The Pension Vise Tightens in California

California's teacher pension fund didn't come close to meeting its annual target

16.07.21. 20:01

What a Cooling Antarctica Means for Climate Science

Scientists think they know why Antarctica has been cooling over the past two decades, but do greens even care

16.07.21. 19:59

Are Africans Actually Getting Poorer?

GDP per capita is set to fall in Africa this year, and that's big news, but it's not the whole story

16.07.21. 19:14

Chinese Junk Heads Overseas

Local governments are so hungry they're increasingly looking outside the country for help shouldering their debt burdens

16.07.21. 18:46

Falling for ISIS Propaganda about Christians

An influential international body endorses the discredited claim that ISIS wants to protect Christians—not commit genocide against them

16.07.21. 17:59

Brexit Looms Over Europe’s Climate Commitments

The European Commission just proposed national climate goals for its members, but Brexit could throw a wrench into the whole process

16.07.21. 15:34

Democrats and Republicans Speak Different Languages

How nihilistic partisanship came to be

16.07.21. 00:25

One Man’s Land: Behind the FSB’s Attack on Russia’s Investigative Committee

How a war among the security services is setting up the rise of Victor Zolotov, Putin's right hand man

16.07.20. 23:59

Captain Nigeria: Civil War

Nigeria faces a slow-burning civil war on multiple fronts—including a new one in the Niger Delta that has decimated the country's oil exports. Time to start paying the militants off

16.07.20. 21:29

Dark Days Ahead

The plot against Erdoğan has laid bare dangerous undercurrents in Turkey

16.07.20. 21:28

Red Tape and Rising Rents

Keeping housing affordable is one of the most important aspects of successful public policy

16.07.20. 20:42

Yazidis, Hell, and its Abolition

The Yazidi version of Satan relates in a curious way to a serious Christian tradition about hell and its abolition

16.07.20. 17:07

The Grey Lady Wises Up to Renewables’ Shortcomings

The NYT just did something rather surprising: it published a piece critical of wind and solar power

16.07.20. 16:59

Even in Russia, Capitalism Sometimes Works

A depressed ruble and floods in France have conspired to propel Russia into a wheat-exporting leader

16.07.20. 16:24

What Brexit Means for North Sea Oil

A weaker pound is good news for North Sea oil producers, but Brexit uncertainty is spooking some investors

16.07.20. 15:31

The California Pension Bomb Just Got More Explosive

CalPERS's annual return didn't come close to meeting its annual target

16.07.19. 21:21

Philippines Turns Down Talks Amidst Chinese “Combat Air Patrols”

The muscle flexing apparently didn't help China's overtures to the Philippines for an alternative, bilateral settlement

16.07.19. 20:28

Good for the Media, Bad for America

How serious political reporting became a luxury good amid a mass-market media circus

16.07.19. 17:05

China’s Renews $600 Million Down Payment on Cambodia

Cambodia has straddled the line but resisted crossing into Chinese client status

16.07.19. 16:58

Are Plutocrats Drowning Our Republic?

If you are in Washington DC later this week, we'd like to invite you to an event we are organizing at the Hudson Institut

16.07.19. 16:40

UN Unhappy with Its (Former?) Green Paragon, Germany

The climate change envoy for the United Nations expressed disappointment in the poor green example Germany has been setting of late

16.07.19. 16:17

Putin Dumps Doping Scandal Officials, Unexpectedly

Vladimir Putin rarely acts under pressure, and is loath to discipline loyal underlings. Yet with the Russian doping subversion scandal blowing up, he has done both

16.07.19. 15:27

An Open Letter on Donald Trump’s Vision of US Foreign Policy

The following statement was drafted by Ali Wyne, a security fellow with the Truman National Security Project. All of the signatories have signed in their personal capacities.

16.07.19. 14:13

The Make-Believe Supreme Court and the Coming Constitutional Crisis

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's comments on the election show that the fiction of the non-partisan justice is fraying, but the looming ideological transformation of the Court stands to vitiate it altogether

16.07.19. 03:46

The Purge: Coup Year

Erdogan is removing thousands of soldiers and judges from their posts. There are effectively no bounds on the Turkish president's power

16.07.18. 22:30

Bigger Subsidies, Higher Prices

Hillary Clinton's college plan might not work exactly as advertised

16.07.18. 20:56

It’s the Middle East’s Turn to Buy American Hydrocarbons

Believe it or not, the U.S. is now selling LNG to the Middle East

16.07.18. 20:02

Media Silenced in Kashmir as Violence Escalates

After a young militant commander was killed, clashes have left more than 40 dead and thousands wounded. Now the Indian government has unleashed a short-term media shutdown

16.07.18. 19:51

The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight

The coup failed, and Erdogan survived, but the events of July 15 left only losers in their wake

16.07.18. 18:21

F-35 Living Up to the Hype?

Combat exercises and air shows are wowing audiences. Maybe the fighter wasn't such a boondoggle after all

16.07.18. 15:29

Shale Technologies Could Set Off a New Boom in Old Fields

Horizontal well drilling could give old oil fields a welcome production boost, according to new analysis

16.07.18. 15:27

Who is Rodrigo Duterte?

Duterte has been called a Filipino Donald Trump. But that undersells him

16.07.17. 19:00

The Pastor Who Would Bring Down a President

Robert Mugabe's biggest problem isn't inflation, debt, or foreign intervention—it's a Pentecostal pastor with a different vision for Zimbabwe's future

16.07.17. 17:35

GMOs Can Be Green Champions

Modern agriculture is lowering global biodiversity. GMOs can help fix that

16.07.17. 17:05

Turkish Coup Live Blog

Live Blogging the Turkish Cou

16.07.16. 00:11

China Is Building More Houses Than It Has People

China is planning and building enough new housing for a population that is 2.5 times the size of the one they already have

16.07.16. 18:00

When You Gas Up for Cheap This Summer, Thank Shale

Hundreds of millions of Americans will be saving big at the pump this summer, thanks to fracking

16.07.16. 16:00

A Coup in Facetime

President Erdoğan will celebrate his deliverance from last night's coup as a triumph of “democracy”. We need not necessarily join the celebration

16.07.16. 14:56

What to Make of May’s Cabinet

Lenin once observed that in some decades nothing happens, and in some weeks, decades happen. That is the position in which Brexit Britain finds itself today

16.07.15. 21:08

EU Split on South China Sea

It isn't just the dithering of the United States that emboldens Beijing—Europe's lack of resolve matters too

16.07.15. 20:58

The Next Arab-Israeli Peace Process

Nothing is inevitable and nothing is impossible when it comes to the Arab-Israeli situation, but certain things are very, very unlikely

16.07.15. 17:32

Obama Bluffs Again

The President's threat to put the UK "at the back of the queue" for future trade deals rings hollow. Are red lines red anymore

16.07.15. 17:15

Growth Report Shows Xi Flinching on Reform

So far, every time a clear choice has come between suffering the pain of reform and flinching, Beijing has flinched

16.07.15. 17:00

What Brexit Means for British Shale Ambitions

Can Theresa May do what David Cameron couldn't, and kickstart UK shale production

16.07.15. 15:54

Puerto Rico Crisis: Coming Soon to the Mainland

The problems that forced Puerto Rico belly-up are not confined to the island

16.07.15. 15:50

The FSB Goes After an American Company

Foreigners are clearly no longer exempt from the depredations of the Russian state

16.07.15. 00:22

U.S. Brings Complaints Against China to WTO

If negotiations fail, the U.S. could try to impose trade sanctions through a dispute-resolution process

16.07.14. 23:39

Gas to Surpass Coal in Electricity Production

Natural gas is going to produce a record amount of electricity in 2016, according to the EIA

16.07.14. 23:20

Now Back to the Real Power Game in the South China Sea

The international tribunal’s ruling against China’s maritime claims is a nudge in the right direction for the U.S. and allies, but it will take even more pushing to shift the momentum against Beijing

16.07.14. 19:01

AU Human Rights Hypocrisy

The African Union is meeting this week in Kigali, Rwanda. But the conflict in Burundi, just one hour south of the summit, isn't getting any attention

16.07.14. 18:39

How Samuel Huntington Predicted Our Political Moment

In 2004, the eminent political scientist offered key insights into the nationalist-cosmopolitan divide at the heart of our society

16.07.14. 18:28

Trump Pulls Even in Race to the Bottom

The 2016 election is shaping up as a truly toxic mix of identity politics, negative campaigning and polarization for profit

16.07.14. 15:59

Taiwan Deploys Naval Patrol to the Spratlys

But make no mistake: Taiwan does not see itself on the same side as Mainland China

16.07.14. 15:50

Shale Keeps Getting Leaner and Meaner

American frackers are cutting the costs of new oil production faster than any of their competitors

16.07.14. 15:34

Pokemon Go Reveals Everything Wrong With Conventional Wonk Thinking

Instead of simply redistributing wealth and doubling down on short-term stimulus policies, we should be looking at ways to make it easier for people to start businesses and move jobs

16.07.13. 23:20

Making the Oprichnina Great Again

To fund his security state, the Russian President appears to be encouraging his siloviki to extract more resources from the business sector on the side

16.07.13. 22:59

Venezuela’s Hunger Games

With Venezuela's generals now in charge of the country's shrinking food supply, it's only a matter of time before the people turn against them too

16.07.13. 22:21

Can NATO Defend the Baltics?

It’s not as hopeless a proposition as you might think

16.07.13. 20:45

Religion, Education and Entertainment

Can religion be presented in an objective and theologically neutral way, be it for educational or entertainment purposes

16.07.13. 18:22

Canada Stares Down a Serious Pipeline Bottleneck

Canada's pipeline network isn't keeping pace with its buoyant oil sands crude production

16.07.13. 17:53

We Need to Talk About Downward Mobility

America isn't Lake Wobegon—social mobility goes in both directions

16.07.13. 17:47

Is the Taboo Against Adultery Breaking Down?

The share of Americans who believe "adultery is always wrong" fell sharply in 2015

16.07.13. 15:09

Breaking: Eurozone Still a Mess

Spain and Portugal broke budget rules but won't be punished, EU says

16.07.13. 15:05

Japan Helps Burma Tilt Away From China

Washington will need the support of allies like Japan as it looks to maintain a balance of power in China's neighborhood

16.07.12. 22:14

The Planet Is Figuring Out How to Grow, Greener

As global productivity increases, energy intensity is steadily falling. That's not just good for the world economy—it's good for the planet, too

16.07.12. 21:09

Sex and Philosophy in the 21st Century

Progressives try to fix relations between the sexes by taking the theory of equality to unworkable extremes

16.07.12. 21:04

Egyptian FM Makes Surprise Trip to Jerusalem, Pushes Peace

Israeli-Gulf Arab is key to understanding the Middle East today

16.07.12. 20:27

The Sun Never Sets on Robert Mugabe

The Financial Times is calling for a British pivot to Zimbabwe. Here's why that's unlikely to work, even if it was attempted

16.07.12. 20:18

Will the Philippines Throw the Hague’s Ruling in the Trash?

The big problem is that the case hangs from pretty weak thread

16.07.12. 16:43

Germany Chucks One Green Subsidy Out, Reaches for Another

Feed-in tariffs for large renewable power projects have been scrapped in favor of competitive auctions

16.07.12. 14:13

Republicans Helped Create the Pension Crisis

A new study should blunt Republicans' self-righteousness about their party's allegedly superior fiscal prudence

16.07.12. 01:17

Refugee Crossings to Greece Down 97%

But that may be because of inhumane conditions in refugee camps and paralysis on repatriation

16.07.11. 22:30

The Dogs of War are Loose in South Sudan

This past weekend, South Sudan marked five years of independence. But a return to civil war is looming after rival ethnic militias killed hundreds in Juba, the young country's capital

16.07.11. 21:21

Abe’s Smart Politics

Perhaps more than anything else, Abe's success is the result of his political acumen and the disarray of his Liberal opponents

16.07.11. 21:11

When and Why Nationalism Beats Globalism

And how moral psychology can help explain and reduce tensions between the two

16.07.11. 02:00

Germany Isn’t Keeping Up with the Jobses

New report reveals slow pace of adaptation to tech revolution

16.07.11. 17:30

Iran’s Kurds Now Growing Restless

Attack on regional governor shows influence of Syrian Civil War

16.07.11. 17:00

A New-Sprung Kremlin Thinker Tanker Tries to Expand Germans’ Minds

Former Russian Railways CEO Vladimir Yakunin, on the outs with Putin, is trying to buy back his respectability by financing his own Kremlin-aligned think tank. It might be working

16.07.11. 16:25

Carbon Markets Are Failing on a Global Scale

From the US to Europe to Asia, the price of carbon is way too low to affect serious change in emissions habits

16.07.11. 14:00

NATO Must Invest Real Money to Stay in Business

Europe has yet another chance to get serious about defense spending. Will it squander the moment

16.07.10. 21:53

How We Respond

As national as our conversations may sometimes feel in the Internet age, the most meaningful exchanges still happen in the car on the way to school, in the pews before prayers begin, at community dinners, and during the lunch break

16.07.10. 17:30

2016’s Wildest Election Isn’t Where You Think

The Democratic Republic of the Congo's presidential election is shaping up to be the biggest match since George Foreman and Muhammad Ali clashed here in 1974

16.07.10. 16:03

What the Diplomats Really Think of Hillary

According to one former foreign service officer, not much

16.07.09. 23:12

Kremlin Paranoia Leads to Escalation in Spy War

A well-timed Washington Post bombshell has revealed just how wide the gulf is between Russia and the United States

16.07.09. 22:24

Another Sign that Shale Is Rebounding

For the fifth time in six weeks, America's oil rig count increased. That's good news for shale

16.07.09. 19:00

20th Century Thinking at The Century Foundation

When it comes to the changes in the economy and the end of the blue model, it’s clear the Left doesn't have many answers (yet)

16.07.09. 18:50

Why Russia Published Footage of an FSB Agent Beating an American in Moscow

Some might call it "dominance geopolitics". Will the White House let it slide

16.07.09. 00:52

The Return of Little Europe

An EU-Canada trade deal is on the rocks after the European Commission decides that every national parliament will have to approve it separately

16.07.09. 00:31

Marie Antoinette, Donald Trump, and the Shaky West

When elites close their eyes to inconvenient truths that the people see, the people sometimes throw off not only the elites but the institutions they control

16.07.08. 20:23

German Intelligence: Iran Still Buying Nuke Material

Efforts continued after the nuclear deal was signed

16.07.08. 20:22

While Dallas Mourns

Three of our most thoughtful meditations on race, class, and justice in America—published in 2012, but relevant as ever today

16.07.08. 20:15

Beijing Pushes Harder to Prop Up Ailing SOEs

Can Beijing free short-term economic growth from the inefficient public sector

16.07.08. 18:46

Making Europe Safe For Nationalism, and Vice Versa

It’s the end of the EU as we know it

16.07.08. 17:58

US-South Korea to Deploy THAAD

China, predictably, isn't happy. Neither is Russia

16.07.08. 17:44

The Limits of Title IX

Why campuses are not the proper forum for adjudicating sexual assault

16.07.08. 14:50

In China, the Private Sector Watches from the Sidelines

Anti-liberalizing forces have been at work in China for much longer than anyone thought

16.07.07. 23:25

The Tragedy of Modernity in the Middle East

Modernity was supposed to be a virtual synonym for tolerance and progress, but somehow things haven’t worked out that way for the region

16.07.07. 22:27

More Than Carelessness

The narrow focus on Clinton's judgment obscures a more important question

16.07.07. 21:24

Don’t Freak Out About China in Africa

A word to China-in-Africa watchers: Stop the collective freak-out about Chinese masterminds spreading their brilliant ideology in Africa. It's. Just. Not. Happening

16.07.07. 21:12

EU Approves New Border and Coast Guard Agency

The measure will help with the immigration crisis, but it's time to do more—plus, how the U.S. can help

16.07.07. 18:49

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