. 02:00

Teutonic Pinots (Free for all)

This is a longer version of an article that also appeared in the Financial Times. See also my tasting notes on a range of top Austrian Pinot Noirs and St Laurents .

14.06.28. 02:00

The Palomar, a lesson in schmoozing (Nick on restaurants)

This article also appeared in the Financial Times. To schmooze, according to the Oxford English Dictionary , means 'to talk intimately', and its origins lie in the late 19th century Yiddish word shmuesn , 'to chat'.

14.06.28. 02:00

Penfolds focus the hype (Don't quote me)

At the launch of Graham's Ne Oublie last week I was asked by a Portuguese television interviewer what I thought of the price.

14.06.27. 02:00

Ch Moncontour Vouvrays (Wines of the week)

From US$12.99 (available in 43 states, according to their US distributor), £11.65, 134 Swedish krona, HK$208 Find the Vouvrays of Ch Moncontour It's the last morning of a visit to the Loire Valley, as a guest of generic body InterLoire.

14.06.27. 02:00

Austrian reds grow up - Pinot Noirs & St Laurents (Tasting articles)

The Austrians, having wooed us with their Grüner Veltliners, Rieslings and Sauvignon Blancs, are now pretty keen to convince us of the quality of their reds.

14.06.26. 02:00

Coravin back in business (Inside information)

Coravin , the new wine access system that has proved especially useful for serving glasses of fine wine without pulling the cork, announces that they are about to resume sales after experiencing difficulties with the odd exploding bottle...

14.06.25. 02:00

Growers' promotional levies ruled legal (Free for all)

Yesterday the German Constitutional Court at Karlsruhe finally rejected a complaint from several growers and wineries against the mandatory levy they have to pay to the German Wine Institute ...

14.06.25. 02:00

Howard Ripley's German 2013s (Tasting articles)

For all our coverage of Germany 2013s, see this guide . Michael has already reported on most of the 2013s he has tasted in Germany (his review of the Bernkasteler Ring is still to come) and Jancis has written about two tastings in London.

14.06.25. 02:00

Visiting Beaujolais, and Burgundy (Travel tips)

Terroirs Originels, the group of independent Beaujolais vignerons whose current releases I reviewed in Beaujolais 2013 looking promising , have just launched a Route des Vins through the pretty...

14.06.24. 02:00

Wine Society buyers' favourites (Tasting articles)

Every year for the last 14 years, the buyers of The Wine Society have got together to blind taste each other's selections.

14.06.24. 02:00

Port-loving plutocrats sought by rivals (Don't quote me)

Ancient wood-aged port? Check. Late nineteenth century pedigree? Check. Hand-crafted presentation box? Check. Bespoke crystal decanter? Check. Scottish stopper? Check.

14.06.23. 02:00

2011 Barbaresco, and Roero (Tasting articles)

Walter continues his reports from Nebbiolo Prima 2014 in Alba with these 126 tasting notes on 2011 Barbaresco and Roero and 2010 Roero Riserva and ponders the place of Roero.

14.06.23. 02:00

China's new wine frontier (Free for all)

I had been hearing vague rumours of an exciting new project in vinously uncharted territory in the far south west of China near Tibet for some time. A whisper in Beijing, confirmation in Sydney, a little more in Shanghai...

14.06.21. 02:00

Tibet on a plate (Nick on restaurants)

This article was also published in the Financial Times. See also this account of a fascinating wine project in the same area.

14.06.21. 02:00

La Rioja Alta's delicious current releases (Tasting articles)

La Rioja Alta is one of the most respected Rioja producers and one of my favourites, ever since their wines did so well in the very first comparative tasting I ever arranged...

14.06.20. 02:00

David (Sadie) Grenache 2012 Swartland (Wines of the week)

From £22.46, HK$229.65 Find this wine I am getting increasingly excited about the huge strides that South African winemakers have been making...

14.06.20. 02:00

Riservas - Barolo 2008 and Barbaresco 2009 (Tasting articles)

Walter fired the opening salvo on Nebbiolo Prima 2014 and followed up with his notes on Barolo 2010s . This, the second of three tasting articles from Nebbiolo Prima, looks at the Riservas shown this year.

14.06.19. 02:00

London for wine lovers (Free for all)

13 Jun 2014 Yet more recommendations for brand new wine bars which are at long last proliferating in London have been added to this article at ** thanks to stalwart member Dave Stenton.

14.06.19. 02:00

A guide to the post wine blog era (Alder on America)

The world of wine media has changed greatly in the 10 years since I began my wine blog, Vinography.com .

14.06.18. 02:00

Bargains from the Languedoc (Tasting articles)

In the UK there is a real wind of change blowing through the wine retail scene. Small...

14.06.18. 02:00

Seeing the truth about scoring (Don't quote me)

Everything is relative. Take, for example, scoring 20/20. For eyesight it’s considered merely normal; for wine it is anything but.

14.06.17. 02:00

German 2013s - Michael's second tranche (Tasting articles)

This is Michael's second report on the 2013s, this time on some of the stars in the Mosel, Saar and Rheingau. It follows on from his earlier review of the Nahe, Rheinhessen and Pfalz . See also our guide to coverage of Germany's 2013s.

14.06.17. 02:00

What's happening to dry white bordeaux? (Tasting articles)

I happen to have tasted four interesting dry white bordeaux recently and feel rather heartened by them.

14.06.16. 02:00

Turkey one year on (Inside information)

Umay Çeviker writes: Turkey 2023. Is this a vintage prediction or some sort of prediction on climate change?

14.06.16. 02:00

Germany loses its wizard of Pinot Noir (Inside information)

Last Wednesday 11 June 2014 the German wine industry lost one of its all-time great producers, Bernhard Huber, the 55 year-old Spätburgunder wizard of Malterdingen.

14.06.15. 02:00

East Enders (Nick on restaurants)

This article was also published in the Financial Times. Sager + Wilde (pictured), a stylish wine bar; Lyle's, a restaurant still to find its identity; and No 8 Hoxton Square, whose elder sibling 10 Greek Street is such fun in Soho...

14.06.14. 02:00

Mining Italy's riches (Free for all)

This article was also published in the Financial Times . Looking for a wine at the cutting edge of fashion? Take my tip and head for Timorasso. It's a 'heritage' white wine grape that ticks all the boxes.

14.06.14. 02:00

Geoffrey Roberts 2014 winner announced (Free for all)

The Vintners' Company, which last year took over the running of the Geoffrey Roberts Award has just announced their first winner. The 2014 winner of the Award is Peter Csizmadia-Honigh, education manager of the Institute of Masters of Wine.

14.06.13. 02:00

Trimbach Riesling 2011 & 2010 Alsace (Wines of the week)

From €9.39, $11.99, £10.95, 125 Swedish krone, Norwegian krone, 740 rubles, HK$169, 2356 yen and more Find Trimbach 2011 Rieslings Find Trimbach 2010 Rieslings This is one of those wines that seems to be available virtually everywhere...

14.06.13. 02:00

Name changes for Pichon and Dom Pérignon (Don't quote me)

Tamlyn Currin is our queen of the tasting notes database, now nearly 100,000-strong, and does a wonderful job doing her best to keep, in particular, wine names consistent.

14.06.13. 02:00

German 2013s - a guide (Free for all)

The vintage high on acid: 2013 is looking mouthwatering at its best, caustic at its meanest, and it might well be the one in which the sweet wines provide the most satisfying long-term pleasure.

14.06.12. 02:00

Italians off the beaten track (Tasting articles)

Italy has a wider range of wine treasures to share with us than any country I can think of. The following wines were shown as part of the second major tasting event of last month's MW Symposium in Florence .

14.06.12. 02:00

Diary of an MW student - part 12 (Inside information)

12 June 2014 - As a Throwback Thursday we are republishing this four year-old 12th instalment of Richard's account of his path towards becoming a Master of Wine.

14.06.12. 02:00

Frontiers of wine science - part 2 (Inside information)

This is my final report on the MW Florence Symposium , my account of the second half of the session on current preoccupations in wine academe. See also the first half .

14.06.11. 02:00

Barolo 2010s - nearly 200 tasting notes (Tasting articles)

Here is the delicious first helping of Walter's impressions of his recent tastings in Alba - notes on nearly 200 of the keenly-anticipated Barolo 2010s.

14.06.11. 02:00

Northern Medoc hit by hail (Inside information)

The 2014 vintage has begun badly for the beleaguered vignerons of the northern Médoc where production costs are not low but selling prices are.

14.06.10. 02:00

Frontiers of wine science - part 1 (Inside information)

Our penultimate article on the MW Florence Symposium is one half of my detailed report on perhaps the most important, or certainly the most genuinely informative, of the sessions.

14.06.10. 02:00

Consistently Cornelissen (Tasting articles)

I first met Frank Cornelissen at a very informal tasting and dinner in London in May 2011 - the informality and the dinner courtesy of David Harvey of Raeburn Fine Wines, importers of Cornelissen's wines.

14.06.10. 02:00

ZIPP.hu a Facebookon is

Gasztro hirfolyam

Világevő, 16.07.20. 21:12

Jön egy székely és egy magyar külföldről Budapestre...

A vicc folytatása szerencsére az, hogy itt meg is állapodnak, és aztán nagyon egyéni, különleges és főleg laza és mégis magas színvonalú ételeket főznek a megújult Babelben.[...] Bővebben!

Világevő, 16.07.19. 19:33

Szombaton lesz a talán legjobb balatoni program!

Tavaly ott voltam az első Bohém Légyotton, és nem túlzás azt állítani, hogy egy hihetetlenül hangulatos programról van szó, finom borokkal, jó hangulattal, nagyon normális emberekkel egy fantasztikus helyen...

Limara péksége, 16.07.17. 17:43

Amerikai almáspite

A kedvenc pitém. Vaníilia fagyival verhetetlen.A piacon gyönyörű, zöld színű nyári almákat kaptam, talán fontosalmának nevezik, de ebben nem vagyok biztos. Savanykás, az tuti.

Chili és Vanília, 16.07.15. 20:15

Egyben sült csirke nyári céklákkal

Vasárnap délelőtt, lassan ébredezik a város, a Tűzoltó utcai kézműves söröző udvarán azonban már korán reggel nagy az izgalom.

A bűvös szakács, 16.07.05. 09:41

Iskolatáska teszt

Nyakunkon az iskolakezdés. Ilyenkor minden szülőnél felmerül a kérdés, milyen szempontok alapján válasszon iskolaszereket a gyermeknek.

Chili és Vanília, 16.07.04. 09:21

Sütés nélküli sajttorta csatos üvegben

A Nők Lapja mostani számában amerikai ihletésű recepteket találtok tőlem: hamburger tépett sertéshússal, nyári lazacleves csöves kukoricával, ragacsos, csípős csirkeszárny, többek között.

Limara péksége, 16.06.29. 14:19

Ropogós sajtgolyók

Számtalanszor hallom az ismerősöktől, hogy imádom a rántott sajtot, de nem készítek, mert annyira macerás.

ZIPP legfrissebb cikkek