Own label food and drink NPD overtook branded for the first time in 2011 (54-46%)

With the economic climate remaining fraught and an ever expanding range of high quality own label ranges offered at food retailers, the influence of private label products has never been stronger.

15.07.16. 00:00

Airport shopping marks the end of terminal boredom:...

With the excitement of Summer 2013 beginning to build, the nation is starting to look forward to the long awaited holidays. And for many, it looks like the holiday begins in the airport lounge.

13.05.15. 11:27

Mintel celebrates American Craft Beer Week with some boozy stats

Chicago (May 14, 2013)—Raise your glasses and celebrate American Craft Beer week with this beer insight from several of Mintel’s latest beer reports.

13.05.14. 20:12

Cleanliness, menu selection and comfort most important when dining out, reports Mintel

Chicago (May 7, 2013)—As restaurants across the nation gear up for a busy Mother’s Day weekend that promises to make those procrastinators sorry they didn’t make reservations...

13.05.07. 20:11

Stevia sweetens up Europe: Europe now accounts for a...

While until a few years ago, Stevia was mainly known among industry insiders, after the EU approved its use in food and drink, there has been a surge of new product innovations in the EU to capitalise on consumer demand.

13.05.01. 12:41

Mintel’s British Lifestyles report highlights the...

With the lifestyles of many consumers in Britain in flux over the past five years, Mintel’s annual British Lifestyles report reveals the legacy of the economic downturn.

13.04.26. 11:42

Green to be seen—some consumers only going green to impress others

Chicago (April 19, 2013)—No matter how you are (or aren’t) celebrating Earth Day on Monday, it’s likely that Americans are at least thinking about the health of the environment and considering ways they can be more responsible.

13.04.19. 21:07

True sports fans cheering from the couch

Chicago (April 17, 2013)—With NBA play-offs just days away, hardcore basketball fans the world over are scrambling to get tickets to root for their favorite team.

13.04.17. 21:19

A thirst for beauty - two thirds of global skincare NPD in 2012 had moisturising / hydrating claims

With weather conditions and stress playing havoc with consumer skincare regimes, beauty products which claim to hydrate and moisturise have never been more in demand.

13.04.16. 11:46

Consumers willing to spend money to save time, reports Mintel

Chicago (April 10, 2013)—When it comes to cleaning…time is of the essence, especially with the spring cleaning season in full swing.

13.04.10. 20:33

Mais de um terço dos brasileiros afirma que adota hábitos saudáveis de alimentação...

A maioria dos brasileiros tenta seguir uma dieta balanceada ao procurar por opções nutritivas, mas de acordo com novo relatório lançado pela Mintel, eles não irão abrir mão dos alimentos calóricos.

13.04.10. 18:31

Baby household products almost double over past five years globally

While some of the major economies worldwide are experiencing low birth rates, new research from Mintel shows that household baby products are booming.

13.04.09. 13:02

Bike loving Brits in a spin - four in ten Brits now cycle

After a summer of sport in 2012 and an increased number of cycling heroes for the nation, Britain’s love of cycling has been riding high.

13.04.05. 12:25

British cyclists on the rise reports Mintel

After a summer of sport in 2012 and an increased number of cycling heroes for the nation, Britain’s love of cycling has been riding high.

13.04.05. 11:24

Don’t put down the salt shaker yet; American consumers...

Chicago (March 28, 2013)—While almost six in 10 Americans (58%) say they watch their sodium intake...

13.03.28. 18:54

New chocolate confectionery market stats from Mintel

As the nation gears up for the annual choc eating fest that is Easter, Mintel reveals some sweet stats from their upcoming chocolate confectionery report.Can’t resist?

13.03.28. 11:47

Peanut butter a rising star in the sweet spreads market

While it seems that jam and marmalade are falling out of flavour among Brits, new...

13.03.27. 11:23

Millennial parents, especially dads, spend more dough on family entertainment

Chicago (March 26, 2013)—Millennial parents (aged 18-35 in 2012) just want to have fun.

13.03.26. 20:08

Packaged rice variants double in less than a year in India’s retail market

While rice remains an important part of the food and drink retail landscape across Asia Pacific, new research from Mintel highlights that it is India leading the way in the packaged rice market across the region.

13.03.25. 18:42

A big thumbs up for British post horse meat scandal...

The horse meat scandal, which broke in January 2013, has once again put the spotlight on the sourcing of food, with concerns raised over the way in which meat from overseas has entered the UK food chain.

13.03.22. 15:28

A região nordeste é o novo oásis do mercado de sorvetes premium, revela Mintel

Enquanto os fabricantes de sorvetes previamente investiam em versões mais sofisticadas no Sudeste do Brasil, pesquisa da Mintel revela que a demanda está mudando.

13.03.20. 16:42

North East region of Brazil is the new market for luxury ice cream, reports Mintel

While ice cream manufacturers may have previously targeted areas outside of the North of Brazil for luxury ice cream, latest research from Mintel reveals that times - and locations for demand - are changing.

13.03.20. 11:37

Younger Americans and households with children remain key for the ethnic food market

Chicago (March 18, 2013)—Young Americans and those with children like to spice things up in the kitchen, according to new research from Mintel on the ethnic foods market.

13.03.18. 16:55

China’s department store retail market doubles in value over past six years

While department stores in China have faced ever more increasing competition from other formats and retail channels in recent years...

13.03.15. 15:43

Dry shampoos accounted for 3% of global shampoo launch activity in 2012

Chicago (March 13, 2013)—According to new research from Mintel Beauty & Personal Care on the dry shampoo market, a shower is no longer necessary when it’s time to suds up your hair.

13.03.13. 21:02

Mintel Beauty & Personal Care highlights growing potential for natural beauty products in China

With facial skincare accounting for 92% of the total skincare value market in China, demand for new product innovation in the beauty space has never been more important.

13.03.13. 14:56

Durbin Amendment not slowing debit card marketing

Chicago (March 11, 2013)—With debit card usage on the rise, new findings from Mintel Comperemedia show that banks are following suit—sending more direct marketing offers to capitalize on the growing market for debit.

13.03.11. 18:12

The four legged friends living a two legged lifestyle as Brits go barking mad for pets

While Britain’s pets are pampered and adored, many Brits are living an increasingly frugal lifestyle - and it seems life remains cushy for our four legged friends.

13.03.11. 16:10

Mintel welcomes Tonya Roberts as new multicultural analyst

Chicago (March 7, 2013)—Mintel, the leading global supplier of consumer, product and media intelligence is pleased to announce the addition of Tonya Roberts to their reports team.

13.03.07. 20:40

Low consumer confidence in economy leads half of Americans...

Chicago (March 6, 2013)—Confidence is a distinctly American quality, but are Americans dusting off the gloom of poor economic conditions and moving on?

13.03.06. 18:14

New research from Mintel and Leatherhead Food Research...

A new report into the food colours market combining market expertise from Mintel and Leatherhead Food Research reveals that, for the first time in 2011...

13.02.28. 10:44

Mintel appoints new VP Global Insight Beauty and Personal Care

Mintel, the leading global supplier of consumer, product and media intelligence, continues...

13.02.26. 12:59

Cider is the apple of the alcoholic drink sector's eye, but can move beyond its core market...

With lager companies now also looking to capitalise on the growth in the UK cider market, it seems that the nation’s desire for this fruity drink shows no signs of losing fizz just yet.

13.02.22. 11:25

Over a third of over 75s in Britain have given paying...

Long-term care in old age is a topic which most people would prefer to avoid for as long as possible - especially when it comes to how they’d meet the costs.

13.02.20. 12:39

Valentine's Day special: a collection of romantic stats from Mintel

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolate or a romantic dinner with your loved one?

13.02.14. 19:20

Hispanic men present opportunities for marketers, reports Mintel

While the Hispanic population is growing at a fast pace in the US - and with them their purchasing power - it seems in the last few years much of the focus has been on Latinas...

13.02.13. 23:00

The Great British Budget - nine in ten Brits now on a budget

As the nation braces itself for another year of cuts, new research from Mintel finds budget Britain is in full swing with nine in ten (89%) Brits now on a budget.

13.02.07. 15:30

Sugar and gum confectionery market in Brazil breaks the R$10 billion mark, reports Mintel

As Brazilian consumers develop a more sophisticated sweet tooth, new research from Mintel reveals that the sugar and gum market in Brazil has, for the first time...

13.02.06. 14:05

Relatório Mintel revela que mercado de balas e chicletes no Brasil faturou mais de R$ 10 bi

À medida que os consumidores brasileiros desenvolvem um gosto mais sofisticado em relação aos doces, relatório Mintel revela que o mercado de balas e chicletes no Brasil, pela primeira vez, quebrou a barreira dos R$ 10 bi.

13.02.06. 14:05

New research from Mintel reveals elderly Chinese consumers have money to burn...

New report from Mintel says elderly Chinese consumers don’t feel adequately targeted by retailers and marketers.Elderly Chinese consumers (respondents aged 50 and up) in China are feeling underappreciated by retailers and marketers...

13.01.30. 23:29

America’s weak economy benefits the at-home nail care...

The US nail color and care market fared well during the economic slump, as women tightened their purse strings and turned to at-home nail care options versus the pricey spa alternatives.

13.01.30. 23:29

Mintel Retail Predictions outline the future of the high street

Speaking at Mintel's “Big Conversation - The Year Ahead in Retail” event this week, Mintel's Director of Retail Research, Richard Perks...

13.01.29. 02:45

Mintel announces the global launch of Mintel Futures

Mintel has today (29 January) announced the launch of Mintel Futures - a unique approach to trend forecasting enabling a longer term, strategic outlook - from the global analyst team at Mintel.Stemming from a set of six key trends...

13.01.29. 22:04

It Pays To Save! Bank cash incentives shoot up in 2012

It’s said that a penny saved is a penny earned and the old saying looks very true today, as banks in the US are increasingly promoting cash incentives as a way to attract customers to new savings accounts.

13.01.25. 18:26

The rise of craft beer in the US - Craft beer sales...

While the economic downturn has affected consumer spending across many sectors, craft and craft-style beers are defying recessionary trends with an impressive upward trajectory.

13.01.23. 19:32

US consumers have a healthy appetite for high protein food.

Today, it seems high protein foods are one of the most sought after nutritional choices among American consumers to meet a variety of needs, from balancing diet, building muscle and weight loss.

13.01.18. 18:33

Mintel and The Economist Intelligence Unit collaborate to forecast global FMCG trends

• New whitepaper forecasts the changing household spending patterns in five emerging...

13.01.15. 11:15

The beauty secret of young men: the convenience of buying...

While “made for men” beauty products are now mainstream, latest research from Mintel reveals that online retailing is the ultimate shopping channel for American men when it comes to beauty.

13.01.10. 17:23

Mintel announces 2013 foodservice trend predictions

The restaurant industry continues to make gains and consumers are feeling more confident about spending their discretionary dollars on dining out. So, what will they be looking for this year when they sit down at their favorite eatery?

13.01.08. 19:38

Mintel hires new Global Skincare Analyst, Chris Lindsley

Mintel Group, the leading global supplier of consumer, product and media intelligence...

13.01.04. 22:06

Smoking cessation sales hit $1 billion as more Americans vow to put it out in 2013, reports Mintel

Time to start making those New Year’s resolutions, and if you’re a smoker it’s probably crossed your mind that 2013 should be the year you kick the habit.

13.01.03. 22:43

Shrinking sales for diet foods as the nation’s waistbands expand

As a new year begins, the thoughts of many Brits will be on how to shed the excesses of the festive season and using the new year as a catalyst to realise their ambitions of a fitter self.

13.01.02. 13:10

Festive facts from Mintel for the holidays

As the final countdown begins, Mintel gets into the holiday spirit with a variety of festive stats and figures covering food and drink, health, alcohol, shopping, household goods and personal care.Don’t forget...

12.12.21. 00:15

Turkey consumption edges upward; turkey products report stronger growth than chicken

It is well known that when it comes to poultry sales, chicken rules the roost, but as the holidays approach, could it be time for turkey to gobble up a bigger share of the US market?

12.12.21. 21:36

Rise of the Dadget - the must have gifts for dad this Christmas are high tech

As Christmas swiftly approaches, so with it comes rising panic from many consumers who are desperately searching for the perfect gift before the big day.

12.12.21. 18:33

Café outlets in China double over past five years as...

With leading coffee retailers announcing massive expansion plans across China and a new generation of coffee culture loving consumers, the market for cafés in China has never been better.

12.12.20. 19:10

American consumers set to cook up a storm over the holidays as over a quarter love cooking

With the holidays quickly approaching, the minds of many Americans will turn to seasonal cooking and their big holiday meal, but will they enjoy slaving away in the kitchen?

12.12.20. 00:52

Alternative fuel vehicles hit the road in the US, as they reach record high in 2012

For years, alternative fuel vehicles appeared to be a somewhat futuristic dream for environmentally concerned individuals but today they are a reality for an increasing number of US consumers.

12.12.18. 21:25

Consumer demand for bottled water in Indonesia sets stage for increased foreign investment...

A comparison by Mintel of Indonesia’s bottled water per capita consumption and its growth rate show that it is currently one of the highest value markets for bottled water.

12.12.18. 12:16

US consumers have a healthy appetite for breakfast as sales grow and nutritional claims thrive...

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the old adage says, and it looks like US consumers are growing more conscious of the importance of a healthy start to the day.

12.12.12. 21:03

Three quarters of Chinese middle class families expect...

Following China’s One-Child Policy in 1979, more than eight in ten Chinese families in tier 1 and tier 2 cities now have only one child - the pampered generation of “Little Emperors”...

12.12.05. 17:15

Mintel hires new automotive analyst, Colin Bird

Mintel is pleased to announce the addition of Colin Bird to its team of dedicated analysts in the role of automotive analyst.

12.11.28. 21:33

Premium beers set to drive growth in the off trade Brazilian beer market, reports Mintel

While the appeal of standard beer for consumers in Brazil is far from flat - with local beer brands now accounting for 19 out of every 20 beers sold in Brazil...

12.11.27. 12:00

Relatório Mintel revela que marcas premium alavancam crescimento do mercado de cervejas no Brasil

No Brasil, onde atualmente no varejo em cada 20 cervejas consumidas, 19 pertencem a marcas de empresas nacionais...

12.11.27. 12:00

It’s in the bag: sales of handbags are set to reach £1 billion in 2012

We may be tightening our purse strings but new research from Mintel finds in good times and bad, handbags really are a girl’s best friend.

12.11.23. 11:25

A recipe for success - the rise and rise of Home Baking in Britain

With TV shows, books and celebrity chefs all singing the praises of the joys of baking, it seems home baking is enjoying a true renaissance in the UK.

12.11.16. 11:40

A retirement crisis is looming for women

Chicago (November 15, 2012)—The impending fiscal cliff is not the only financial crisis that Americans are facing. According to the latest Mintel research, most Americans, particularly women, are woefully underprepared for retirement.

12.11.15. 20:25

Mintel Menu Insights announces non-commercial menu tracking

Chicago (November 14, 2012)—Mintel Menu Insights is pleased to announce the addition of non-commercial foodservice menus from hotels, colleges, universities, assisted living and senior centers...

12.11.14. 21:02

Low price and right fit will drive more jeans into our wardrobes

Chicago (November 13, 2012)—Most of us have our favorite pair of jeans, the ones that are comfortable and perfectly worn in in all the right places. But, just because you have the perfect pair, doesn’t mean you don’t need more.

12.11.13. 17:35

Mintel Christmas Retail Predictions: 3% growth in retail sales this December in the UK

Mintel's Director of Retail Research, Richard Perks, details Mintel's exclusive UK Christmas 2012 retail predictions:"The pattern of retail trade through the year follows a very predictable pattern.

12.11.13. 14:32

Mintel launches Brazilian report series

New research and analysis into changing Brazilian consumer habits will be highlighted from today (8 November) as Mintel announces the launch of a new consumer research report series examining the Brazilian consumer market landscape.

12.11.09. 18:01

Canadian banks should target Millennials via mobile channels

Chicago (November 7, 2012)—Mobile banking is a hot topic in financial services right now, especially for those targeting the Millennial generation.

12.11.07. 20:16

India’s craving for chocolate unwraps business opportunities for manufacturers

While India celebrates Diwali, latest research by Mintel into the Indian Chocolate confectionery market highlights that India’s love of chocolate is booming.

12.11.07. 15:11

Growing influence of Eastern beauty products on Western...

As international beauty brands from across the globe converge in Thailand for In-cosmetics Asia from today (6th November 2012)...

12.11.06. 11:44

Man’s best friend gets the royal treatment, despite recessionary woes

Chicago (November 5, 2012)—Pets are not only a man’s best friend, they are often looked upon as a four-legged member of the family.

12.11.05. 19:28

APAC breeding ground for Anti-bacterial household product innovation

While stories about the threat posed by bacteria or viruses appearing in the media may have played a role in increasing consumer fear over hygiene...

12.11.01. 10:46

1.2 million mums stay at home due to high childcare costs

As family budgets grow increasingly stretched, and dual incomes become ever more necessary, exclusive research by Mintel into lifestyles of mums in the UK finds today, more than six in ten ...

12.10.31. 10:21

Men more likely than women to be concerned with STDs

Chicago (October 30, 2012)—As we all know by now, sales in many categories declined during the recession, however over the counter (OTC) contraceptives have flourished.

12.10.30. 16:03

Mintel to present in The Brand Zone at PACK EXPO International 2012

Chicago (October 26, 2012)—Mintel, a leading market research company, invites you to join Lynn Dornblaser, director of innovation & insight at Mintel, and Benjamin Punchard, global packaging analyst at Mintel...

12.10.26. 18:31

Mintel’s Director of Innovation & Insight Lynn Dornblaser to judge Project Carton contest

Chicago (October 25, 2012)—Mintel, a leading market research company, is proud to...

12.10.26. 18:31

Growth in Organic products in China as consumers adopt multiple self protection strategies

While recent food scare issues have been well documented in China, new research from Mintel on consumer lifestyles in China reveals that Chinese consumers are employing a variety of self protection strategies...

12.10.24. 11:37

Digital movie sales quadrupled in the past five years

Chicago (October 18, 2012)—As household TV screens continue to increase in size, so do the sales and rentals of digital movies.

12.10.18. 20:24

Technology causes one in ten Irish consumers sleepless nights

While technology ownership in Ireland has seen swift growth - with 60% of NI (Northern Ireland) and 51% of RoI ...

12.10.11. 15:35

August mortgage mail volume highest since May 2008

Chicago (October 9, 2012)—The future of mortgage direct mail is looking more optimistic according to new research from Mintel Comperemedia.

12.10.09. 18:51

Mintel launches student ambassador programme

Mintel has today (9 October) launched a new initiative aiming to engage students with...

12.10.09. 11:44

India leads the way in no additives/preservatives claims in Asia Pacific food and drink NPD

As health concerns climb up the consumer agenda globally, manufacturers have been quick to respond with new products to meet demand.

12.10.08. 13:22

Nine million Brits come clean that touching the toilet bowl drives them round the bend

Toilets - there are 43 million of them in Britain today and as many as 45% of British homes have two or more.

12.10.05. 12:10

The sweet smell of success for men’s fragrance category in China

While the men’s global perfume and fragrances market remains strong - driven by celebrity endorsement and associations with success, until recently, perceptions have remained fixed in China associating fragrance as a female-only category.

12.10.04. 15:50

Rising In the East: Asia-Pacific consolidates its position as largest regional luxury goods marke

New research from Mintel on the international luxury market reveals that while Asia-Pacific overtook Europe to become the largest regional luxury goods market in 2010, it continued its upward trajectory in 2011...

12.09.27. 16:07

Mintel appoints Emmanuelle Moeglin as Global Fragrance Analyst

Mintel Group Ltd, the leading global supplier of consumer, product and media intelligence, is delighted to announce the appointment of Emmanuelle Moeglin as Global Fragrance Analyst.

12.09.21. 18:48

Grape Expectations - just 26% of Brits think boxed wine is inferior to bottled

Previously a no-go for the nation’s wine buffs, latest research from Mintel finds that screw tops, boxes and pouches are being seen as increasingly credible options among Britain’s wine users.

12.09.21. 13:43

The Generation Gain - over a third of 18-24s have increased the amount they save

Debt - for most it appears unavoidable, yet new research from Mintel highlights a new type of consumer who is both reassessing and re-evaluating their attitude towards debt.

12.09.17. 13:09

Food for thought - Mintel and GetLunched reinvent the lunch hour

As a summer to remember for Britain draws to a close, many consumers will be putting away their bunting, hanging up their holiday gear and getting back to the normal 9 - 5 routine.

12.09.12. 10:09

All polished up - nail make-up steals the show in UK cosmetics market

While consumers have no control over what happens with national economics, they can control their personal appearance and it seems that today, this is exactly what they are doing.

12.09.10. 16:28

We all scream for ice cream - Ice cream and frozen novelty sales on the rise

Chicago (September 7, 2012)—It’s been a hot summer, and what’s better to cool people off, but ice cream...and it appears that the market for ice cream in America has got it licked.

12.09.07. 20:20

Britain’s big scoop... ice cream sales hit the billion mark in 2011

It may have been the dampest summer on record and consumers across the nation have been tightening their purse strings, but new research from Mintel finds Brits have still have a taste for ice cream...

12.09.07. 12:11

Low/No/Reduced Sodium NPD claims decline despite salt concerns

Despite increased awareness about the risks of too much sodium in consumers’ diets and pledges from governments around the world to reduce salt levels in food...

12.08.31. 10:24

Classic cocktails making a menu comeback

Chicago (August 29, 2012)—If you want to know what cocktails people are ordering in bars and restaurants, you don’t need to look any further than an episode of Mad Men. Classic cocktails are mixing things up on the drink menu this year.

12.08.29. 19:46

No loyalty in lotion, affordability is key, reports Mintel

Chicago (August 23, 2012)—Loyalty is lost when it comes to body care products. New research from Mintel reveals that nearly a quarter (23%) of those who use body care products at least once a week usually just buy what’s on sale.

12.08.23. 18:23

Baby Food is heating up in the kitchen in UK as four in ten parents make more home cooked food

While the baby food and drink market has been better insulated from the economic downturn than many others, new research from Mintel finds tighter household budgets have driven as many as four in ten ...

12.08.22. 10:52 a Facebookon is

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A vicc folytatása szerencsére az, hogy itt meg is állapodnak, és aztán nagyon egyéni, különleges és főleg laza és mégis magas színvonalú ételeket főznek a megújult Babelben.[...] Bővebben!

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Tavaly ott voltam az első Bohém Légyotton, és nem túlzás azt állítani, hogy egy hihetetlenül hangulatos programról van szó, finom borokkal, jó hangulattal, nagyon normális emberekkel egy fantasztikus helyen...

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A kedvenc pitém. Vaníilia fagyival verhetetlen.A piacon gyönyörű, zöld színű nyári almákat kaptam, talán fontosalmának nevezik, de ebben nem vagyok biztos. Savanykás, az tuti.

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Vasárnap délelőtt, lassan ébredezik a város, a Tűzoltó utcai kézműves söröző udvarán azonban már korán reggel nagy az izgalom.

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Nyakunkon az iskolakezdés. Ilyenkor minden szülőnél felmerül a kérdés, milyen szempontok alapján válasszon iskolaszereket a gyermeknek.

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Sütés nélküli sajttorta csatos üvegben

A Nők Lapja mostani számában amerikai ihletésű recepteket találtok tőlem: hamburger tépett sertéshússal, nyári lazacleves csöves kukoricával, ragacsos, csípős csirkeszárny, többek között.

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