It’s Not Just About the Shelf: Creating the Ideal In-Store Experience

The reality today is that 70% of consumers’ purchase decisions are still made at the shelf.

16.07.21. 16:00

Second Night of 2016 Republican National Convention Draws 19.8 Million Viewers

An estimated 19.8 million people tuned in to watch the second night of the 2016 Republican National Convention on Tuesday, July 19.

16.07.20. 23:45

Quality Branded Content Outperforms Pre-Roll Advertising

Brands and marketers competing to engage content-hungry consumers need to be creative in the strategies they deploy to appeal to viewers, especially in an age of ad-blocking technology.

16.07.20. 18:00

Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal of the Day, but the Way We Eat It Is Changing

It should come as no surprise that for children, cereal is a breakfast of champions. But as we age, cereal is getting bowled over for other breakfast options. So what else are we eating for the most important meal of the day

16.07.20. 17:00

First Night of 2016 Republican National Convention Draws 23 Million Viewers

An estimated 23.4 million people tuned in to watch the opening night of the 2016 Republican National Convention on Monday, July 18.

16.07.19. 23:13

New Growth Order: How Breakthrough Leaders Are Creating the Next Frontier of CPG Innovation

Breakthrough leadership isn’t easy. For many CPG companies, innovation has been just another function. But this year's Breakthrough Innovation Award winners show that CEOs need to serve as champions of innovation to find success.

16.07.18. 18:00

Television is Still Top Brass, But Viewing Differences Vary With Age

Age is everything. When it comes to viewing habits, the age of the viewer has a lot to do with linear and digital platform usage.

16.07.18. 15:00

Uncommon Sense: Analytic Marketplaces

Today, the enterprise needs a big data warehouse that combines on-premise and in-the-cloud datasets into a comprehensive view of its business and the environment in which it operates

16.07.18. 13:00

A 'California' State of Mind Takes Over the U.S. Album Charts

The new album from Blink-182 debuted with 186,000 total equivalent album sales in the U.S. So aside from Blink-182, what else do fans of alternative music like

16.07.15. 16:00

The Innovation Secrets of High-Growth Brands

To survive and thrive in today’s market, consumer packaged goods companies need to shift away from “risk mitigating” innovation approaches to truly unlock and optimize the growth potential of every product they launch.

16.07.14. 16:00

Summer Sipping: What Americans are Drinking this Season—and Where

Summer barbecues and ball games just wouldn’t be the same without a bevy of icy libations to help cool things down. But the warmer temperatures do more than just boost traditional brew sales–with opportunities that go beyond just beer.

16.07.13. 18:00

Widening the Window: How Additional Opportunities Give a View of a Larger Audience

Live TV and seven-day time-shifted viewing are only pieces of the proverbial media pie. Clients have not had a syndicated service to look at delivery on all platforms beyond the first week of viewing and see that whole pie… until now

16.07.13. 17:00

Data for Sustainable Development: Collaboration Brings New Insights on Future Human Needs

As the world collaborates on the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, good data are critical to the world’s ability to set goals, generate plans and measure our collective progress.

16.07.12. 16:00

Summer Radio Tuning Has a Classic Feel this Year

In each of the past two summer rating periods, the Classic Hits format has grown its share of national listening than any other format.

16.07.12. 14:00

Growing Grocery Online: Innovation in Digital Commerce for CPG

With e-commerce growing, how can retailers and manufacturers meet growing consumer demands for CPG products online?

16.07.11. 20:01

Retail Resonance: Upping the Private Label Game Among America’s Multicultural Households

While private label gained ground in the wake of the recession, it's share of retail sales has leveled out. What's behind this trend?

16.07.11. 17:26

What's the Scoop? Digging in to Americans Love of Ice Cream

While the dawn of summer has inspired an uptick in traditional ice cream sales, frozen custard and non-dairy ice cream are driving much more significant growth in the overall ice cream category

16.07.08. 14:00

A Profitable Affair: Opportunities for Publishers in the Romance Book Market

With its handsome sales figures, ardent digital audience and swelling new sub-genres, today’s Romance book market presents an alluring opportunity for publishers

16.07.05. 15:00

You Stream, I Stream, We All Stream: The Paid Streaming Opportunity in Canada

While "over the air" AM/FM radio still dominates how Canadians discover new music, consumers are increasingly discovering music from online and app streaming services operated by AM/FM radio stations

16.06.30. 18:00

Differentiation Is Key to Video Consumption, Monetization

While the myriad content offerings is a bounty for consumers, content providers are increasingly challenged to break through and make sure their offerings are front and center.

16.06.29. 18:00

Fresh Guiding Principles: How Top Retailers Stay Ahead of the Competition

In today’s hectic marketplace, there’s no shortage of places for consumers to buy their favorite fresh foods.

16.06.28. 17:01

July 4th by the Numbers

The Fourth of July is a griller’s delight, and that means Americans across the country will be loading up their shopping carts with billions of dollars’ worth of food and beverages for the big celebration.

16.06.28. 17:00

Sizing Up Savings: Consumers Prefer Package Adjustments Over Sales

In modern retail, the use of promotions has slowly escalated to become a now-standard practice that has resulted in a shared reliance among retailers and manufacturers, but decent returns are increasingly hard to generate.

16.06.27. 15:00

Benchmarking Return on Ad Spend: Media Type and Brand Size Matter

New research from Nielsen Catalina Solutions has established benchmarks that detail the expected return on spend based on media type.

16.06.24. 17:30

Branch Management: When Consumers Prefer Brick-and-Mortar Bank Locations

Despite the myriad of things we can do on our phones and computers, there’s still a need for physical bank branches.

16.06.24. 14:00

Uncommon Sense: The Big Data Warehouse

Today, the enterprise needs a big data warehouse that combines on-premise and in-the-cloud datasets into a comprehensive view of its business and the environment in which it operates

16.06.23. 15:00

Deciding Factors: How Analytics Can Help With Talent Decision Making

Finding the right fit for on-air talent—whether it be for a new television ad creative or as a replacement host of a hot morning talk show—is a tough job for talent decision makers these days.

16.06.22. 15:00

U.S. Consumers Are Spicing Up Their Lives (and Kitchens) with a Fragrant Kick

Dried herbs and spices seem to be all the rage in the kitchen, as retail sales for these two categories have grown by more than $223 million over the past four years.

16.06.21. 16:00

Millennial Radio Listening Habits Differ by Political Views

Young voters had a big impact in the past two Presidential elections. For political strategists trying to reach these voters by November, radio is an important medium to include in the media mix.

16.06.21. 15:00

Valuable Variables: Consumers Want More Than Low Prices From Retailers

A core element in increasing share of wallet is understanding and responding to local consumer needs. It makes sense then, that differentiation from your competition could be an important way to build a competitive advantage.

16.06.20. 17:00

The Modern Dad: An Untapped Audience for Marketers

With Father’s Day around the corner, we wondered who the important men were in Americans' lives. Who is today’s modern dad? Men who are a parent of a child under the age of 18 account for 15% of U.S.

16.06.17. 16:00

Sounds of Summer 2016: A Snapshot of Music Festival Fans

For music fans, seeing their favorite musicians perform live can be an experience like no other. So it’s no surprise that music festivals—with many artists taking the stage, often over a few days—are becoming household names

16.06.16. 20:30

Don't Pass the Salt: Some Americans Cutting Back as FDA Suggests New Sodium Guidance

In an effort to make consumers aware of the health risks associated with current consumption trends, the FDA recently issued sodium reduction targets for the U.S. food industry.

16.06.16. 18:00

Pleasing Multicultural Consumers' Palettes Can Drive Growth for Alcoholic Beverages

Sales of beer, wine, and spirit are trending up, and multicultural consumers of legal drinking age are a key force behind this growth. So what are these diverse consumer groups looking for in the alcoholic beverage aisle

16.06.15. 16:00

Roadmap to Retail Growth: Why Bigger Is No Longer Better

Modern retail has long been guided by a powerful premise: the bigger, the better. Retailers, consumers and suppliers all benefited from economies of scale, but over the past 10 to 15 years, the retail store model has evolved.

16.06.15. 06:01

Millennials Flip the Dial to Classic Hits as the Summer Starts

When the weather heats up for summer, the sun also starts to shine brighter on Classic Hits radio, which has experienced the most listener growth over the past two summers.

16.06.14. 12:00

In Financial Services, Customer Service Can Be a Deal Maker—or a Deal Breaker

When it comes to loyalty in the financial services arena, just 60% of Americans say they’d be highly likely to recommend their primary financial service provider. That means the rest are up for grabs

16.06.13. 16:00

America's Sweetest Treat Is Delivering Candy Crushing Growth

When it comes to food, many Americans are putting their health first. But we still love a good indulgence as well...

16.06.10. 16:00

Uncommon Sense: Asymmetric Marketing—Small Investments for Big Returns

Marketers often think of “earned” media as asymmetric marketing opportunities—they’re cheap and fast, which make them quite easy for smaller brands to exploit.

16.06.09. 21:30

Connect and Chill: An Intimate Peek at Mobile Connected Device Owners

The relationship between a consumer and a mobile device is often an intimate one, with a lot of the characteristics of a long-term relationship. These days, being a connected consumer isn’t a trend, it’s a way of life.

16.06.09. 17:00

The Where Behind the Wear: Americans Are Buying Clothes In-Store, Online And On Their Phones

Shopping for apparel is a regular and frequent activity for most U.S. consumers. In today’s digital age, retailers looking to attract consumers need to understand whether they’re heading in-store, online or on their phone.

16.06.08. 16:00

Asian-Americans' Food Shopping Habits Influence Mainstream Shoppers From Coast-to-Coast

For Asian-Americans, food is an essential part of their cultural heritage and an element passed on from generation to generation.

16.06.07. 15:00

Attention! That’s the Secret to Mobile Game Success

In the over-saturated mobile games market, publishers are increasingly willing to pay to get their titles in front of eager players.

16.06.06. 22:45

TV Season 2015-2016 in Review: The Biggest Social TV Moments

With over 551 million Tweets sent about TV during the 2015-2016 season, social media continues to play a starring role in fans’ living rooms. So which moments got people Tweeting the most

16.06.06. 15:00

In Financial Services, There is No One Channel that Fits All

Yes, the digital world has changed how many of us go about our daily lives. But when it comes to financial services, consumers take advantage of an array of channels—not just the digital ones.

16.06.01. 18:45

Child's Play: Millennial Women Drive Sales of Adult Coloring Books

The popularity of coloring books, especially those geared toward adults, has been steadily increasing since the beginning of 2015, and a set of new releases should continue to power the genre’s growth through the summer

16.06.01. 15:30

Gaming Gone Global: Keeping Tabs on Worldwide Trends

It’s now 2016, and gaming has firmly moved out of the basement and into the living room–and beyond.

16.05.31. 23:00

Latin American Region Sees Widespread Consumer Confidence Declines in Q1 2016

Consumer confidence declined in six of the seven Latin American markets measured in the first quarter of 2016.

16.05.31. 16:07

Getting a Flavor for What Attracts Hispanic Millennial Shoppers

Knowing that 61% of U.S. Hispanic Millennials have shopped at a Hispanic supermarket once in the past year is helpful, but it’s only one layer of insight.

16.05.31. 15:45

Consumer Confidence Is High and Low in Asia-Pacific During Q1 2016

In the first quarter of this year, India (with an index of 134) and Indonesia (117) were bright spots for consumer confidence among growth markets in the Asia-Pacific region, up three and two points, respectively, from the previous quarter.

16.05.27. 15:00

Memorial Day Grilling Kicks off Prime Opportunity for Meat Department

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start to summer—and with it, grilling season. That makes Memorial Day a major holiday for meat purchases. And that's good news for the meat department, which saw sales drop in 2015

16.05.26. 20:30

Romance Readers by the Numbers

No longer just your average girl-meets-boy story, the billion-dollar Romance book industry has enough sub-genres to keep its diverse, loyal fan base happy for some time and remain one of the most widely read genres in the world.

16.05.26. 17:00

Concerns About Terrorism and Immigration Seem to be Weighing on Consumers in Western Europe

Consumer confidence declined four points in the U.K. (97) and one point in Germany (97) in the first quarter of 2016, as a favorable outlook for jobs worsened.

16.05.25. 18:15

Connecting with Radio Changes as Millennials Move Through Life Stages

Despite falling into one generation, Millennials are not a uniform, homogeneous group with a common set of beliefs, interests and behaviors. And these factors drive how and when they listen to the radio.

16.05.25. 17:00

Their Generation: From Location to Listening Habits a Media Divide Exists According to Age

When it comes to life choices, nearly every generation has drawn at least a little ire from their longer-lived predecessors—be it their style of clothing, political views or taste in media.

16.05.24. 15:00

Uncommon Sense: A Roadmap for Growing Established Brands

Mature brands will find themselves in a broader range of situations than new ones. When it becomes clear that your established brand needs investment to grow your circle of buyers, how do you know which path will work best for you

16.05.23. 17:15

Brands That are Building Momentum with Millennials

What brands do Millennials look for when they shop? In looking at findings from the consumer packaged goods portion of the 28th annual Harris Poll EquiTrend® study, which was released by Nielsen...

16.05.23. 16:00

Resilient U.S. Consumers Begin 2016 With Confidence

Around the world, consumer confidence in the first quarter of 2016 showed a fair amount of country-by-country variation, with perhaps no better example than in North America...

16.05.23. 15:00

If You Create It, Will They Come? Producing Podcast Content to Build Your Listener Base

A recent study from Nielsen Scarborough examined the lifestyles and behaviors of podcast listeners to identify the types of content that engage these consumers and keep them coming back for more

16.05.23. 12:00

Asian-Americans Are Expanding Their Footprint in the U.S. and Making an Impact

From food to technology to entertainment, Asian-American influence continues to rise in the U.S. and is spanning across the country

16.05.19. 15:00

Worry Lines Deepen For Many Around the World

Though global consumer confidence remained stable in the first quarter, there was notable variation on a country-by-country basis, and many markets noted a growing recessionary sentiment.

16.05.19. 14:30

Wanna Get Away? Travel App Usage Increases Among Americans Who Wish To

As the ubiquity, utility and ease of use of smartphones continues to increase in the U.S., it comes as no surprise that app development and usage is following suit.

16.05.18. 17:00

Connecting With Women in the Military

From the American Revolution to the present day, women have always played a crucial role in the U.S. military.

16.05.17. 18:15

Mixed Moods: 2016 Begins With a Fair Amount of Variation in Consumer Confidence

Global consumer confidence edged up one index point to 98 in the first quarter of 2016, remaining relatively stable in the first quarter and slightly below the optimism baseline score of 100.

16.05.17. 16:45

Lettuce Show You the Way: Consumer Demand for Salad Kits Is Increasing

As consumers strive to make healthier eating decisions, many have set out to find greener pastures, like Romaine, Arugula, Escarole and Kale.

16.05.16. 16:00

Uncommon Sense: The Democratization of Data Analysis

How did business intelligence break free of its centralized command-and-control heritage to meet the challenge of the agile, democratic, digital world

16.05.13. 14:00

Shop ‘til They Drop… Or At Least Until Their Thumbs Hurt: Getting to Know the Mobile Shopper

For many Americans, smartphones are as much a necessity in their daily lives as the air they breathe and the food they eat.

16.05.10. 17:00

Understanding the Impact of Category Shopping Fundamentals

With convenience and preference driving behaviors and the paths consumers take to the register, it’s vital for brands and retailers to understand what’s actually influencing their choices. That’s where shopper fundamentals can help.

16.05.10. 16:00

Should CEOs Be Creative Directors?

Few people would answer “yes” to this question—yet that’s the current state of package design at many consumer products companies according to a recent Nielsen survey of CPG professionals

16.05.06. 17:30

'Views' from the Top: Drake Sets New Record as Streaming Grows in Canada

Fueled by a massive wave of hype leading up to its release, Canadian superstar Drake’s 'Views' is already setting the pace to be the biggest album of the year in Canada.

16.05.05. 20:00

Greener Cleaners: Global Consumers Get Naturally Clean

When asked to pick the attributes they seek when purchasing all-purpose cleaners, 40% around the world say they want environmentally friendly benefits and nearly as many (36%) say they don’t want harsh chemicals.

16.05.05. 15:00

Success in the Mobile Gaming Market Can Be Explainable and Predictable

In the ever-changing mobile games market, it can often seem like success is unpredictable. As a result, many publishers flood the market with titles and evaluate from there.

16.05.03. 15:00

Global vs. Local: The Choice Is Clear for Fresh and Packaged foods

When it comes to choosing specific products, do consumers prefer global brands or local ones? The answer depends primarily on the category, and there is a surprising amount of agreement across regions

16.05.02. 17:52

Craft Beer Style Preferences Start and End With the Consumer

Countless new options in the beer aisle aren’t just tweaking traditional styles—they’re creating new ones.

16.05.02. 15:00

Americans Are Finding New Ways to Get Their Fizzy Fix

Soft drink, soda, pop, fizzy drink, tonic—Americans have long loved bubble beverages. But over the last four years, total U.S. dollar sales for carbonated beverages have dipped 1%, a $1 billion loss to the industry.

16.04.29. 16:00

Consumers Come Clean—About Cleaning Product Preferences

When it comes to cleaning products, it should come as little surprise that efficacy tops the list of most important attributes that consumers around the world seek out when selecting household cleaners.

16.04.28. 17:30

Kids Think Self-Driving Cars are Cool, But Costly

There are plenty of open questions about autonomous cars, but in a time when today’s youths eat, sleep and breathe all things digital, it’s worth exploring youth sentiment around this buzzed-about topic in the auto world

16.04.28. 16:00

Who's Headed to This Summer's Major Music Festivals?

American’s awareness of music festivals as a whole has increased over the past few years. As a result, this summer's series of events is set to be bigger than ever.

16.04.27. 22:30

Cracked Up – The Latest on U.S. Egg Sales

Despite their popularity at many breakfast tables, however, eggs aren’t selling the way they used to. So what can egg farmers and retailers do to hatch improved sales

16.04.27. 16:00

There’s Something About Methodology: How to Deliver Total Social TV Measurement

Although the unique nature of live social viewing is evident in consumer behavior...

16.04.27. 06:00

The 'Made In' Moniker Really Matters Around the World

As multinational companies continue to expand into new markets, often providing access to a greater range of products for local consumers, are local companies getting lost in the shuffle? Not necessarily so.

16.04.26. 15:00

Milk Is Still the Big Cheese of Canada's Dairy Aisle, But Perhaps Not for Long

For many years, milk was the poster child for good health in the dairy section. But in Canada, milk is moo-ving over as select solid options like cheese and yogurt are claiming the spotlight

16.04.25. 18:00

Hispanic Millennials Seek a Cultural Connection at Grocery

To better understand how the influence of other cultures affects Millennial shopping habits, a recent Nielsen study focused on the largest Millennial multicultural group—Hispanic Millennial

16.04.25. 15:00

Daily Dose: Smartphones Have Become a Staple of the U.S. Media Diet

When it comes to technology, sometimes there is a world of difference between wanting something and actually needing something. In the case of smartphones, the devices’ ubiquity in terms of U.S.

16.04.21. 18:00

Looking Beyond the Spoken Word on Radio to Reach Voters

While News/Talk stations may be the most popular venue on radio for political commentary, Adult Contemporary (AC) and Classic Hits also rank among the top five most popular formats for voters

16.04.19. 15:00

Top Gear: Local Media Is a Good Vehicle to Reach Digital Auto Shoppers

Technology continues to be on the fast track, and it's changing consumer behavior and media habits. It's also helping today’s digital-savvy shoppers, particularly those in the market for a car

16.04.18. 19:00

Untapped Potential? Understanding China's Music Consumers

72% of the general population in China listens to music, and they do so for an average of 16 hours per week, often on smartphones and with specialized headphones.

16.04.18. 18:00

Uncommon Sense: Next-Gen Innovation--An Evolutionary Model for Creating and Refining Ideas at Scale

Typically, small teams build concepts, get qualitative or quantitative feedback, refine concepts, collect another round of feedback, and so on, until they arrive at a “winning” concept.

16.04.18. 15:00

Spring In To Cleaning: Tidy Tools Help Get the Job Done

Cleaning can be a thankless job. Luckily, there’s a variety of cleaning products to help. In fact, the tools that consumers use to clean their homes are as diverse as the regions themselves.

16.04.14. 15:00

Nielsen 360° Gaming Report: Mobile, eSports and VR Expand and Increase Engagement

Not only have mobile gaming apps expanded the gaming landscape, but the growing popularity...

16.04.13. 15:00

The Data Behind Diabetes

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of people living with diabetes is rising.

16.04.07. 22:55

For American Beer Drinkers, It’s A Great Time to Be a Beer Lover

According to a recent Nielsen survey conducted by Harris Poll, nearly 9 out of every 10 (88%) of U.S. beer drinkers say that it’s a great time to be a beer lover.

16.04.07. 18:00

Tantalizing Trade Off: VOD Viewers Don’t Mind Watching Ads for Free Content

The rise of video-on-demand (VOD) programming choices is not only a great benefit to viewers—it also opens more opportunities for advertisers and content creators to reach them.

16.04.07. 15:00

Reach the Engaged Voter with News, Talk and Sports Radio

When it comes to political commentary on the radio, most Americans, regardless of party affiliation, turn to News/Talk to hear the latest from the campaign trail

16.04.05. 16:00

Nielsen TV: Media Metrics are Helping Campaigns Pave the Way to the White House

This November, Americans will cast their votes for the next president of the U.S. But the road to the White House is long, and political campaigns have myriad ways to engage with the voting public.

16.04.05. 15:30

Females Are Queens of Clean, But Men Are Sharing Some of the Load

No matter where you live or who you are, dirt and grime are inescapable facts of life. As such, we all need to clean—and we spend a significant amount of time keeping our homes and clothes clean and fresh.

16.04.05. 15:00

Binge Bunch: Two-Thirds of Global VOD Viewers Say They Watch Multiple Episodes in a Single Sitting

VOD services are undoubtedly transforming the way audiences consume video, so it’s important to tune in to what’s driving engagement around the world.

16.04.01. 15:00

Americans are Nuts for Almond Milk

Got milk? As children we were told that if we want to grow up big and strong, we should drink our milk. But in the U.S., traditional milk is moo-ving over as almond milk is taking center stage

16.03.31. 16:00

What's Heating up in the Frozen Food Section?

March is National Frozen Food month. While the holiday originated in the U.S., Canada’s centre of store sales—including the frozen aisle categories—have been rising over the past five years.

16.03.24. 15:30

Facts Of Life: As They Move Through Life Stages, Millennials'...

Millennials’ don’t have a uniform media palate. Their lives are in rapid transition as they finish their educations, join the workforce, move into their own homes and start families.

16.03.24. 14:00 a Facebookon is

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Vasárnap délelőtt, lassan ébredezik a város, a Tűzoltó utcai kézműves söröző udvarán azonban már korán reggel nagy az izgalom.

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Nyakunkon az iskolakezdés. Ilyenkor minden szülőnél felmerül a kérdés, milyen szempontok alapján válasszon iskolaszereket a gyermeknek.

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Sütés nélküli sajttorta csatos üvegben

A Nők Lapja mostani számában amerikai ihletésű recepteket találtok tőlem: hamburger tépett sertéshússal, nyári lazacleves csöves kukoricával, ragacsos, csípős csirkeszárny, többek között.

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Számtalanszor hallom az ismerősöktől, hogy imádom a rántott sajtot, de nem készítek, mert annyira macerás.

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