The Big Mac index

The Economist’s interactive currency-comparison toolTHE Big Mac index is a lighthearted guide to whether currencies are at their “correct” level

16.07.21. 17:20

Europe is now a bigger concern for Britain than immigration

FOR the first time in two decades the European Union is the biggest concern for voters, according to the July 2016 Economist/Ipsos MORI issues index.

16.07.20. 18:47

US party convention timeline

AMERICA'S party conventions got under way in Cleveland on July 18th. Ever since 1972, when the Republicans began scripting their speeches with evening television audiences in mind, the quadrennial gatherings have been tightly stage-managed

16.07.19. 22:30

America’s growing temporary workforce

AMERICA’S temporary help industry first emerged after the second world war, when companies like Manpower and Kelly Girl Service began “renting out” office workers on a short-term basis.

16.07.18. 19:54

Crime and the Olympics

ALMOST as much as carnivals and Copacabana beach, crime has always been closely associated with Rio de Janeiro.

16.07.15. 19:56

The rise of Donald Trump, presidential candidate

WHEN Donald Trump first announced that he was running for president back in June 2015, he was dismissed as a joke

16.07.15. 17:45

The data of the dark web

SINCE the launch of the Silk Road five years ago, dark-web markets have represented a shadowy and much-maligned corner of the internet. And the secretive nature of such sites makes them difficult to study.

16.07.14. 19:02

Characteristics of incoming British prime ministers

NEW residents of Number 10 Downing Street have become younger in the 71 years since Clement Attlee swept to power in 1945. Theresa May, Britain′s incoming prime minister, will buck the trend

16.07.14. 10:44

America's party conventions: Everything in moderation

AMERICA’S party conventions start on July 18th with the Republicans, who are gathering in Cleveland. The Democrats hold theirs the week after, in Philadelphia

16.07.12. 18:26

Everything in moderation

AMERICA’S party conventions start on July 18th with the Republicans, who are gathering in Cleveland. The Democrats hold theirs the week after, in Philadelphia

16.07.12. 16:51

The South China Sea

THE South China Sea has long been one of the world’s most coveted waterways. Seven different countries—counting Taiwan, which is itself claimed by China—assert sovereignty over overlapping portions of its waters

16.07.11. 20:11

Iraq’s deadly war

ON JULY 8th, as the holy month of Ramadan was coming to an end, Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for another suicide bombing in Iraq.

16.07.08. 19:42

How do government numbers on drone strikes compare with other estimates?

IN MARCH the White House announced that it was to release figures on drone strikes outside active war zones “in the coming weeks”.

16.07.07. 18:39

British military deaths

THE official inquiry into Britain’s involvement in the Iraq war was published on July 6th and, after almost seven years, has taken longer than the British campaign itself.

16.07.06. 19:39

IKEA’s risky business

ON THURSDAY June 30th 600 IKEA-philes gathered in Almhult, Sweden for the grand opening of the IKEA Museum, a three-storey 7,000-square-metre monument to affordable Scandinavian design

16.07.05. 18:09

How “Amexit” sent shockwaves through the financial markets

BRITAIN'S decision to leave the European Union has sent shockwaves across the financial community.

16.07.04. 19:29

Interest in moving to Canada at an all-time high

CANADA has long been a country for idealists. Before the United States entered either world war, thousands of Americans eager to fight in Europe joined the Canadian military. Decades later, Americans fled north to avoid fighting in Vietnam

16.07.01. 15:43


EVEN before Britain voted to leave the European Union, opportunistic populists across the continent were claiming that their countries could also break free of the shackles of Brussels. Talk of "Frexits" and "Malternatives" abounded

16.06.30. 19:40

Measuring a progressive society

IT HAS long been said that economic output is too narrow a gauge by which to measure the progress of nations

16.06.29. 21:52

Brexit: taking stock

MARKETS have suffered a rough few days. But the worst may be over. Following Britain’s stunning vote to leave the European Union...

16.06.28. 20:08

How our Brexit model fared on election night

AFTER some early jitters as the first batch of results came in during Britain’s referendum on EU membership, by 2:40 am on June 24th it looked like the City could sleep easy.

16.06.27. 17:52

Who said Brexit was a surprise?

THE list of losers from Britain’s vote to leave the European Union is long indeed, but very far down on it are evangelisers for the accuracy of prediction markets

16.06.24. 17:50

Britain votes to leave the EU

BRITAIN is on its way out of the European Union. In a referendum on June 23rd 51.9% of voters voted for Brexit, with a high turnout of 72.2%. London, Scotland and Northern Ireland plumped for Remain, while the rest of Britain voted Leave

16.06.24. 10:17

How we calculated our extrapolated Brexit vote shares

ELECTION nights usually mean instant gratification: exit-poll results are often available immediately after the last vote is cast. But tonight’s referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU is an exception

16.06.24. 03:39

Voter turnout in British elections and EU referendums

POLLING stations are now open for today’s EU referendum. The British electorate will spend the day deciding which side to vote for or, for some, whether to vote at all

16.06.23. 15:03

Debunking years of tabloid claims about Europe

THE BREXIT campaign has been plagued by little white lies, half-truths and disinformation. Neither side has showered itself in glory in its attempts to persuade the British public of the benefits or drawbacks of EU membership

16.06.22. 17:03

Hoping that demography is not destiny

ON JUNE 23rd Britons will head to the polls to answer a simple question they have not been asked since 1975: “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?”

16.06.22. 16:55

The difference in online and phone polling for Brexit

OPINION polling on whether the Brits want to stay in the EU had been inconclusive long before the Brexit campaign started. But what has become clear since early in the campaign is that different methodologies offer different results.

16.06.21. 18:17

The world’s refugees and internally displaced

FORCED displacement has reached its highest level since records began, according to a new report by the UNHCR, the UN’s refugee body.

16.06.20. 18:21

The growth of the European community

ON APRIL 18th 1951, exalted by the trappings of empire, ministers from West Germany, Italy, France and the three Benelux countries put their names to the Treaty of Paris, the founding document of what, four decades later...

16.06.17. 18:22

A new Disney theme park opens in China

SHANGHAI DISNEYLAND, a theme park twice the size of California’s original Disneyland, officially opened on June 16th, 15 years since Chinese officials first hatched plans to get the industry’s runaway leader to build it.

16.06.16. 18:31

Breaking down Broadway

This week’s issue of The Economist features an article on the economics of Broadway shows.

16.06.16. 17:38

Will the imminent Xbox upgrade upset the console market?

THIS year’s E3, the annual gaming shindig, is heavily focused on hardware. Rumours circled prior to the event about project “Neo”, the codename for Sony’s upgraded PlayStation console, that will be capable of 4K resolution ...

16.06.15. 16:43

Neil Young and the state of the free world

A HURRICANE has blown through rock music since the 1960s, and its name is Neil. The gust is pushing through Europe this summer, as Mr Young tours his anger across the continent.

16.06.15. 12:30

The talented Philip Ridley

PHILIP RIDLEY doesn’t set out to shock, but his latest play, “Karagula”— which opens in a secret location in East London this week—will likely provoke such a response regardless

16.06.15. 12:08

What makes the AR-15 an assault weapon

ON JUNE 12th Omar Mateen killed 49 people and injured 53 with a 9mm handgun and a semi-automatic gun called the Sig Sauer MCX...

16.06.15. 08:00

Leave is gaining ground. But do not rule out Remain just yet

THE EU referendum race is getting too close for comfort. In The Economist’s poll-of-polls, Leave is ahead by two points.

16.06.14. 23:12

The economics of gun violence

Finance editor Edward McBride is joined by free exchange columnist Ryan Avent to discuss the economics of gun violence and gun control in the wake of the Orlando shootings.

16.06.14. 19:20

The arguments for voting Remain

THE opinion polls seem to indicate that Britain will vote to leave the European Union on June 23rd. And the gambling markets, which many investors rely on as the “true” signal, are moving the same way.

16.06.14. 17:53

Developing economies are catching up ever more slowly

FOR residents of many developing economies, a sharp slowdown in global growth means dreams deferred. For most of the 20th century the gap between incomes in the rich and the developing worlds grew relentlessly

16.06.14. 17:24

Business travellers have all but abandoned taxis

ONE of the big questions facing the business-travel industry is the extent to which it will embrace the sharing economy. Corporate-travel bookers, for example, are still deciding what they think about Airbnb

16.06.14. 16:12

Clinton and Trump make clashing speeches after Orlando attack

SPEND any time on the campaign trail, and before too long a cynical voter will complain that there is no difference between candidates on the ballot paper. Let nobody make that claim ahead of the 2016 presidential election

16.06.14. 12:38

How assisted suicide is gradually becoming lawful in America

CALIFORNIA, America’s most populous state, became the fifth to sanction doctor-assisted suicide on June 9th.

16.06.14. 06:43

Counting America’s mass shootings

ON JUNE 12th a gunman entered a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and killed 49 people (including the shooter, the total count is 50). A further 53 were hospitalised. This was the deadliest mass shooting in American history.

16.06.13. 19:26

Things might become more tolerable for travellers in America this summer

GULLIVER was flying at the end of last week, and received an e-mail from Spirit Airlines with the foreboding subject line “URGENT: Get to the airport early.”

16.06.13. 17:32

The stories of girls in a man’s world

IN 2012, Haifaa al-Mansour became the first Saudi Arabian woman to direct a film.

16.06.13. 15:49

Why a gory piece of scripture keeps surfacing in American politics

WHETHER they are read devotionally or simply as literature, the Hebrew Psalms are generally regarded as a sublime example of religous poetry.

16.06.13. 11:37

Nightclub shooting in Orlando is the worst in American history

THE MURDER in the early hours of June 12th of at least 50 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, apparently by a 29-year-old American-born Muslim wielding an assault rifle and handgun...

16.06.13. 09:05

Why Sino-American relations are likely to become stormier

AS THE world’s two largest economies, and possessors of the two largest armies, China and America make the weather in Asia and much of the world

16.06.13. 06:15

England’s dry spell is nothing unusual, and unlikely to end soon

IF, LIKE your correspondent, you are an Englishman who has drawn England in your office sweepstake before the European Championships, which kicked off in Paris on June 10th, you will have conflicting emotions.

16.06.11. 15:32

Rap puts new verve into verbs and vocabulary

EARLIER this month, relations between Germany and Turkey plunged to sub-zero when legislators in Berlin approved the word "genocide" to describe the mass killing of Armenians in 1915.

16.06.10. 20:29

The Senate’s scientific divide

Democrats and Republicans in Congress seem to agree on very little these days. From the economy to health care to national security, compromise and bipartisanship are rare. Polarisation is the norm.

16.06.10. 18:48

After Brexit; ye ken noo

THERE is an old story that puritanical Scottish preachers used to tell their congregations about sinners cast into the fires of hell

16.06.10. 15:37

Barack Obama endorses Hillary Clinton

IN A topsy-turvy way, Bernie Sanders has been setting the agenda in Democratic circles in recent weeks

16.06.10. 15:18

The Federal Reserve system

WHEN the Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee (FOMC) decides whether to raise interest rates at the meeting starting on June 14th, representatives of the Fed’s regional branches will cast half of the ten votes

16.06.10. 07:12

Who is registering to vote in Britain's EU referendum?

IN JUST two weeks Britain goes to the voting booths to decide on its future in the European Union. A late surge in new voter registrations ahead of a deadline on June 7th, particularly among younger voters, could help the Remain campaign

16.06.09. 19:49

How Hillary Clinton secured the Democratic nomination

HILLARY CLINTON won the race for the Democratic presidential nomination after victories in primaries in California and New Jersey (where she won by large margins), New Mexico and South Dakota.

16.06.08. 19:43

British worries and the referendum

BRITAIN’s referendum on European Union membership is just over two weeks away. But with up to a fifth of the public still undecided, neither side has managed to seal the deal with voters.

16.06.07. 19:03

The Economist’s “Brexit” poll-tracker

APRIL 15th saw the official launch of the campaign leading up to the referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union on June 23rd.

16.06.07. 13:14

Indian solar power

NARENDRA MODI, India’s prime minister, visits America for three days this week for talks with Barack Obama. Climate commitments may be one of many topics discussed.

16.06.06. 18:32

Universal basic income in the OECD

IN A world in which drudgery has been delegated to robots, the welfare state may need to be reimagined. One option is to pay out a universal basic income, a simple cash sum, without any nannyish strings attached

16.06.03. 17:34

A new ranking of every country’s citizenship

IF A baby is born in a rich country, she will have a longer, healthier life with more economic opportunities than one born in a poor, conflict-ridden nation.

16.06.02. 20:48

Who fights, and who pays for UN peacekeeping missions

THE UN’s first peacekeeping mission, which started in 1948, was to keep a truce after the creation of Israel.

16.06.01. 18:56

America’s primary agenda: 2016 election calendar

THE purpose of America’s primary elections is for political parties in each state (and American territory) to determine their preferred candidate for November’s presidential election.

16.06.01. 18:56

HIV’s slow retrenchment

THE latest dispatch from the war on HIV, the “Global AIDS Update 2016”, just published by UNAIDS, the UN agency responsible for combating the virus, brings qualified good news.

16.05.31. 18:30

The mismanagement of opioids

OPIOIDS, a class of drugs that includes morphine and other derivatives of the opium poppy, can dramatically ease pain, from the agony of broken bones to terminal cancer.

16.05.30. 11:51

The world’s refugee crisis: past and present

THANKS in part to the surge of refugees from Syria, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the UN’s refugee body, now puts the world’s displaced population at a post-war record of 60m...

16.05.27. 17:43

Donald Trump gets the 1,237 delegates he needs for the Republican nomination

ON MAY 26th the Associated Press declared that Donald Trump has won 1,238 delegates (counting unpledged), enough to claim the Republican nomination outright.

16.05.26. 18:42

The clear and present danger of a nuclear North Korea

NORTH KOREA is not bound by any global rules. Its hereditary dictator, Kim Jong Un, imposes forced labour on hundreds of thousands of his people and threatens to drench Seoul, the South’s capital, in “a sea of fire”.

16.05.26. 17:25

How unpopular are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?

A GLIMPSE at how the presidential contest is developing was summed up nicely by a recent headline in the Los Angeles Times: “A Trump-Clinton general election poses a question: Which one does America hate less?”

16.05.25. 12:16

How unpopular are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?

A GLIMPSE at how the presidential contest is developing was summed up nicely by a recent headline in the Los Angeles Times: “A Trump-Clinton general election poses a question: Which one does America hate less?”

16.05.25. 12:16

The rise of the far right in Europe

ON MAY 22nd Europe came within 31,000 votes of electing its first far-right head of state since 1945.

16.05.24. 16:48

Countering antibiotic resistance

DRUG resistance is simple to understand yet often misunderstood. Antibiotics mostly kill bugs by either blocking the synthesis of new proteins or interfering with the making of cell walls.

16.05.23. 18:28

England is building houses, but not in the right places

ENGLAND has been struggling to meet its residents’ burgeoning demand for housing. In 2004 2.31 people lived in the average English household.

16.05.20. 18:53

Pity Russia's billionaires

IN THE 1990s, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian government under President Boris Yeltsin sold off state-owned assets at cut-rate prices to a group of well-connected Russian businessmen.

16.05.19. 17:25

What Republicans want

WITH the delegates he won from the Oregon primary on May 17th under his belt, Donald Trump has the Republican presidential nomination within his grasp.

16.05.18. 17:29

Where yellow fever could spread next

YELLOW fever is spreading. Since December, around 2,300 suspected cases of the mosquito-borne disease have been reported in Angola, with nearly 300 deaths.

16.05.17. 18:01

Sykes-Picot 100 years on

THE MODERN frontiers of the Arab world only vaguely resemble the blue and red grease-pencil lines secretly drawn on a map of the Levant on May 16th 1916, at the height of the first world war.

16.05.16. 17:42

The gender pay gap persists almost everywhere

ON AVERAGE women earn 18% less than men, according to analysis by Korn Ferry Hay Group, a consulting firm which looked at more than 8m employees in 33 countries. The pay gap is largely explained by a lack of women in highly paid roles.

16.05.13. 17:27

A history of presidential impeachments

ON MAY 12th Brazil's Senate voted to open an impeachment trial against the country's first female president, Dilma Rousseff.

16.05.13. 16:34

Restrictive laws do not necessarily lower abortion rates

TRACKING abortion rates is a hard task. Some countries under-report them, and many do not report them at all.

16.05.12. 19:05

The BBC’s past and future

TODAY the British government released a white paper outlining its proposed changes to the BBC. The paper is to be the basis for a new charter for the public broadcaster to replace the existing one, which expires at the end of this year.

16.05.12. 17:00

Why aren't white men favouring Hillary Clinton?

HILLARY CLINTON’S defeat in the West Virginia primary yesterday followed a trend in this year’s Democratic primaries: the front-runner has been losing to Bernie Sanders in states without sizeable numbers of blacks and Hispanics.

16.05.11. 15:53

Cataloguing the world's plants

The world’s first comprehensive survey of wild plants suggests that more than a fifth of species are threatened with extinction.

16.05.10. 18:03

Syria’s war, violence beyond control

“OUT of control,” is how John Kerry, America’s secretary of state, described Syria’s war this week.

16.05.09. 20:28

Hillary Clinton’s gallop polls: after Indiana

HILLARY CLINTON has been racing Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination in the 2016 primaries.

16.05.06. 18:25

The rise of Donald Trump, presidential candidate

WHEN Donald Trump first announced that he was running for president back in June 2015, he was dismissed as a joke.

16.05.06. 18:18

A guide to the Philippines’ history, economy and politics

THE Philippines is one of Asia’s two archipelagic states (Indonesia is the other), comprising more than 7,000 islands dividing the Pacific Ocean from the South China Sea.

16.05.06. 16:34

Comparing crony capitalism around the world

Audio and Video content on requires a browser that can handle iFrames.POLITICAL connections have always greased the wheels of commerce.

16.05.05. 17:46

What North and South Korea would gain if they were reunified

PREPARATIONS are under way in Pyongyang for a rare congress of the Korean Workers' Party which rules North Korea, the first to be held in 36 years, on May 6th.

16.05.05. 13:16

The Economist’s “Brexit” poll-tracker

APRIL 15th saw the official launch of the campaign leading up to the referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union on June 23rd.

16.05.05. 12:57

Donald Trump will be the Republican presidential nominee

IT FINALLY happened. John Kasich, the last challenger to Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination after Ted Cruz called it quits last night, will end his campaign today (May 4th)...

16.05.04. 18:34

Ted Cruz bows out after a string of big victories for Donald Trump

OUTFLANKED on the populist right by Donald Trump, Ted Cruz threw in the towel in the Republican presidential-nomination race on May 3rd following his resounding defeat in the Indiana primary.

16.05.04. 18:30

America’s primary agenda: 2016 election calendar

Audio and Video content on requires a browser that can handle iFrames.THE purpose of America’s primary elections is for political parties in each state ...

16.05.04. 09:51

Footballing pay and performance

Audio and Video content on requires a browser that can handle iFrames.IN 2013 Sam Allardyce, then the manager of West Ham football club, came up with a no-nonsense explanation for footballing success.

16.05.03. 19:36

Rewriting GDP history

ASK a dozen economists what Britain’s GDP growth rate will be in three years, and you’ll probably get 12 different answers.

16.05.02. 14:31

Household income inequality: ladders to climb

Audio and Video content on requires a browser that can handle iFrames.IN 1980 living standards in China were the lowest among the G20 countries.

16.04.29. 19:39

American suicides return to a disturbing 30-year high

On April 22nd the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a US federal agency, released a report suggesting that America is in the grip of a sustained rise in the suicide rate across all age groups and for both sexes.

16.04.28. 18:45

Young v old votes for Bernie and Hillary in the 2016 primaries

THE outcome from the five Democratic primary elections held on April 26th confirmed that Hillary Clinton is now virtually assured of clinching the Democratic nomination for president.

16.04.27. 16:22 a Facebookon is

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Nyakunkon az iskolakezdés. Ilyenkor minden szülőnél felmerül a kérdés, milyen szempontok alapján válasszon iskolaszereket a gyermeknek.

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A Nők Lapja mostani számában amerikai ihletésű recepteket találtok tőlem: hamburger tépett sertéshússal, nyári lazacleves csöves kukoricával, ragacsos, csípős csirkeszárny, többek között.

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