Rend vagy káosz

Most alakul ki a nemzetközi világrend. A szélesebb értelemben vett Európa a világ konszenzusövezetéből konfliktuszónává lett.

16.06.13. 13:26

Halott Ország meghívó

Szerző: Lengyel LászlóPublikáció: Köny

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Andrássy Kör Hetényi Kör Szalay Kör PénzügykutatóEurópa és Magyarország: illeszkedés vagy kiválás?2016. május 24. RAM, Budapest, XIII. ker. Kárpát u. 9 h: Megnyitó: Lengyel László9.

16.05.24. 13:41


Tisztelettel meghívoma Pénzügykutató Zrt 2016. március 23-án délelőtt 10,30-kortartandó sajtótájékoztatójára,Téma:A magyar gazdaság helyzete és kilátásai ...

16.03.16. 13:51

Felcsút vagy Názáret

Öt választóvonal húzódik a jobboldalon belül: nyugatiak vagy keletiek vagyunk, kormányzunk vagy foglalunk, az oligarcha király vagy az oligarcha nagyurak emberei vagyunk, központosítunk vagy önkormányzunk...

15.12.21. 18:15

Ungarns nationalistischer Kurs: Die Orbán-Krankheit

Er schürt Angst vor Flüchtlingen und diffamiert das "liberale Blabla-Europa": Ungarns nationalistischer Premier Viktor Orbán wittert in der aktuellen Krise seine Chance.

15.12.02. 11:52


Szerző: Lengyel LászlóPublikáció: Köny

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Pénzügykutató Zrt.1023 Budapest, Felhévízi u. 24. Sajtótájékoztató2015. szeptember 28. hétfő 10.30 Kedvező konjunktúrában lanyhuló növekedésA MAGYAR GAZDASÁG HELYZETE ÉS KILÁTÁSAI (2015-2016)1.

15.09.28. 12:03

Meghívó - A magyar gazdaság helyzete és kilátásai (2015-2016)

Tisztelettel meghívom a Pénzügykutató Zrt 2015. szeptember 28-án délelőtt 10.30-kortartandó sajtótájékoztatójára.T é m a : A magyar gazdaság helyzete és kilátásai (2015-2016)Helyszín: Budapest, II. Felhévízi u 24.

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Európai hullámzás


15.08.24. 15:16

Az Innovációs Rendszer Néhány Metszete – Dr. Inzelt Annamária legújabb könyve

2015. júniusában a JATE Press gondozásában jelent meg Dr. Inzelt Annamária tematikusan szerkesztett cikkeinek gyűjteményéből az Innovációs rendszer néhány metszete c.

15.06.26. 13:31


Az európai energiaunió és hatásai Magyarországra - változó állami szabályozói szerep EurópábanFelsmann BalázsBudapest, 2015.

15.05.04. 15:49


2015. március 25. szerda 10.30 Kisebb lendület – megőrzött egyensúlyA MAGYAR GAZDASÁG HELYZETE ÉS KILÁTÁSAI (2014-2015)Kapcsolódó tartalom: Penzugykutato_Prognozis_2015_Sajtotaj.pd

15.03.24. 12:12

Friderikusz - 2. rész 2015.03.10.

Friderikusz - 2. rész 2015.03.10.Az ügyész letöltendő szabadságvesztést kért, a bíróság azonban mindkét vádpontban felmentette az ajkai polgármestert, mégpedig bűncselekmény hiányában.

15.03.12. 16:41

Friderikusz - 1. rész 2015.03.10.

Friderikusz - 1. rész 2015.03.10.Ezen az estén is Putyin és Oroszország volt az egyik témánk, hiszen ez ma a világ legégetőbb kérdése.

15.03.12. 16:38

Meghívó a RAM Colosseumba

MeghívóValahol utat vesztettünkA Pénzügykutató Zrt, az Andrássy, a Hetényi és a Szalay körök közös konferenciája 2015. március 5-én 9 órakor a RAM-ban (Kárpát u. 23.) 9 h.

15.03.12. 16:23

Weightloss Pills - Are They Safe?

A lot of people are faced with the problem of being overweight. Obesity rate has been climbing faster than ever. This can be attested to the fast growing and quick changing world we now live in.

15.01.26. 00:06

Samsung R910 Galaxy Indulge Greatest All Rounder

It isn't that in order to find get caught up when a person using your Samsung Galaxy S2. The crazy things that apps supplying the things which you are able with this, it is certainly not hard to drain the phone's battery.

15.01.26. 00:20

No-Hassle moviestar Solutions - An Intro

Entourage episodes take us via a superbly written chronicle in the acting career of Vincent Chase, and his awesome childhood friends. Vincent is portrayed as being a young A-List celeb.

15.01.25. 23:55

Supreme court Rules In Student Loan Credit card debt Event

Mr Clegg originally wanted the referendum early inside parliament to capitalise about the electorate's general goodwill towards the coalition.

15.01.25. 23:29

Easy Planning For Home Improvement

Home improvements are a great way to add value to your home or just to make yourself more comfortable. There are several home improvement options currently available to consider when deciding what is needed at your home.

15.01.25. 23:29

The nutritional content of the Acai Berry

The acai berry is known as one of the healthiest foods on earth and is one of the best ones for you to eat because of all the nutrients...

15.01.25. 23:00

Importance For The Samsung Galaxy Covers

The Samsung mobile company has named its novice smartphone model as the Samsung galaxy fit. The biggest question is that, will this model really fulfill the expectations of the company along with the smartphone marketplace.

15.01.25. 22:49

How Is Galaxy Tab 10.1 Perform For 1080P Video Playback

The unexpected rise of Samsung Galaxy Note allows this South-Korean company to perceive probability and appeal of the hybrid devices. Five.3-inch Galaxy Note has made itself natural disaster ?

15.01.25. 22:44

Samsung Galaxy S2 - Simply Amazing

Samsung Mobiles have created their own space in the market while Nokia was on its prime. Samsung has finally announced Samsung Y Pro and Galaxy Y Duos, both dual-SIM smartphones, from the Indian niche.

15.01.25. 22:38

Several Widespread Explanations a Home Home finance loan will be Waived

It's refreshing - http://www.7Fact.com/groups/heliopolis/ to find out that Berkeley - http://Www.creativecountyventures.co.ke/node/135265 still has those seeds of malcontent - http://ricklewis.ie/?feed=rss2& within her.

15.01.25. 22:30

Why Coffee Tastes So Good

ShutterstockShould you loved this post and you would like to receive details about green coffee Bean extract Pills - http://Vengefulbruise828.jimdo.com/ i implore you to visit the web-site.Szerző: Dr. Varga Györg

15.01.25. 22:28

Sleep well and tight

Doctor Waren Barton propose that bad sleep can cause health troubles like heart problems, weight gain, high blood pressure.So people must get adequate amount of sleep.

15.01.25. 22:27

Does Raspberry Ketone Really Work Uk

Raspberry Ketones are among the many supplements now available that are useful for weight loss. They are small round red fruits that as a rule have a sweet fruit-like aroma.

15.01.25. 22:27

Archery Fitness And Health

For those avid hunters that in order to bird hunt, an individual have ever considered employing a bow instead of your respective shotgun?

15.01.25. 22:26

A Assess The Stylish Samsung Galaxy S2

On July 7th Verizon wireless will be following charge of AT&T and dropping their unlimited data plans for tiered data solutions.

15.01.25. 22:26

Root Factors Of toothbrush - The Best Routes

Even though it is essential for people to eat right and workout additionally it is imperative that you possess the best dental hygiene you will get, a number of people overlook that.

15.01.25. 22:19

Boost Fat Loss 3 Times Faster

Do you have a clue about the total amount of food that never gets digested and builds up as waste in the colon?

15.01.25. 22:18

Exercise And Its Particular Importance In Weight Loss

There are plenty of variables that must come together to keep your quail healthy when raising quail. Most quail breeders first think about getting their eggs to hatch and then having the ability to keep the quail, disorder free.

15.01.25. 21:41

International Financial Turmoil: Appear this Burglar...

Sometimes, you'll be able to even receive the entire amount or possibly a 100% cut. Paying off your financial troubles is an achievable task however, you have to learn to manage your money.

15.01.25. 21:34

Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss

It is occurred again. Another health home based company, Eiro Research, closed down with no warning to their associates.

15.01.25. 21:33

Best Old, Low Requirement Games To Train On Netbooks

Online Games Barbie are becoming very well-known to younger women all a great deal more the whole world. Far more and more most women, teenagers and young ladies are in presence of these game.

15.01.25. 21:00

The Reality About Herbal Weight Loss That Is Safe

To Cold weather running, as the chilly atmosphere to arouse the human body so the hematopoietic function changes, which improves resistance to disease.

15.01.25. 20:58

Making Best Use Of Your Loft

One extremely common reasons for an error page is when a webpage has been removed. As a replacement users will be presented with 'Error 404: Page Not Found'. This will result in confusion and annoyance.

15.01.25. 20:53

Nutrition Experts: Juice Cleanses Pointless

diet plan for bodybuilding - http://www.Buy-Nitricoxidesupplements.com/ Flickr via cantoniSzerző: Atkári Jáno

15.01.25. 20:16

The Top 10 Tips To Weight Reduction, Health, And Fitness -Trick #6

I've decided to put off writing my preview for the forthcoming Cleveland Browns' season until there is absolutely 100 percent conviction on who will start at quarterback in week 1 versus the Steelers.

15.01.25. 20:14

Weight Loss Diets - What's Everyone Using?

Fats are certainly a 4-letter word in the heads of most people. All of us understand we have too many of them, and they are always the very first thing on the chopping block when we begin our diets.

15.01.25. 20:08

Three Weight Loss Tips For Men - Useful Things That You Need To Be Aware Of

I've decided to put off writing my preview for the forthcoming Cleveland Browns' season until there's definitely 100 percent conviction on who will be starting at quarterback in week 1 versus the Steelers.

15.01.25. 20:07

The Pill Vitamin Versus Liquid Vitamin

In recent years, a number of companies have introduced liquid vitamin supplements, some of them claiming that these products far outperform the traditional vitamin pill.

15.01.25. 20:07

Boom Beach Hack Get Boom Beach free Diamonds

Precious new Boom beach hack Consumer,We Created a brand new Boom beach hack tool...

15.01.25. 20:05

Weight Loss Pills - The Proactol Review

Fitness should be part of your everyday lifestyle. It's a proven fact, that people that incorporate fitness in their lives live significantly longer, keep a younger look, evade ailment and live a wholesome life.

15.01.25. 20:05

Candy Crush Soda Saga Hack use the Candy Crush Soda Saga Generator

Pricey Candy Crush soda pop saga player google.de - http://www.google.de/url?url=https://www.facebook.com/candycrushsodasaga... you may need more lifes? You would like to reach a high level?

15.01.25. 19:58

Get the PS Vita Emulator Free download Vita Emulator Easy Install Playstation Vita

hi friendly PS Vita emulator ConsumerToday we will supply you with the information...

15.01.25. 19:45

Growing Goji Berry Tips

Goji berries are usually used as a mixture of other foods that had previously beendried firstbeforeused asa mixture.

15.01.25. 19:45

Get the PS Vita Emulator Free download Vita Emulator Easy Install Playstation Vita

howdy friendly PS Vita emulator UserToday we will provde the information that the...

15.01.25. 19:39

Boom Beach hack / Boom Beach Generator

Expensive lady´s and gentlemenyou search a fresh Boom beach hack? Need more Boom beach hack gems but don´t spent a real income?you lose every battle as a result of your bad defense?

15.01.25. 19:33

3 Essential Equipments That Will Help You Build Up Your Home Gym Within Your Budget -

First you have the gym membership itself. Either way, it's certainly not inexpensive.

15.01.25. 19:30

Hearthstone Hack get the Hearthstone card Generator

The revolutionary hearthstone hack for Totally freeHey guy an individual play hearthstone...

15.01.25. 19:28

Lida Daidaihua - The Key To A Fast Weight Loss

The Warlock is a pure ranged damage dealer in Wow. This type can use pets deal more damage or to guard itself. So the gift trees it's the damage over time, either raise the direct damage or the pets of the Warlock.

15.01.25. 19:26

Boom Beach Hack Get Boom Beach free Diamonds

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15.01.25. 19:24

Candy Crush Soda Saga Hack use the Candy Crush Soda Saga Generator

Beloved Candy Crush soft drink saga playeryou would like more lifes? You want to reach a advanced?

15.01.25. 19:21

Hearthstone Hack get the Hearthstone card Generator

The new hearthstone hack - http://Hearthstonehack12.tumblr.com/ for No costHey guy...

15.01.25. 19:16

Hearthstone Hack get the Hearthstone card Generator

The modern hearthstone hack for FreeHey guy an individual play hearthstone and need...

15.01.25. 19:11

Financial debt in addition to Line-Item-Veto Expenditures Accepted

Clinton has sharply closed the gap, the Democrats still get creamed by Republican money men.

15.01.25. 19:08

Comparing Essential Factors For moviestar

Want to learn how to build confidence with females? Here's a question in your case...what is the number one characteristics that all women are into? Perhaps you believe women want men who are superstar attractive.

15.01.25. 18:26

Why Individuals Didn't Attain Results In Fitness Training And Healthful Lifestyle

This really is National Women's Health Week (May 11-17)! Yes, the U.S. Food and Drug...

15.01.25. 18:26

Avoid Triticum That Will Help You Drop Weight

To Cold weather running, as the cold air to stimulate the body, so the hematopoietic function changes, which enhances resistance to disease.

15.01.25. 18:23

Insanity Workout Review, Madness Workouts

To date, California has supported seven cases of the flu, all which were found in San Diego and Imperial counties. Swine flu is attributed in the deaths of up to 149 folks south of the border in Mexico.

15.01.25. 18:20

Strengthen Health And Appropriate Nutrients Can Help Treat Diseases

Entering 2011 this year many of buddies and my coworkers made resolutions, of which most of them were on taking care of their well-being, work outs, and gyming.

15.01.25. 18:18

Gym Music: Can't You Do Your Fitness Center Work Out Without It?

When faced setbacks or unhappy things our disposition is ever changing, we lost and would be depressed without motive.

15.01.25. 18:18

Improve Your Chances Of Qualifying For Private Auto Loans

There are many things to consider when desiring car finance. Auto leasing is an increasingly popular procedure of car finance. Why not choose an easier way to get www.gcarsonfinance.co.uk/bad-credit-car-finance-birmingham-quotes-from-d...

15.01.25. 18:00

Professional Tree Service - Ensuring Health And Safety Of Your Trees

Hair is important for both women and men. It is obvious that having natural looking and healthy hair is essential although not all may admit it. This is not only for aesthetic reason.

15.01.25. 17:36

The End of the Road to get Duty Preparation Lending options?

Once you've found several loan providers, review their policies and operations to make certain they review and verify their leads.

15.01.25. 17:25

5 Controversial Diet Pills Promoted By Dr. Oz

Getty Images/Roger KisbyThis week, Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of "The Dr. Oz Show," sat down to explain to senators why he, as a surgeon and popular doctor...

15.01.25. 17:10

Discover the Best Facial Skin Tightening Creams

The search for the best facial skin tightening cream can be a hard one. There are so many to choose form and they all claim to be the best.Many have so-called "natural" ingredients and others are full of chemicals.

15.01.25. 16:40

The Next Gen Android Phone Samsung Galaxy S Ii

Choosing a decent miele pressure isn't a hard task if you know where to look. Looking online for miele cleaning appliances is the perfect idea.

15.01.25. 16:36

Samsung Galaxy Tab: Now Ready To Sell

What does man or women want in life? Is it money, fame, or good relations? In todays world majority of the people will go for your first option and with the other a couple of them. Money is a source of source of revenue.

15.01.25. 16:36

Some Information You Should Become Aware Of Before Purchase China Phones

LG Prada 3.0 and Samsung Galaxy Note, both these Android smartphones may be in high demand these mornings. Now the question arises, which one is better get with best prices out the hands down comparatively?

15.01.25. 16:32

Tips About Investing As Best Ainol Novo 7 Android Tablet

With the flood of cheap screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy on the market, how anyone go about picking the right one? These simple tips will allow you decide on how to pick the right screen protector for Samsung Galaxy ace nicely.

15.01.25. 16:31

Samsung Galaxy S Wifi Essential.0 Wifi Connects You With Your Desire

Android App Development is certainly big this 2011. This mobile Operating system which was bought by Google in 2005 undoubtedly grow stronger this long term. The first Android smartphone was the HTC Dream / G1 back in 2008.

15.01.25. 16:30

natural xl

Difieren raramente pocas para ? ? No raras par y a componente . Por lo tanto mismo...

15.01.25. 16:03

Muscle ZX90

How to burn off belly extra fat for guys can also be dealt with by pounds training. When you pump iron, you Muscle ZX90 Supplement, and when you build muscle, you burn up extra fat, including that mass about your middle.

15.01.25. 15:33

Set Up Your Ab Workout Routine In 4 Simple Things To Do To Get Flat Abs

I've made a decision to put off writing my preview for the coming Cleveland Browns' season until there is definitely 100 percent certainty on who will be beginning at quarterback in week 1 versus the Steelers.

15.01.25. 15:24

Weight Gain For Anorexia Sufferers

As far as "springtime" in Chicago goes, it is a countdown for some constant sun -- with light, warm breezes that wrap around your exposed skin. Screech! Open skin?

15.01.25. 15:19

Bike Your Way To Fitness

Barack Obama regularly points out that doing nothing with the existing health-care system would be a disaster for American families as well as the economy.

15.01.25. 15:13

Should You Really Desire To Lose Weight Quickly Here's How

Do you have a clue about the total amount of food that never gets digested and builds up as waste in the colon?

15.01.25. 15:12

Some Updated Guidelines For Picking Out Elements Of Gili Islands PADI IDC Dive Instructor Courses

Nutrition precisely what we provide to our bodies, from the form of food and drink, to support life within body's tissues. It is need to eat and drink, which can known as our weight loss program.

15.01.25. 15:12

P90x Tricks: A Helpful Health And Fitness Guide

There isn't any magic wand when it comes to slimming down fast despite some of the outrageous claims that are out there.

15.01.25. 15:10

Walk Your Way To Great Health

In a couple of exercise and weight-loss posts I've written recently, I have referred to the critical importance of FIRST determining that you're a fit, lean person who works out for life.

15.01.25. 15:09

Acai berry information

Acai has one of the best nutritional values of any fruit, which is why acai berries are called superfoods.For centuries...

15.01.25. 15:04

Getting Enough Fiber Is Essential For Weight Loss

Fats are certainly a 4-letter word in the minds of the majority of folks. All of us understand we have too many of them, and they are always the very first thing on the chopping block when we begin our diets.

15.01.25. 14:52

Samsung Galaxy S3 Reaches The Masses

Samsung Galaxy S3 has multi touch enabled screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2. The 8 MP primary camera that supports simultaneous let's video and image sound recording.

15.01.25. 14:29

Exercise Is Worthless For Weight Reduction , So Can I Quit Now?

Eat too much and its unlikely you will ever do enough exercise to burn it off. That is the worrying finding of a brand new study by a World Health Organization obesity research center.

15.01.25. 14:17

Display And Battery Lifetime Of The Samsung Galaxy S2

AT&T has some commonly for those still seeking last-minute technology gifts. Identical .

15.01.25. 13:49

An Essential Analysis Of Trouble-Free Solutions Of Indonesia PADI IDC Dive Instructor Courses

The Orkney area is probably the of convey . your knowledge places to consider a quiet vacation and spend time alone or the particular family. Did you know may call Orkney the Orkneys island?

15.01.25. 13:33

Efficient Saskatoon Contractors Products - Useful Questions

Solar panels for your are one very popular idea nowadays as people try to discover ways to reduce their invoice. And they get the intense idea that using power could be an efficient and cheap way comprehensive that.

15.01.25. 13:32

Necessary Details In Trawangan PADI IDC Dive Instructor Courses - The Latest Guidance

If excess to precisely how to obtain a ex boyfriend back, higher . sound tremendously superficial, but do your best to look really attractive, and amazing. This is not the complete means towards the end market .

15.01.25. 13:29

The Best Cell Phone For A Teenager

There are rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and whatever information exists on this phone is mere royal engagement. Even the Samsung Mobile is tight lipped, when questioned about the production date in this Smartphone.

15.01.25. 13:26

aktualne wyniki lotto

Właśnie mara nader dużej zyskanej tak nieciemno mobilizuje wiele jednostek do symetrycznego wkładu w grze lotto.Dlatego onym powinien zdumiewać fakt, że w Internecie aż œni się od ‘cudownych organizmów lotto’.

15.01.25. 12:35

Os Melhores pílulas de dieta

Difieren frecuentes pocas para ? ? no sensacionalmente especie de de Perder peso rápido a pierwiastekiem . Por lo tanto mismo antes compre personas pastillas del mejorar pene adyacente ?

15.01.25. 12:33

abnehmen mit grünem kaffee

Die in den grünen Kaffeebohnen enthaltene Chlorogensäure stoppt die Absorption von Zuckern im Verdauungssystem.

15.01.25. 12:14

How To Make Your Underarm Whitening Look Amazing In 9 Days

Underarm whitening treatment may put all the embarrassment and shame away regarding having dark armpits.

15.01.25. 12:11

Helpful Guidance On Quick Secrets Of Currency Trading

But it isn't something you see in the photograph of the house is locked into the lower rate if the cost of improvements. This type of policy for building insurance for landlords.

15.01.25. 12:10

A Helpful Overview Of Effortless Tactics In London Escorts

On tonight's episode of "Hardcore Pawn" at Detroit's famous American Jewelry and Loan, the Gold loved ones are having employee problems any Seth's decision not to trust their staff after an inside job of theft.

15.01.25. 12:01

Questions To Pose About Prudent Calgary Contractors Strategies

If in order to tired of the bathroom and they're looking to buy it an additionally modern look, a renovation just may be in arrangement.

15.01.25. 12:00

Free Samsung Galaxy Tab Here's How Carbohydrates Get A Samsung Galaxy Tab For Free

Android App Development planning big this 2011. This mobile Platform which was bought by Google in 2005 will certainly grow stronger this future years. The first Android smartphone was the HTC Dream / G1 back in 2008.

15.01.25. 11:57

ZIPP.hu a Facebookon is

Gasztro hirfolyam

Világevő, 16.07.20. 21:12

Jön egy székely és egy magyar külföldről Budapestre...

A vicc folytatása szerencsére az, hogy itt meg is állapodnak, és aztán nagyon egyéni, különleges és főleg laza és mégis magas színvonalú ételeket főznek a megújult Babelben.[...] Bővebben!

Világevő, 16.07.19. 19:33

Szombaton lesz a talán legjobb balatoni program!

Tavaly ott voltam az első Bohém Légyotton, és nem túlzás azt állítani, hogy egy hihetetlenül hangulatos programról van szó, finom borokkal, jó hangulattal, nagyon normális emberekkel egy fantasztikus helyen...

Limara péksége, 16.07.17. 17:43

Amerikai almáspite

A kedvenc pitém. Vaníilia fagyival verhetetlen.A piacon gyönyörű, zöld színű nyári almákat kaptam, talán fontosalmának nevezik, de ebben nem vagyok biztos. Savanykás, az tuti.

Chili és Vanília, 16.07.15. 20:15

Egyben sült csirke nyári céklákkal

Vasárnap délelőtt, lassan ébredezik a város, a Tűzoltó utcai kézműves söröző udvarán azonban már korán reggel nagy az izgalom.

A bűvös szakács, 16.07.05. 09:41

Iskolatáska teszt

Nyakunkon az iskolakezdés. Ilyenkor minden szülőnél felmerül a kérdés, milyen szempontok alapján válasszon iskolaszereket a gyermeknek.

Chili és Vanília, 16.07.04. 09:21

Sütés nélküli sajttorta csatos üvegben

A Nők Lapja mostani számában amerikai ihletésű recepteket találtok tőlem: hamburger tépett sertéshússal, nyári lazacleves csöves kukoricával, ragacsos, csípős csirkeszárny, többek között.

Limara péksége, 16.06.29. 14:19

Ropogós sajtgolyók

Számtalanszor hallom az ismerősöktől, hogy imádom a rántott sajtot, de nem készítek, mert annyira macerás.

ZIPP legfrissebb cikkek