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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Deadlocked in New Ohio Poll

The survey, from Suffolk University, finds that Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton each have the support of 44 percent of likely Ohio voters

16.07.22. 06:00

Poll Finds Strong Opposition Among Brazilians to Rio Games

Half of the Brazilians surveyed by Datafolha opposed hosting the Games, and nearly two out of three said they believed it would do the country more harm than good

16.07.20. 06:00

Hillary Clinton Has a 76 Percent Chance to Win the Presidency

Introducing our forecasting model, which doesn’t put much stock in so-called fundamentals; it’s based almost entirely on polls

16.07.20. 06:00

Confused by Contradictory Polls? Take a Step Back

There’s lots of presidential polling going on right now, and outliers are inevitable. But collectively, the picture is clearer

16.07.18. 06:00

Hillary Clinton Retains Edge in 4 Crucial States, New Polls Show

In new NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist surveys, Mrs. Clinton leads Donald J. Trump in Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida, four swing states

16.07.16. 06:00

How the Poll Was Conducted

The latest New York Times/CBS News Poll is based on telephone interviews with 1,600 adults throughout the United States

16.07.15. 06:00

Snapshots of Race Relations in America Today

A reader says of Donald Trump, “many will vote for him not in spite of the bigotry but because of it.

16.07.15. 06:00

Hillary Clinton’s Lead Has Shrunk, but She Still Has an Edge

A politics chat includes a look at a close race and a very busy day of polls — and what to make of them

16.07.15. 06:00

Poll Finds Emails Weighing on Hillary Clinton, Now Tied With Donald Trump

The Democratic candidate’s shifting explanations for her use of a private mail server as secretary of state appear to raise trust issues among voters

16.07.15. 06:00

Nearly Four-Fifths of White Evangelicals Say They’ll Vote for Donald Trump

Support for Mr. Trump among white evangelicals, a coveted bloc, is even stronger than it was for Mitt Romney in 2012, a new poll has found

16.07.14. 06:00

How the Poll Was Conducted

The latest New York Times/CBS News Poll is based on telephone interviews with 1,600 adults throughout the United States

16.07.14. 06:00

Race Relations Are at Lowest Point in Obama Presidency, Poll Finds

A New York Times/CBS News Poll indicates that relations between African-Americans and the police are so brittle that the attack that killed five officers in Dallas left many respondents unsurprised

16.07.14. 06:00

Is Donald Trump Winning? Among Whites and Men, for Sure

This week’s politics chat also includes discussion on polling, Bernie Sanders’s endorsement, the Hispanic vote and a closer-than-expected race in Nevada

16.07.14. 06:00

Polls in 3 Crucial States Show Donald Trump Improving

New Quinnipiac University state surveys have Mr. Trump moving up in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida, with voters calling honesty an issue that could hurt Hillary Clinton

16.07.14. 06:00

Ahead of the Election, Americans’ Climate Concerns Slosh

A new analysis of voters’ attitudes on global warming show partisans are alarmed and energized but most Americans are focused elsewhere

16.07.12. 21:01

A More Personal Hillary Clinton Tries to Erase a Trust Deficit

Mrs. Clinton has slowly owned up to the trustworthiness problem. But it will take more than acknowledgment to fix the issue

16.07.09. 06:00

The Political Orphans

Independents, now a plurality of American voters, have no convention to call their own. So I went online looking for a party hookup

16.07.08. 06:00

Training a Team of Students to Tap Into the Public Mind

Brian McDonald, associate director of the High Point University Survey Research Center, and his staff poll North Carolina residents about various issues

16.07.03. 06:00

Can Old-Style Politics Beat Donald Trump?

Mr. Trump, the candidate who has broken every modern campaign rule, could give Hillary Clinton a harder fight than his struggles this month suggest

16.07.02. 06:00

Donald Trump Gives Two Women Prominent Campaign Roles

Kellyanne Conway, a veteran pollster, will be a senior adviser to Mr. Trump’s campaign chairman, while Karen Giorno will be a senior adviser focusing on Florida

16.07.02. 06:00

Veteran Pollsters to Join Donald Trump’s Campaign

Mr. Trump will now have five firms working for him, as his team shifts gears toward a general election with new urgency

16.07.01. 06:00

How Polling Can Go Wrong

Pre-election polls show Democrats doing better among white voters than the exit polls do

16.07.01. 06:00

The State of Race in America

What is worrisome in a new report is how far apart whites and blacks are in their optimism about relations improving

16.06.30. 06:00

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Are Deadlocked, Poll Shows

A Quinnipiac University survey found that 42 percent of voters supported Mrs. Clinton while 40 percent backed Mr. Trump. It has a margin of error of plus or minus two percentage points

16.06.30. 06:00

How Trump’s Campaign Could Redraw Voter Allegiances

A message radically different from what Republicans have ever advanced has considerable appeal to white working-class Democrats

16.06.30. 06:00

If Donald Trump Lost, Would He Concede?

Conspiracy theories are especially popular around election time, and does the G.O.P. really need to win over Hispanics to win the presidency

16.06.30. 06:00

More Americans Say Race Relations Are Bad, and a Survey Explores Why

A survey by the Pew Research Center found that black and white Americans experience life in profoundly and persistently different ways

16.06.28. 06:00

Exit Polls, and Why the Primary Was Not Stolen From Bernie Sanders

It’s true that he did better in exit polls than in actual elections. But the problem was the flaws in those polls, not a conspiracy

16.06.28. 06:00

‘Brexit’ Is a Reminder of How Populism Is Redrawing U.S. Political Lines

An electorate split between the people who have benefited from globalization and those who haven’t

16.06.28. 06:00

Donald Trump Slips Further Behind Hillary Clinton in New Polls

One poll, by The Washington Post and ABC News, had Mrs. Clinton with a double-digit lead, but the results of the poll were not completely positive for her

16.06.27. 06:00

Gallup Poll Examines State of Gay Marriage Since Supreme Court Ruling

The proportion of married couples among same-sex partners sharing a home rose after the June 2015 ruling, even in states where it was already legal

16.06.25. 06:00

Alarmed Britons Ask Pollsters: Why Didn’t You Warn Us?

The result of the vote to leave the European Union was a new embarrassment for polling companies that failed to predict the will of capricious voters

16.06.25. 06:00

Why the Surprise Over ‘Brexit’? Don’t Blame the Polls

The referendum joins a long list of election forecasting errors. But this one was a bit different: It was not a big polling failure

16.06.25. 06:00

Britain Votes to Leave the European Union

The stunning outcome reflected populist sentiment and is sure to have far-reaching effects on Britain’s place in the world and the future of the E.U

16.06.25. 06:00

What America Needs From Bernie Sanders

The senator should use his campaigning skills to help Hillary Clinton stop Donald Trump

16.06.24. 06:00

Millions in Britain Vote on Whether to Remain in E.U., or Leave

The outcome of the referendum on Britain’s continued membership in the European Union is expected to be announced Friday morning

16.06.24. 06:00

The Risks of Referendums, and When They Are Worth Taking

Referendums can distill complex issues into a simplistic choice. But sometimes the people just need to be heard

16.06.24. 06:00

U.S. Partisanship Is Highest in Decades, Pew Study Finds

Negativity, fear and anger among Democrats and Republicans are on the rise, research shows

16.06.24. 06:00

Why Isn’t Donald Trump Campaigning More in Swing States?

Given his strength among white working-class voters, Pennsylvania seems like fertile ground. And getting there doesn’t cost much

16.06.24. 06:00

Trump’s Immigration Policies May Cause Trouble Among Independents, Poll Shows

A survey by nonpartisan research groups shows only 40 percent of respondents who identified as independents backing his plans to build a border wall and to ban Muslim immigration

16.06.24. 06:00

Morning Agenda: An Early Winner in the ‘Brexit Vote’

A Risky Bet on the Panama Canal | VW Shareholders Ven

16.06.23. 12:23

Poll Gives Hillary Clinton Good News in Three Crucial States

In Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, Mrs. Clinton is viewed as being more ready to be president, being smarter and having higher moral standards than Donald J. Trump

16.06.22. 06:00

Getting Twitchy About Mr. Trump

Republicans say they are looking at options for dumping Donald Trump, mostly because he’s losing

16.06.22. 06:00

Morning Agenda: Why Uber Keeps Raising Billions

Credit Suisse Chief Contends With Rising Tensions | Caution and Uncertainty Before Britain’s Referendu

16.06.21. 12:09

How Our Fears About Money Could Swing the 2016 Election

When we view this election cycle through the lens of financial fear, some of the outlandish things happening in both parties start to make a little more sense

16.06.21. 06:00

Telling Sign? Many Supporters of ‘Brexit’ Expect Defeat

Research suggests that people’s predictions of a voting outcome are often more accurate than their stated intentions

16.06.21. 06:00

New Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Holding Edge on Donald Trump

The Monmouth survey is the latest in a succession of recent polls that show Mrs. Clinton having an advantage, as Mr. Trump’s campaign has sputtered

16.06.21. 06:00

Trump in the Dumps

If 70 percent of Americans don’t like you, is it too late to pivot

16.06.19. 06:00

The Republicans’ Big Hot Mess

It’s not just Donald Trump. It’s the utterly unimaginable convention he’ll gin up

16.06.19. 06:00

Donald Trump, Seeing Himself Behind in Polls, Says He Hasn’t ‘Started Yet’

It was surprising that Mr. Trump, who rarely acknowledges he might be losing at anything, cited surveys showing him not beating Hillary Clinton in recent polls

16.06.18. 06:00

Why the ‘Brexit’ Warnings Don’t Seem to Be Working in Britain

Gloomy forecasts of pain from a breakup have not resonated with British voters amid a generally sunny economy

16.06.17. 06:00

Donald Trump’s Speeches Fire Up His Base, but May Cost Him

Polls show that Mr. Trump’s repeated calls for a ban on Muslims entering the United States, on the heels of the attack in Orlando, is not gaining traction among voters he will need in November

16.06.17. 06:00

Measuring the Trump Effect

Trump vs. Clinton is changing the shape of the Toomey vs. McGinty Senate race in Pennsylvania. A visit to deindustrialized Pottstown helps us see why

16.06.16. 06:00

Britain’s Top Tabloid Urges Exit From European Union

The Sun endorsed leaving the bloc in a June 23 vote, just as a series of polls suggested support for a “Brexit” was picking up steam

16.06.15. 06:00

Why Gun Control Probably Gives Donald Trump an Edge

It’s a populist wedge issue with the potential to appeal to working-class Democrats while not alienating people who lean Republican

16.06.15. 06:00

How We Measured Voters

The actual results look a lot more like the electorate in the Current Population Survey or voter file than in the exit polls

16.06.10. 06:00

There Are More White Voters Than People Think. That’s Good News for Trump.

Better data about the 2012 election suggests the electorate is not as diverse as previously thought. This has implications for November

16.06.10. 06:00

How We Built Our Model

The Upshot’s estimate of voting patterns among various demographic groups has both strengths and weaknesses. Here’s a look

16.06.10. 06:00

Donald Trump Hires Pollster for New York

The presumptive G.O.P. nominee wants badly to win his home state, which has not voted for a Republican for president since Ronald Reagan in 1984

16.06.09. 06:00

Trump’s New Handlers Have a Tough Task Ahead

Though Donald J. Trump has hired veteran strategists to win over a broader base of voters, they may be thwarted by their candidate’s volatility

16.06.08. 06:00

Why Britain Is Edging Toward ‘Brexit’

Sometimes, one issue can have a big influence on an election. Immigration may turn out to be that issue on June 23

16.06.08. 06:00

Caught Between China and Taiwan, and Leaning Toward China

The people of Lieyu Township on Lesser Kinmen Island are linked to Taipei, but have prospered as trade and tourism with the mainland have blossomed

16.06.08. 06:00

Disenchantment with E.U. Grows, Poll Finds

The Pew survey of respondents in 10 European countries shows increasing unhappiness with the bloc during a period of low growth and a crisis in migration

16.06.08. 06:00

The Madness of America

Violence by either Trump supporters or those opposed to him is self-defeating

16.06.06. 06:00

Houses Keep Getting Bigger, Even as Families Get Smaller

Although the pace of the increase has slowed a bit, the trend continues: more square feet, more bedrooms, more bathrooms

16.06.04. 06:00

Clinton-vs.-Trump Race in New Jersey Could Be Close, Poll Shows

“Blue Jersey doesn’t appear quite so blue at this stage of the campaign,” said the director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute

16.06.01. 06:00

Feel the Math

Numbers and the state of politics

16.05.30. 06:00

Chicago and Race: Perception, Polling and Reality

Examining the country’s third largest city, and the challenges of polling about race and racism

16.05.27. 06:00

Trump’s Delusions of Competence

No, businessmen aren’t economic experts

16.05.27. 06:00

California Up for Grabs, Poll Finds, as Clinton and Sanders Battle

The poll by the Public Policy Institute of California showed Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders among likely voters, 46 percent to 44 percent

16.05.27. 06:00

The Fears Trump Needs

Why anxiety, not catastrophe, could widen his path to the White House

16.05.26. 06:00

Cigarette Smoking by Adults Dropped in 2015, C.D.C. Survey Says

The percentage of adults age 18 and over who smoked was 15.1 percent in 2015, down from 16.8 percent in 2014

16.05.26. 06:00

Trumping on Eggshells

Do my relatives support Donald Trump? I don’t want to know

16.05.25. 06:00

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Trump?

For Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump’s assault on political correctness and every other type of constraint makes it very hard to change the conversation

16.05.25. 06:00

Explaining Hillary Clinton’s Lost Ground in the Polls

Mrs. Clinton has struggled because of her inability to consolidate the supporters of Bernie Sanders

16.05.25. 06:00

In Defense of the Reuters/Ipsos Poll

A creator of the poll rebuts an Op-Ed article about “polling insanity.

16.05.25. 06:00

A Last Look at the Romney Dream

Gaming out a Mitt-as-independent bid, because the next five months are too miserable to contemplate

16.05.24. 18:32

Trump Taps Into the Anxiety of American White Males

The presidential contest can be seen as a referendum on how white men see themselves: as being joined by women and minorities, or being replaced by them

16.05.24. 06:00

Bernie Sanders Does Better vs. Trump? Wouldn’t Be Prudent to Assume That

A weekly politics chat also looks at John McCain’s tough re-election campaign and the damage Mitt Romney could do to Mr. Trump with a third-party run

16.05.24. 06:00

Bertie Wooster v. Donald Trump

Britons like to believe that comic genius is protection from tyranny. They shouldn’t be too complacent

16.05.24. 06:00

Why Is Clinton Disliked?

She fails to bond with voters because she doesn’t show us the parts of her life where most of us feel most human

16.05.24. 06:00

A Heated Linguistic Debate: What Makes ‘Redskins’ a Slur?

In a twist to a long-running debate over a team’s name, most Native Americans don’t seem to mind the term, according to a recent Washington Post poll

16.05.22. 06:00

Republicans Want Their Party to Unify Behind Donald Trump, Poll Shows

Even with the desire for solidarity, a New York Times/CBS News poll shows extraordinarily high levels of unpopularity for both Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton

16.05.20. 06:00

How the New York Times/CBS News Poll Was Conducted

The poll is based on telephone interviews conducted May 13-17 with 1,300 adults nationwide. Of those, 1,109 said they were registered to vote

16.05.20. 06:00

Stop the Polling Insanity

Do 28 percent of Latinos really support Donald Trump

16.05.20. 06:00

Donald Trump and Conspiracy Theories: What a Poll in 2011 Signaled

Mr. Trump led a G.O.P. poll five years ago, showing a willingness and ability to mine the anger and resentments of Republicans

16.05.19. 06:00

Is Traditional Polling Underselling Donald Trump’s True Strength?

He is doing better in online general election polls, but there’s no reason to assume those polls are better than live-interview ones

16.05.18. 06:00

Donald Trump Hires Pollster as Campaign Strategist, Sources Say

Tony Fabrizio, who has decades of presidential campaign experience, joined the Trump campaign in recent works, two people briefed on the hiring said

16.05.17. 06:00

Little Is Off Limits as Donald Trump Plans Attacks on Hillary Clinton

Drawing on tactics from the primaries, Mr. Trump plans to bring up Bill Clinton’s infidelities, the Benghazi attacks and more in an effort to paint Mrs. Clinton as corrupt

16.05.17. 06:00

Trump’s Asymmetric Warfare

What makes Trump difficult to counter is that his supporters refuse to understand that they are being conned

16.05.16. 06:00

As West Virginia Goes…

If Trump has a path to the presidency, it will likely be because of the Democrats’ weakness among voters who look a lot like the voters in this state

16.05.12. 06:00

How Many People Support Trump but Don’t Want to Admit It?

Many voters are reluctant to admit to a live interviewer that they back a candidate who has adopted such divisive positions

16.05.11. 06:00

Both Disliked, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Accentuate the Negatives

Each candidate hopes to exploit the weaknesses of an unpopular opponent in a race that promises to center on personality and temperament more than issues

16.05.11. 06:00

Three Crucial States Show Tight Races Between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

The Quinnipiac University surveys show Hillary Clinton leading Donald J. Trump by one percentage point in Pennsylvania and Florida and trailing him by four points in Ohio

16.05.10. 14:40

In the Philippines, a Familiar Tone in Voice of Rodrigo Duterte

Likened to American candidate Donald J. Trump, the front-runner to be the archipelago’s next president has drawn criticism for his words against women, and against Pope Francis

16.05.10. 06:00

The Republican Horse Race Is Over, and Journalism Lost

Political journalists’ mistakes piled up as they played down the rise of Donald Trump as a serious candidate and emphasized his entertainment value

16.05.09. 06:00

Readers Attribute Discontent in Chicago to Leadership and Social Ills

Some blamed longtime Democratic Party rule, unions, wider social ills and the residents themselves for divisions that were highlighted in a New York Times-Kaiser poll

16.05.08. 06:00

How the Chicago Poll Was Conducted

The New York Times/Kaiser Family Foundation survey of Chicago is based on interviews conducted April 21 through May 3 with 1,123 adults

16.05.07. 06:00

Boaty McBoatface to Bear David Attenborough’s Name, and the Web Pouts

In announcing that the vessel would carry Mr. Attenborough’s name, the Science Ministry in Britain disregarded the opinion of 124,000 people in an online poll

16.05.07. 06:00

In Deeply Divided Chicago, Most Agree: City Is Off Course

Residents of the nation’s third-largest city, especially blacks and Latinos, have lost faith in many of its essential institutions, a survey finds

16.05.07. 06:00 a Facebookon is

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