Krugman blog

The GOP’s Original Sin

Charlatans and cranks since 1980

16.07.18. 20:38

Still Confused About Brexit Macroeconomics

What does "uncertainty" do

16.07.12. 15:37

Trade and Jobs: A Note

Beware of fallacies of composition

16.07.03. 22:12

More on the Short-Run Macroeconomics of Brexit

A consensus that is hard to understand

16.07.02. 16:51

The Macroeconomics of Brexit: Motivated Reasoning?

Sloppy thinking is always a vice

16.06.30. 23:04

Against Eurotimidity

A manifesto that misses

16.06.26. 16:17

Friday Night Music: Quilt at Bowery Ballroom

A touch of the 60s on Delancey Street

16.06.24. 22:10

Brexit: The Morning After

Keep calm and grieve for Europe

16.06.24. 16:21

Tl;dr and Modern Macroeconomics (Wonkish)

When rigor gets in the way

16.06.20. 20:18

Friday Night Music: A Song for Brexit

In spite of all temptations

16.06.18. 01:52

A Question For the Fed

Why, exactly, should rates rise

16.06.18. 17:55

Is Our Economists Learning?

Not much sign that they are

16.06.18. 15:44

When Virtue Fails

Maybe moral failings aren't the euro's problem

16.06.17. 20:01

Bondage Fantasies at the WSJ

It's always the government's fault

16.06.15. 16:06

Don’t Take A Hike

No case for raising rates

16.06.12. 19:32

Notes on Brexit

Remain, but with feelings of despair

16.06.12. 19:13

Friday Night Music: I’m With Her, Redux

It's just about the music, really

16.06.11. 01:06

Bad Narratives

Maybe America actually likes Obama-type government

16.05.31. 19:21

Friday Night Music: Sarah Jarosz, House of Mercy

Perfectly simple, and simply perfect

16.05.27. 23:51

What I Did Last Weekend

Thoughts for graduates

16.05.27. 18:13

Talking Global Inequality

Twin peaks and more

16.05.25. 15:46

The Truth About the Sanders Movement

None of us are angels

16.05.24. 00:17

Questions of Character

A sad day for idealists

16.05.17. 23:39

Democratic Groundhog Day

Reality and the people who won't accept it

16.05.17. 17:56

The GOP Is Not America, Clinton Is Not Rubio

And Trump isn't going to march along the way he thinks

16.05.17. 02:47

Orwell Does Cato

The libertarian memory hole

16.05.15. 16:11

Friday Night Music: Madrededeus

Beautiful and different

16.05.14. 01:03

Send In The Clowns

Trump and the usual suspects

16.05.11. 18:56

The Facts Have A Well-Known Center-Left Bias

Qualifying the dictum

16.05.09. 14:01

Losing It (Personal and Trivial)

Maybe the despair on weight is overdone

16.05.07. 15:45

Where Do Trump’s Bad Ideas Come From?

The debt crisis myth comes from Very Serious People

16.05.07. 15:15

Friday Night Music: Quilt, Hissing My Plea

Psychedelia lives

16.05.07. 01:23

“Paul Ryan” and the Trump Fail

Mythical creatures and media blindness

16.05.06. 19:22

Real Exchange Rates and European Adjustment

Actually a strong correlation

16.05.04. 18:23

Recovery Cockroaches

The sluggish recovery thing, again again

16.05.03. 12:46

Bernie’s Bad End

Time for an intervention

16.05.02. 12:44

When Europe Stumbled

The errors of 2011-12

16.04.30. 19:28

Friday Night Music: Tom Lehrer

Things haven't changed that much ..

16.04.29. 22:23

Impurity in the Pursuit of Salvation Is No Vice

More about carbon taxes

16.04.29. 00:42

A Note on the Soda Tax Controversy

Progressive taxation isn't all that

16.04.25. 17:49

Economics and Self-Awareness

Models as an antidote to motivated reasoning

16.04.25. 15:13

Nomentum and the Vindication of Political Science

Quantitative analysis beats horserace storytelling

16.04.23. 22:48

Boris Is Bad Enough

The mayor of London makes the case against Brexit, which would empower people like him

16.04.23. 14:58

Friday Night Music: My Bubba

A little harmony when we really need it

16.04.23. 00:26

Sarandonizing Economics

Hating on anyone who suggests limits

16.04.22. 16:54

101 Boosterism

Even when it's right, is it important

16.04.20. 18:47

The Return of Elasticity Pessimism (Wonkish)

Surprises from Europeanists

16.04.16. 17:13

Friday Night Music: The Wild Reeds at Mercury Lounge

An evening to remember

16.04.15. 21:06

Why I Haven’t Felt The Bern

It's about attitude, not details

16.04.15. 16:09

No Time for Credibility

Gold bugs take over a fabled institution

16.04.14. 19:29

Is Cheap Oil Contractionary?

And if so, why

16.04.13. 19:48

Why Monetarism Failed

Death by internal contradiction

16.04.13. 16:10

The Obamacare Replacement Mirage

Republicans will never find it

16.04.11. 13:32

The Donald and the Veg-O-Matic

Bad arguments are bad arguments even when used against a bad guy

16.04.09. 20:33

Friday Night Music: Pencils From Pennsylvania

And tents from Tentasee

16.04.09. 03:52

Why Cruz Is Worse Than Trump

Unpredictable versus predictably disastrous

16.04.08. 19:33

Shadows of Smears Past

About the Sanders end game

16.04.04. 16:16

Work, Life, and Everything

Celebrating the end of ambition

16.04.03. 17:11

Remembrances of Depression Economics

Slumping like it's 1999

16.04.02. 20:34

Friday Night Music: Quilt at Kennedy Center

Psychedelic rock for the 21st century

16.04.01. 23:03

Feel the Math

Time for Sanders to act responsibly

16.04.01. 20:16

Obamacare on Track

Uninsured right on the projections

16.03.31. 20:08

The Pathos of Republican Reformers

Why did they ever think they had a chance

16.03.31. 00:31

Trade Deficits: These Times are Different

Sometimes mercantilism isn't wrong

16.03.28. 15:53

Friday Not Music: Prologue to The Canterbury Tales

Whan that Aprill blogging

16.03.25. 22:44

What Reagan Didn’t Do

About that rising tide

16.03.25. 14:48

Tweetness of Life

A public service notice

16.03.25. 14:36

Clinton and CAFTA

A trade blast from the past

16.03.22. 02:14

Trump Didn’t Put the Con in Conservatism

Flimflam came before the fall

16.03.20. 06:56

Return of the Undeserving Poor

Why is white American breaking bad

16.03.15. 15:28

A Note on Globalization and Labor

Consider Canada

16.03.14. 20:12

Globalization and Growth

The case for caution

16.03.14. 14:10

Friday Not Music: President Benson, From Hot Shots

The upper hand is on the other foot

16.03.11. 22:44

Starving Public Education

Why attack the American dream in action

16.03.11. 18:13

Fundamentals, Polls, and the Primary

What if the polls are all wrong

16.03.10. 21:24

A Protectionist Moment?

What just happened in Michigan

16.03.09. 22:32

The Geometry of Progressive Trumpism

Hard to get the right shade of orange

16.03.08. 15:04

Republicans and Trade Wars

The pot calls the kettle protectionist

16.03.06. 19:31

The Kasich Con

Nonsense Uber alles

16.03.05. 16:35

Friday Night Music: Lucius, Dusty Trails

We's be lost without our own advice

16.03.04. 23:44

The Mitt-Hawley Fallacy

A bad recession argument

16.03.04. 15:32

Pathos of the Reformocons

A movement with no followers, now or ever

16.03.01. 17:47

Europe Stalls

The good stuff is behind us

16.03.01. 14:16

Partisan Classiness

Marx, class, and The Donald

16.02.29. 18:36

What Happened to the Great Divergence?

A bit of monetary economics

16.02.28. 16:33

The Cases for Public Investment

It should be a no-brainer

16.02.27. 17:10

Friday Night Music: White Rabbit

Logic and proportion have indeed fallen sloppy dead

16.02.26. 23:06

Romer and Romer on Friedman


16.02.26. 15:20

How To Read Primary Results

Nate Silver makes it all clear

16.02.25. 21:17


The joy of rumors

16.02.24. 12:12


Brave Sir Sheldon runs away

16.02.24. 09:01

Realistic Growth Prospects

Progressives don't need to believe in miracles

16.02.23. 17:14

Golden Memories

A good line, again

16.02.23. 16:31

This Is What A Real Wall Street Shill Sounds Like

Marco Rubio, faithful servant of villains

16.02.23. 08:37


Just FYI

16.02.20. 02:38

Friday Night Music: San Fermin, Methuselah

Like a dirty bouquet with your wine

16.02.20. 02:08

Living With Monetary Impotence

Push that string harder

16.02.19. 20:23

Lack Of Power Corrupts

Nobody is pure, but not everyone is corrupt either

16.02.19. 18:28 a Facebookon is

Gasztro hirfolyam

Világevő, 16.07.20. 21:12

Jön egy székely és egy magyar külföldről Budapestre...

A vicc folytatása szerencsére az, hogy itt meg is állapodnak, és aztán nagyon egyéni, különleges és főleg laza és mégis magas színvonalú ételeket főznek a megújult Babelben.[...] Bővebben!

Világevő, 16.07.19. 19:33

Szombaton lesz a talán legjobb balatoni program!

Tavaly ott voltam az első Bohém Légyotton, és nem túlzás azt állítani, hogy egy hihetetlenül hangulatos programról van szó, finom borokkal, jó hangulattal, nagyon normális emberekkel egy fantasztikus helyen...

Limara péksége, 16.07.17. 17:43

Amerikai almáspite

A kedvenc pitém. Vaníilia fagyival verhetetlen.A piacon gyönyörű, zöld színű nyári almákat kaptam, talán fontosalmának nevezik, de ebben nem vagyok biztos. Savanykás, az tuti.

Chili és Vanília, 16.07.15. 20:15

Egyben sült csirke nyári céklákkal

Vasárnap délelőtt, lassan ébredezik a város, a Tűzoltó utcai kézműves söröző udvarán azonban már korán reggel nagy az izgalom.

A bűvös szakács, 16.07.05. 09:41

Iskolatáska teszt

Nyakunkon az iskolakezdés. Ilyenkor minden szülőnél felmerül a kérdés, milyen szempontok alapján válasszon iskolaszereket a gyermeknek.

Chili és Vanília, 16.07.04. 09:21

Sütés nélküli sajttorta csatos üvegben

A Nők Lapja mostani számában amerikai ihletésű recepteket találtok tőlem: hamburger tépett sertéshússal, nyári lazacleves csöves kukoricával, ragacsos, csípős csirkeszárny, többek között.

Limara péksége, 16.06.29. 14:19

Ropogós sajtgolyók

Számtalanszor hallom az ismerősöktől, hogy imádom a rántott sajtot, de nem készítek, mert annyira macerás.

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