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Mexico Sitting on Untapped Entrepreneurial Talent

To achieve the greater economic inclusion that Mexico needs, schools and government should work together -- casting a wider net to find and develop a new generation of business leaders that spans regions and socioeconomic classes

16.07.20. 21:15

In Africa, Corruption Viewed as Widespread, Yet Declining

Majorities in sub-Saharan Africa view corruption as widespread in government (75%) and business (72%); however, views have improved since 2008. Perceived government corruption is highest in Nigeria (95%) and lowest in Rwanda (7%)

16.07.14. 08:00

Attack Tests Iraqis' Failing Faith in Leadership

The bombing in Baghdad last week will likely further test Iraqis' faith in the leadership of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. In April, 34% of Iraqis approved of Abadi's job performance, quite different from his 72% rating in 2014

16.07.13. 08:00

Turks Give Low Marks to Leadership of EU, Russia and U.S.

As relations between Turkey and key global players continue to shift, Turks have soured somewhat on the leadership of the EU and Russia and look no more favorably on the U.S

16.07.01. 08:00

Before Brexit Vote, 37% of Britons Approve of EU Leadership

Ahead of a historic vote to stay in or leave the European Union, fewer than four in 10 Britons approve of the EU's leadership. Nearly half of those aged 50 or older approve, compared with 29% of Britons aged 15 to 29

16.06.22. 08:00

Unemployed Youth: Europe's Festering Problem

By focusing on job creation through small-business startups, the EU can make its annual €21 billion bailout of unemployed young adults a success

16.06.16. 22:00

Financial Inclusion and Trust Issues in Europe, Central Asia

In Europe and Central Asia, a lack of trust in banks continues to shape the ways people in the region use formal financial services

16.06.16. 09:00

In Busy Election Year, African Leaders Enjoyed High Approval

Majorities of Africans in 21 out of 28 countries approved of their respective nation's leadership in 2015 -- a year notable for the number of elections across the continent

16.06.13. 08:00

New Report Shows Modern Slavery Exists Worldwide

Modern slavery is present in some form in 167 countries, according to a new report from the Walk Free Foundation. The organization's 2016 Global Slavery Index estimates that 45.8 million people are in some type of modern slavery

16.06.02. 20:00

Russians' Approval of U.S. Leadership Drops to Record 1%

Just 1% of Russians approved of U.S. leadership in 2015, the lowest rating in the world and also the lowest that Gallup has measured in the past decade. But most of the world does not have as strong distaste for U.S. leadership

16.05.26. 08:00

The 2016 U.S.-Global Leadership Report

U.S. Approval Strong Among Key Allies, but a Record-Worst 1% in Russi

16.05.26. 08:00

Venezuelans' Approval of Leadership Remains at Record Low

While Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro spoke Friday of external plots to subvert him, most residents have disapproved of the nation's leadership since he took office.

16.05.20. 08:00

Life Ratings Plummet in Venezuela, Thriving at 10-Year Low

About three in 10 Venezuelans are thriving in their self-evaluations of their lives, about half the rate of residents who were thriving in 2006. This figure has fallen below the regional average and is at a 10-year low for the country

16.05.12. 10:00

Americans See Higher Education as Strongest U.S. Brand Abroad

American higher education is one of the greatest assets in the U.S. Leaders should leverage this strength worldwide by expanding access, increasing affordability and improving quality

16.05.10. 22:30

Views of Media Freedom Declining Worldwide

While new media are increasingly available worldwide, perceived media freedom is declining. In 2015, a median 61% of residents across 131 countries said the media in their country have a lot of freedom, down from previous years

16.05.06. 08:00

Young Entrepreneurs: Will They Fix Mexico's Economy?

Mexico City looks to build its economy by identifying and developing high school students with high entrepreneurial talent

16.04.29. 07:00

Russians, EU Residents See Sanctions Hurting Their Economies

As economic sanctions on Russia near the two-year mark, Gallup surveys show many Russians see them negatively affecting their economy. However, residents of EU countries in Eastern Europe are more likely to feel the pinch

16.04.28. 08:00

Gallup 2016 Global Great Jobs Report

Across Most of the World, the Percentage of Adults With Great Jobs Rarely Tops 10

16.04.28. 06:01

Fewer Than 200 Million Worldwide Have Great Jobs

Gallup's new report, the 2016 Global Great Jobs Report, offers the latest update on the real jobs situation in more than 130 countries. The report reveals where the good -- and great -- jobs are and where the greatest deficits remain

16.04.28. 06:00

Brazilians' Trust in Country's Leadership at Record Low

As Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff faces possible impeachment, Brazilians' faith in their leadership is at a new low. Just 15% of Brazilians approve of the job performance of the country's leadership

16.04.07. 08:00

Gallup Vault: When Many in Europe Wanted to Flee

In early 1948, Gallup found 42% of residents in England, one-third in Holland and one-quarter in France saying they would like to pick up and move to another country

16.04.06. 21:30

Eastern Europeans, CIS Residents See Russia, U.S. as Threats

In EU member states in Eastern Europe, residents see Russia as the biggest threat to their countries; in non-member states, the U.S. is a bigger threat. Former Soviet states see threats from both countries

16.04.04. 08:00

Majority in Sub-Saharan Africa Wouldn't Use Formal Courts

Fewer than four in 10 adults in sub-Saharan Africa say they would take a legal dispute to a government judicial system or court. The majority favor informal justice systems, including traditional systems (39%) and religious leaders (14%)

16.03.25. 07:00

The Happiest People in the World?

Leaders know that wealth isn't everything -- a great society has people who see their lives well and live their lives well. This year's Global Emotions Report shows the countries in which people are living their lives to the fullest

16.03.16. 05:00

Gallup 2016 Global Emotions Report

72% of the World Smiled Yesterda

16.03.16. 05:00

Women's Life Ratings Get Better With Full-Time Jobs

Women worldwide are less likely than men to work full time for an employer, yet both are most likely to rate their lives very positively if they are so employed. Living with children under 15 increases this gender employment gap

16.03.08. 20:30

France's Favorable Rating in U.S. Zooms to 87%, a New High

France's favorable rating in the U.S. is now 87%, up five percentage points from a year ago and marking a record high for France in Gallup's 25-year trend

16.02.25. 19:15

Majority of Americans Say the World Views the U.S. Favorably

Consistent with their views in recent years, slightly more than half of Americans believe the rest of the world views the U.S. favorably. At the same time, the majority are dissatisfied with the United States' position in the world

16.02.25. 10:00

Four in Five Americans View Syria Unfavorably

Americans' negative views of Syria have grown, as four in five adults now say they have an unfavorable view of the country -- a new high in Gallup's trend. Now only North Korea has a worse image among Americans than Syria

16.02.19. 18:30

Russian and Western Media Battle for Influence

Gallup shared results last week from its World Poll surveys in Russia and 11 neighboring states on people's perceptions of Western and Russian news coverage of the situation in Ukraine and Crimea

16.02.10. 20:15

Worry and Stress Rise in China

Worry and stress have increased in China amid the economic downturn, most notably among rural Chinese

16.02.08. 08:00

Global Data Spotlight Needs to Shine on Those With Disabilities

Proper data collection is essential to ensure no one worldwide is left behind, especially the 15% of the world's population that experiences significant disabilities

16.02.01. 20:00

Yemenis Divided Politically, United in Misery

In 2015, the percentage of Yemenis rating their lives poorly enough to be considered "suffering" jumped 14 percentage points to 41%. This is a high for the country and one of the highest rates in the world last year

16.01.29. 08:00

Chile's Workforce: Its Key to Weathering a Downturn?

Some of Chile's best opportunities to boost productivity may lie in maximizing the talents and skills of its existing workers

16.01.28. 22:45

Iranians, Egyptians Give China's Leadership Higher Marks

In both Egypt and Iran, China's leadership is rated more positively than the leadership of other major world powers. U.S. leadership approval is nearly twice as high in Iran (19%) as in Egypt (10%)

16.01.22. 08:00

Chinese Satisfaction Drops Amid Economic Slowdown

The satisfaction that Chinese have with their household income tumbled precipitously in the past year, dropping from 66% to 58%. Satisfaction with savings also declined

16.01.18. 08:00

Global Prosperity Hinges on Closing Jobs-Education Gap

Diplomatic Courier gathered leaders from business, academia and nonprofits at Gallup in Washington, D.C., on Jan.

16.01.15. 19:30

Income Inequality Hurts Life Ratings Worldwide

The persistent rise in the share of income that the top 1% in many countries hold may be hurting the life ratings of the other 99%, with concerning implications for public health and national productivity, new research has shown

16.01.13. 22:00

Migration May Benefit Those at Home in Bulgaria, Romania

The authors in this guest piece offer a perspective on the relationship between having close contacts living in other countries and civic engagement. Using World Poll data, the authors study this phenomenon in Bulgaria and Romania

16.01.07. 11:00

Iraqis' Approval of Prime Minister Drops Sharply

The high hopes that Iraqis had for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi when he first took office in 2014 have faded over the past year. Abadi's approval ratings dropped from 72% in late 2014 to 47% in late 2015

16.01.06. 22:15

Ukrainians' Life Ratings Sank to New Lows in 2015

Ukrainians' ratings of their current and future lives sank to new lows in 2015. The 36% of Ukrainians who rate their lives poorly enough to be considered "suffering" is the highest among former Soviet states

16.01.04. 08:00

Gallup's Top World Findings of 2015

Gallup reviews its top world findings from 2015 based on surveys conducted in more than 140 countries through the Gallup World Poll

15.12.30. 08:00

The Best Business Articles of 2015 on Jobs and the Economy

Is the official U.S. unemployment rate a "big lie"? Do small businesses have a future? Gallup tackled these issues and more in 2015

15.12.29. 07:00

Ukrainians Disillusioned With Leadership

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is now less popular than his predecessor Viktor Yanukovych was before he was ousted. After more than a year in office, just 17% of Ukrainians approve of the job that Poroshenko is doing

15.12.23. 08:00

Migration Policies, Attitudes in Sync Worldwide

Before the recent migrant crisis in Europe, a Gallup analysis of 136 countries found people's attitudes toward immigration were generally in line with their governments' existing migration policies

15.12.18. 08:00

What the Whole World Wants

A philanthropic foundation aims to ignite desperately needed new business startups, which will create the good jobs that the world's citizens most want

15.12.17. 16:00

Perceptions of Muslims in the United States: a Review

Muslim Americans are the youngest and most diverse religious group in the U.S. and, despite the widespread recognition of prejudice against U.S. Muslims, most Americans say they would vote for a Muslim presidential candidate

15.12.11. 23:15

Flexible Retirement May Help Labor Markets and Well-Being

Flexible work time and retirement options may help countries face the challenges of unemployment, aging populations and public pension burdens -- and improve well-being

15.12.08. 08:00

One in Six Syrians Consider Themselves Internally Displaced

Seventeen percent of Syrian adults consider themselves internally displaced within the country. These Syrians are more likely to have experienced an injury or death in their household because of the conflict

15.12.07. 08:00

Nearly Half of Syrians Would Leave Syria if They Could

Millions of Syrians have left their country since the onset of the conflict in 2011, and nearly half of Syrians (46%) still living there say they would move to another country if given the opportunity

15.11.30. 08:00

Filipinos Give China's Leadership Low Approval

As tensions mount between China and the Philippines over the South China Sea, Filipinos' disapproval of Chinese leadership is twice as high as it was before the situation started to flare up in 2011

15.11.25. 08:00

Digital Financial Services Can Help Bring Millions of Women Into the Workforce

Digital financial services are instrumental in improving women's financial autonomy and economic participation. There are vital steps that women, governments and the private sector can take to boost this financial inclusion

15.11.24. 17:45

Iranians See Nuclear Deal as a Turning Point

Iranians largely expect good things to come from the recent nuclear deal, including improved economic conditions and better relations with the West and the U.S

15.11.19. 08:00

Global Joblessness: The Real Number

"Unemployment" -- the most quoted jobs metric in the world -- is misleading, as it grossly underestimates the global jobs problem

15.11.19. 08:00

Two in Three Adults Worldwide Are Financially Illiterate

Two-thirds of adults worldwide are financially illiterate, with sizable gaps between men and women

15.11.18. 15:00

Gallup, ILO Partner to Conduct Global Poll on Women at Work

The International Labour Organization and Gallup on Tuesday launched their joint Global Women at Work Project, which will deliver fresh insights on the needs and aspirations of working women around the world

15.11.18. 00:00

Palestinians See Poor Prospects for Peace, Security

The majority of Palestinians (52%) continue to say they believe mostly in nonviolent forms of resistance and negotiation. However, Palestinians are more supportive of violent means than they have been in the past several years

15.11.09. 08:00

World Split on Whether Immigrants Take Jobs Away

Worldwide, 27% of adults think migrants mostly take the low-paying, low-prestige jobs that citizens in their countries do not want, and 29% say migrants mostly take jobs that citizens do want. Another 18% think both may be happening

15.10.30. 07:00

Economic Outlook Shapes Views of Immigration

People's views about their national and personal economic situations may be the strongest predictors of their attitudes toward immigration, according to a Gallup study of attitudes toward immigration in 142 countries

15.10.26. 07:00

Where the Great Jobs Are

"Gallup Global Report: Where the Great Jobs Are" offers a first look at the real jobs situation in 138 countries, revealing where the good -- and great -- jobs are, and where the greatest deficits remain

15.10.16. 15:00

Europeans Most Negative Toward Immigration

Well before the flow of migrants into Europe reached crisis proportions this year, a Gallup study in 142 countries found Europeans were the most negative toward immigration. The majority (52%) said immigration should be decreased

15.10.16. 08:30

Gallup Senior Scientist Angus Deaton Wins the Nobel Prize

Gallup Senior Scientist Angus Deaton was awarded the Nobel Prize in economics this week for his work on consumption and poverty. Deaton helped build the World Poll and has advanced the study of worldwide well-being and economics

15.10.13. 22:00

1 Billion Volunteers Can Help Meet UN's Post-2015 Goals

Businesses, governments, and nongovernmental and international organizations need all the help they can get to meet the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals agenda. Gallup World Poll surveys in 2014 found about 1 billion volunteers

15.10.05. 12:00

Africans' Satisfaction With Community Basics Remains Low

Among the African countries Gallup has surveyed every year since 2008, South Africans remain the most satisfied with various aspects of their local infrastructure; Tanzanians are least satisfied

15.10.01. 08:00

Security Issues May Hurt Development in Latin America

For the sixth consecutive year, Gallup's Law and Order Index shows residents of Latin America and the Caribbean in 2014 were the least likely in the world to feel secure in their communities

15.09.24. 08:00

75% in U.S. See Widespread Government Corruption

For nearly a decade, the majority of Americans have perceived corruption as widespread in their government. In 2014, three in four saw extensive corruption -- up from two in three in 2007 (67%) and 2009 (66%)

15.09.19. 03:30

Most Greeks See Immigration as a Bad Thing for Their Country

A strong majority (76%) of Greeks would like to see immigration levels into their country decrease; many felt this way even before the current migrant crisis

15.09.14. 20:45

Few Puerto Ricans Hold Out Hope for Economy

As Puerto Rico suffers an economic meltdown, just 6% of the population believes economic conditions on the island are getting better, and 19% approve of the way Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla is handling his job

15.09.10. 21:45

Majority of Greeks Say Adopting Euro Has Harmed Country

Amid Greece's ongoing debt crisis, a majority of residents -- 55% -- feel converting to the euro in 2001 has harmed their country. However, they are less likely to say European Union membership has harmed Greece, at 35%

15.09.07. 08:00

Chinese Satisfaction Rebounded After Last Economic Crisis

Chinese satisfaction with income and savings rebounded after the last economic crisis. Two-thirds are satisfied with their household income, while satisfaction with savings jumped 19 percentage points

15.09.01. 08:00

Majority of Chinese See Benefits From Trade

Most Chinese view international trade as a net gain for domestic companies, workers and their overall economy. Young and educated Chinese are more likely than their older, less-educated counterparts to favor increased trade

15.08.31. 08:00

Latin Americans Lead World in Emotions

Led by Bolivia and El Salvador, Latin American countries dominate the top of the list of the most emotional countries in the world for 2014. Post-Soviet states largely dominate the list of countries at the other end of the spectrum

15.08.27. 08:00

Greeks Oppose Economic Sanctions Against Russia

The majority of Greeks (62%) surveyed shortly before the European Union extended sanctions in late June say they do not back the United States' and EU's punitive measures against Russia, one of Greece's biggest trade partners

15.08.25. 08:00

Singapore at 50: Population Pressure and the War for Talent

As the highly successful city-state reaches the half-century mark, it faces intense competition with regional megacities for talent

15.08.24. 07:00

Greeks See Germany as Country's Biggest Threat

Nearly four in 10 Greeks polled in May and June named Germany as the biggest threat to Greece. Notably, Germany ranks slightly higher than Turkey, which shares a long, hostile history with Greece

15.08.20. 20:45

Lure of Government Jobs for Saudis

Only 17% of unemployed Saudis would opt for private-sector employment, compared with 81% who prefer government jobs

15.08.20. 19:00

Given a Choice, Saudis Prefer Government Jobs

Between potentially earning better pay in the private sector and job security in the government sector, Saudis choose the latter

15.08.19. 22:30

U.S. Still Leads China in Leadership Approval in Africa

Despite declining approval of U.S. leadership across sub-Saharan Africa since 2009, many Africans are still more likely to approve of U.S. rather than Chinese leadership

15.08.06. 08:00

Many Africans Lack Confidence in Election Honesty

Less than half of residents in seven African countries that will be holding elections in coming months say they have confidence in the honesty of their elections. Confidence is lowest in Chad, at 18%

15.07.15. 08:00

China Faces Challenges in Promoting Physical Well-Being

The country has increased healthcare spending, but the benefits of this initiative have been felt unevenly among its citizens

15.07.09. 23:00

Many in South Sudan View Independence Positively

Four years after independence, South Sudanese are among the most likely in Africa to rate their lives poorly enough to be considered suffering. Still, most of those surveyed say the split from Sudan has positively affected their lives

15.07.09. 21:45

Tunisians' Economic Confidence Hurt After First Attack

While Tunisians' confidence in their national government and new president remains high, few Tunisians are as confident in the direction of the country's economy as they were before the first terrorist attack in March

15.07.08. 08:00

German Leadership Vies With U.S. in Global Popularity

Worldwide, Germany's leadership has been as popular -- or nearly as popular -- as the U.S. in all but two years of the Obama administration. This includes 2014, when a global median of 41% of residents approved of Germany's leadership

15.07.06. 08:00

European Countries Among Top Places for Gay People to Live

An average of one in three adults in 124 countries say their area is a good place for gay people to live. This sentiment ranges widely from as high as 87% in Spain and the Netherlands to as low as 1% in Senegal

15.06.26. 08:00

Americas Lead Highs, Sub-Saharan Africa Lows in Well-Being

In 2014, about one in six adults globally were thriving in at least three of the five elements of well-being. Panamanians were the most likely to be thriving (53%) in at least three elements. No Afghans were thriving in three elements

15.06.24. 06:00

Yemenis' Security Eroded Ahead of Civil War

Before the 2015 Houthi rebellion, Yemenis felt less safe and were less confident in their country's security forces than they were either before or during the popular uprisings that ended President Saleh's reign in 2012

15.06.16. 17:30

Worldwide, Gender Divide Remains in Full-Time Employment

In 130 out of the 144 countries Gallup surveyed in 2014, women lagged significantly behind men in full-time employment for an employer. Gender gaps were largest in the Middle East and North Africa region and South Asia

15.06.11. 13:00

Huge Gap Persists in Global Jobs in 2014

A dramatic gulf in economic mobilization continues to characterize global employment in 2014. Northern America and Northern Europe show the highest rates of full-time employment for an employer, and sub-Saharan Africa shows the lowest

15.06.09. 08:00

Future Looks Brighter in Several African Countries

Residents in seven of the 12 African nations Gallup has polled each year since 2007 were more optimistic about their future in 2014 than when first surveyed. Since 2007, ratings increased most in Zimbabwe and dipped most in Ghana

15.06.05. 08:00

Job Market Optimism Up Sharply in Northern America, Europe

Job prospects were slightly better in 2014, with 36% of adults worldwide saying it was a "good time" to find a job. Optimism was highest in Northern America and lowest in the EU, though both regions experienced big positive changes

15.05.21. 21:00

U.S. Leadership Loses Ground in Africa, Asia

Median approval of U.S. leadership across the 135 countries and areas surveyed in 2014 remained stable at 45% during yet another challenging year for U.S. foreign policy

15.05.14. 08:00

Burundi Faces Challenges Beyond Elections

Burundi's challenges extend beyond the impending June presidential election, as rising ethnic tensions and worsening economic conditions threaten an already vulnerable population

15.05.08. 19:45

Greater Financial Inclusion for the Unbanked Is Possible

Digitizing payments and formalizing saving practices could boost financial inclusion worldwide

15.04.30. 19:30

Rating World Leaders: U.S., China, Russia, EU and Germany

Rating World Leaders: What People Worldwide Think of the U.S., China, Russia, the EU and Germany is the first-ever Gallup report on global public opinion about these major world powers

15.04.22. 14:00

Russia Receives Lowest Approval in World; U.S. Highest

U.S. leadership in 2014 received the highest approval ratings in the world, with the median 45% approval topping ratings of the EU, Germany, Russia and China. Russia earned the lowest approval rating for the eighth consecutive year

15.04.21. 15:00

Number of Bank Account Owners Worldwide Grows by 700 Million

The number of adults worldwide who report having an account at a financial institution or through a mobile device grew by an estimated 700 million between 2011 and 2014. Now, 62% of the world's adult population has an account

15.04.17. 08:00

Iranians Saw Conditions Improving Amid Eased Sanctions

Fewer Iranians report that sanctions are affecting their livelihoods to the degree that they once did. More see their economy and their living standards improving, but many are still finding it difficult to live on their incomes

15.03.31. 16:45

Iraqis Have High Hopes for New Prime Minister

Nearly three-quarters of Iraqis approve of the new prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, up from 50% approval for former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in May 2014. Approval has risen sharply in the Kurdish and Sunni regions

15.03.19. 19:45

Mood of the World Upbeat on International Happiness Day

As the world marks the third annual International Day of Happiness on Friday, people in Latin America are the most likely in the world to experience positive emotions on a daily basis

15.03.19. 07:00

India's New Leadership Faces High Expectations

Indians' approval of their country's leadership jumped from 30% to 63% last year after their new Prime Minister Narendra Modi led his party to victory. But these high hopes have yet to translate into better lives for Indians

15.03.13. 07:00

Africans Differ on Whether Schools Prepare People to Work

Africans' perceptions of whether their secondary schools prepare people to work vary widely by country; the percentage agreeing this is true of their local schools ranges from 86% in Rwanda to 38% in Tanzania

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